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[eBook] Free: 9 George Orwell eBooks @ Amazon AU/US


Been a while since I've posted an ebook deal.

Yes, these are free on the public domain but this may be suitable for those that like to collect/read their ebooks via the Kindle platform.

Also, not all Kindle versions are free e.g. 1984 and Animal Farm.

ebook US link AU link
1984 US AU
Animal Farm US AU
Burmese Days US AU
A Clergyman’s Daughter US AU
Keep the Aspidistra US AU
Coming Up for Air US AU
Homage to Catalonia US AU
The Road to Wigan Pier US AU
Down and Out in Paris and London US AU

Full credit to HUKD.

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  • +1

    Doesn't seem to be available on the US site…

  • +9

    I just bought 1984 physical version to keep as collection 😂

    • hard bound ? I need one too. where did you buy?

      • +3

        soft cover. ah just some bookstore that was going to close down because of covid. it was on closing down sales. I am sure you can get it online somewhere.

    • +7

      Nice, I am planning to get one too now that you mention it.

      It a bit crazy that there some similarities in the book and what is happening now that people dismiss.

      • +7

        I wasn't a great fan of the book… But I think no matter the era we'll always find similarities to what is currently happening.. Which in itself is something that makes it special.

        • +16

          True. Unfortunately this time it’s worse.

          People in masses now don’t even see propaganda lies that is feed to them. They rather trust the outright fake summaries of reporter event or thesis (theory) dress as scientific fact instead of real trial/event showing the opposite. Everyone now now an expert without reading any medical journal because repetition of media is easier to learn from.

          Big brother, changing of history, teletube, 2+2=5 and all such idea is being applied.

          • +3

            @shoppingbag: Yeh it's the downside of the internet, it can propagate fake news and propaganda just as easily as legitimate news.

            I do have to say being an ethnic (all be it, way more aussie now loll) we tend to not be surprised by this stuff hahahaha… It's expected from our governments and will continue to the end of time…

            • +4

              @scud70: I might be drag into the minister of love building since I spoke my mind. I should tell you that I love you all before I am drag into room 101

              Edit: corporate sponsor media/news in just as bad as the internet. Btw, all bets is off if it involves rats in room 101.

              • +1

                @shoppingbag: Well you shouldn't have been such a thought criminal… No rats in modern room 101.. Just endless streaming of reaction videos…

                I'll take the rats lol

          • +3

            @shoppingbag: Not sure if this is what you’re saying but it’s a bit of a generalisation to assume that libertarians and those against big governmental control hold all sources of truth. In fact, the anti-lockdown anti-mask crowd are just as guilty, if not moreso of blindly making statements and assertions with little scientific merit or conveniently handpicking statistics. And it’s typically these types that love to call others sheep or state that we need to take the red pill.

            • +1

              @Optimusprimetime: You are absolutely right, lots of different ways to look at it though, freedom of speech, blatant stupidity for sake of having a 'voice', governments allowing such crud to misdirect while they do something else quietly… In the end just the sheer speed of how crap from either 'side' propagate is unprecedented….

              Scary for my kids though… Puts the TV version of the crap used against my generation to shame loll

            • @Optimusprimetime: Yes, there is some that will be against gov & big pharmaceutical just because it against the big establishment. Establishment tend to have all the money and power so it easy for people to see anything they do is wrong. The majority of people just don’t have the expertise to clarify their stance.

              Science isn’t always as exact as people think it is. If you want to talk about mask, lockdown and etc, it’s a good idea to visit aapsonline.org. Read up on who they are, their credentials and see if there is any truth in the information they provide and their free medical journals they offer. No way will I send random people on my super secret conspiracy source…

      • +1

        think that if one year ago you were told government would track every one and force them to wear mask, you would laugh your head off. in the last century horror sci-fi movies, government as to force a sensor into people's body to monitor them, now everyone voluntarily carries multiple sensors, so big brother(s) (government, big companies, hackers…) can easily to get their every details, what a joke.

  • +1

    All are 'not available for purchase,?

  • +10

    Eurasia? No! Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.

    • +1

      happening soon :)

    • Except when they were at war with Eurasia, then they had always been at peace with eastasia, so said the ministry of truth

  • +18

    I always find it surprising how many parallels can be drawn from Animal Farm with current or recent events. Scarily prescient for its time.

    • Yes, Animal Farm is a much more relevant reflection on the level of gaslighting that has happened this year especially during T***p's reign.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. All worked on AU site.

  • +1

    US site "This title is not currently available for purchase"

  • +10

    "Four legs good, two legs bad!"

    • -1

      Ahahahaaa, negged by a commie

    • +1

      For legs good, two legs bad better.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, confirming all free on AU

  • +8

    1984 is what China is right now in real life. Also Newspeak is happening especially with what the the government is trying to do with gender neutral terms.

    • -4

      Yes conservative governments are going to destroy us with they/them pronouns lmao

    • +1

      And the rest of us are in Brave New World. Another great dystopic book.

    • Opening prayer for US congress today ended with "amen and a-women" f'ing lol.

  • +1

    besides the two famous ones, are the other ones worth a read?

    • +7

      Down and out in Paris and London is a real eye-opener - Orwell (despite being perfectly well off) went to Paris and lived in doss-houses for a couple of years, doing menial jobs and living off his wits. The kind of place where everyone is grafting for the next drink / smoke / screw all the time. Pawning your overcoat on Monday to buy drink (mostly) and food (sometimes), shivering through the week, and then buying your coat back on pay-day.

      • +2

        I'd also recommend Homage to Catalonia. It's an account of Orwell's time fighting for the Communists in the Spanish Civil War. His writing manages to capture the futility of the entire exercise in a way that you just have to laugh sometimes.

    • +1

      echo the recommendations for Down and Out and Homage to Catalonia.

  • +4

    Will this copy get removed from our accounts without our permission after we buy it?

    • Please explain.

      • Censorship

        Removal of information instead of debating of different view is more the norm now. It’s censorship with one side having their voice heard and creating a narrative on why the silence side got it wrong.

      • +1


        Amazon previously deleted copies of 1984 from customer’s kindles.

        • Thanks for that info. Learn something new.

  • Title not available for purchase at both AU and US sites

  • +2

    Just got all of them for free on the AU site - cheers!

  • Cheers OP!

  • All the US site is no longer free

    • It is working for me. I just got all of them free from the US site a couple of minutes ago.

    • They all look free to me currently.

      • I get what you're saying but have tried all the titles many times throughout the day, still not free. Or not available. The audiobook is free. Bah! anyways, i'll wait for another time

  • Some reviews claimed that it is “Riddled with errors and advertisements”, not sure if I want to download them

  • -1

    Don't forget your limited edition matching shirt and/or mask after reading the first book:


    • Moron starter pack, I take it you have yours.

  • Actually make that the first two books.

  • -1

    Why do George Orwell deals always bring out the OzBargain pseudointellectual cringelords by their dozens?

    • +1

      Because we love our conspiracy theory.

    • +1

      Perhaps you'd like to give an interview? Then we'd all know the answer.

      • I can't wait for the next time 1984 is free on Kindle and someone posts a deal here on OzBargain.

        The comment section is going to be an exact replica of this deal and the previous dozen Orwell deals where people think they're being clever by pointing out how prophetic the book is. It's so trite and boring.

        I'm glad you continue to enjoy it, though.

        • I've actually never read it. I'm one of those lucky/blessed people who doesn't desperately need to. ;-)

        • You know that you needn’t read the comments to future deal on Orwell’s books.

          Those books is just about the potential danger of establishment and to be wary of propaganda, censorship & etc imo. Thus you get lots of people talking about how they see it being apply to us and to those abroad now.

          When the media fail as being the watchdog for an out of control government/establishment, what system do we have in place to protect the people? Court of law? Police? Constitution?

          People just wish to voice their concerns and here where’s we perceive other like minded people might reside.

  • Is anyone else unable to get a copy? Almost every time there is a deal for free e-books on Amazon, I can never get a copy.
    I am logged in to my Amazon Prime account, I try both the US and AU sites. I have the Kindle app downloaded on my computer. There is just no option to purchase/add to cart or anything. I am on the Kindle version of the book, and I can see the options to buy other versions (hard copy, soft copy, audio etc).
    Is there some reason there's no option to add the book to my Kindle library? Am I missing some step?

    • Maybe you have ad blocker software installed? It hides the buttons on some websites when I have it turned on.

      Alternatively, most of the books posted are found as torrents. Install something like qbittorrent (PC), or Flud (Android), and I'm not sure what to install for apple stuff… then search for the title on The Pirate Bay and click the magnet symbol.

  • No longer works for AU. price now is $1.09 for Kindle edition.

    • As per the post comments, the first two are not free but the rest are.

  • All coming up as 0.99c in Aus store

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