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La Care Face Mask 50pcs $20 + Delivery / Pickup @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


Hi found these mask on sale for half price at my local Woolworths and plenty in stock.

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    written on side of box, made in the PRC - Peoples Republic of China.

    • LA in the brand stands for Los Angeles

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      Same as an iPhone

    • well, you passed the eye exam component of the bargain post….

  • So it's 50pcs for $20 right?

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    Why choose these because they are Australian made and owned

    It says Australian owned & operated, not Australian made & owned.

    Also says made in PRC on the box.

  • The masks are made in China, not made in Australia

  • $20 wow? Anyone know how long this mandatory face mask ruling will go on for?

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    Just got one. They are made in China but seems good quality with 3plys.

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    It's non medical mask, useless.

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    Downvoting this for a few reasons:
    1) Racism
    2) Ignorance of the origin of the product
    3) Overpriced compared to other masks (also made in China)

    If you're looking for face masks to avoid getting fined. There're plenty of other options selling for ~$10 on Amazon, etc. The "brand" may be different, but it's well known that it's the same factory/product at the end of the day.

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      Having a preference to buy Australian and not Chinese is not racist

      The rest I agree

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        There's a difference between Racism and personal preference to support your local companies/organizations.

        If OP was stating preference. They wouldn't be using such a tone "Why choose these because they are Australian owned & operated. Buy these and not the Chinese owned ones."

        They would simply say support local businesses.

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          It’s not simply a local business, it’s an Australian business operated overseas. So starting “ support local businesses” is incorrect.

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            @tamzie28: {facepalm} bye!

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      How is it racism? How is it ignorance when I have updated the post to reflect “ Australian owned & operated” with the laws coming into effect tomorrow you won’t be saying it’s overpriced when shops start jacking up their prices. Seems like the ignorant one is you!

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        It seems your ignorance is beyond what I had originally thought.

        Face masks are made all over the world. Not just in China, singling out Chinese makes you a Racist.

        FYI - I already have masks and just placed another order on Amazon 30 minutes ago for another 50 masks for <$9.

        I shall take my leave now.

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          Actually how do you know I’m racist when you don’t even know my background. I’m half Chinese. Hard being a racist when I’m Chinese myself. Keyboard warrior

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            @tamzie28: Invalid argument at the face value, being a half Chinese doesn’t make your statement right. Just saying.

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              @AussieGargain: Yeah, reminds me of the Asians who diss Asians and then follow up with the justification of "I can say that because I'm Asian"

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          Link ⁉

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        Trust me, often CCP agents use the word 'racism' when they cannot find other valid reasons to support their points.

        Time to report it to ASIO.

        BTW, when the country of origin is highlighted, there is nothing to do with racism. It is a factual information without judging it as a 'good' or 'bad'.

        When a certain batch of Eneloop battery are made in Japan, no one thinks it is racism.

        When a person thinks it is racism, that person actually has a negative impression with PRC made products.

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          LMFAO. {face palm}

          OP said to buy from Australian owned and not Chinese owned.

          As I mentioned previously. I'm not replying to this post anymore. Enjoy being ignorant.

          Be my guest, report me to ASIO for pointing out casual racism. :)

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      Typical boomer Aussie saw $20 and thought it was a bargain.

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    Box says the manufacturer is "Anhui Yaxin Rubber Plastic Technology Development Co., Ltd.".
    NOT in the list of FDA's Appendix A: Authorized Imported, Non-NIOSH Approved Respirators Manufactured in China (Updated with Administrative Changes or Respirator Model Removals: October 15, 2020)

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      FDA is only for the U.S not Australia.

      • Also these are NOT respirators, so wouldn't be in the FDA's list anyway

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    Here for the entertaining casual racism dressed up as supporting local industry (that we don't have much of and they are not selling in large quantities to retail).

    If anyone got an Australian made unicorn deal I am happy to vote it up.

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    Made in china, but aussie flag & kangaroo

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      Made in china, but aussie flag & kangaroo

      It is because it was meant to be read carefully.
      It says on the box: Produced for Lyndhurst Rutherford Pty Ltd.

      Lyndhurst Rutherford Pty Ltd. is also known as/trading as "VCare Australia".

      TGA application can be found HERE (dated 19 May 2020).

  • Saw same box size for $8 in local shops today.

  • Wearing a pair of LA Gear pumps will also ensure you maintain social distancing

    see: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7a/0f/78/7a0f78394513fdc1d7a0...

  • Definitely overpriced…

    • showing $19 online for me, but tagged 20 instore .. interesting