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RENPHO USB Rechargeable Body Fat Scale with App $28.99 (Save $15) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AC Green Amazon AU


Smart App Syncs with Fitness Apps - RENPHO App syncs with SAMSUNG HEALTH, APPLE HEALTH, GOOGLE FIT, and FITBIT APP. Millions of satisfied users.

13 Body Composition Analysis - Uses BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis) to track Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-Free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolism, and Body Age. You can even use the scale even without your phone nearby. The data will sync to the app once it is connected again.

Rechargeable Internal Battery and High Quality - USB rechargeable function with a built-in lithium battery. Device features auto-calibration, high precision sensors measure up to 396lbs/180kg capacity, 5 mm tempered glass platform designed to ensure a long-lasting life. If the scale cannot wake up fully charged, please press the reset button on the back of the device.

Free App for Unlimited Users - Download the RENPHO app for FREE in Apple App Store/Google Play. RENPHO App works with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. RENPHO app allows you to add an unlimited user account, one scale for the whole family.

TECHNICAL DETAILS - 4 High Precision Sensors, Max capacity 396lbs/180kg in 0.2 lb/0.05 kg increments with Step-on Technology. Auto-calibrated and automatically turns off allows longer battery life, runs on 1xAAA batteries (batteries included).

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  • +8

    Can't recommend it enough, especially at this price.

  • Is this a rechargeable lithium battery or an AAA?

    • AAA from and comes with batteries from memory

      • this is USB Rechargeable model

        • +1

          I'd rather the AAA version than a built in lithium rechargeable…

          I have two of these Renpho units and they're great.

        • USB rechargeable = battery life of probably 2-3 years with cheapo batteries, and maybe 5-6 with a quality battery.

          After which you'll have to leave it plugged in.

          • @aoeueoa: great, now i bring my scales into the bedroom so i can charge at the same time as my phone so i can weight myself in the morning.

            prefer aaa and my eneloops, but understand people don’t like 2032 battery scales.

  • Thanks. I was just looking for a scale.

  • +18

    This is an awesome scale. I use it and it definitely tells me I'm fat in about 15 different ways!

    I wish it had better app integration such as Lifesum, Mi Fit and others.

    • "I wish it had better app integration such as Lifesum, Mi Fit and others."

      Would you not get some level of data integration through Google Fit / Apple Health Kit etc?

      • +1

        Yeah you can but Google fit has other problems like doubling up data and steps. It's a lot of manual data input using it. Google really needs to just retire Google fit, they failed with it and has no support or updates.

        It's a shame :(

        I think it's why Google is trying to buy Fitbit

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.


    Wrong item. My bad

  • Can I only buy one? Trying to order again and it's not letting me input the code

  • Are these any accurate?
    I recently bought the Sinocare scales and they’re not too accurate - the readings are inconsistent

    • +6

      Weighed one of my 25kg calibrated weight plates at 25.0kg.

      Pretty accurate

      • Sorry I meant the fat percentages etc.
        I understand it’ll be fairly inaccurate, compared to calipers, dexa etc…

        • Your understanding is correct, how inaccurate will depend on the specific scale. BIA has potential but not yet and definitely not at this price point

  • Got these on a previous deal, they are great, the app is good, you can click on all the information and it will tell you if good or out of range.

    Consistent reading with the commercial ones as well as had a fitness assesment and all the values were the same as this budjet one!

    The scales are quite compact, smaller that our previous electronic glass weight only scales. This is an advantage for us as fit perfectly in the bathroom space where the old ones you would bump into

    • +1

      I had a professional scan and these scales don't get my bone density correct they understate it. The other percentages are ball park correct. For what you pay really it's pretty damn good.

      One pro scan is $20-30 and you get these to keep for the same price. It's certainly great value and good enough to give you a decent idea where you're at and track trends.

  • Bought this on a previous deal, haven't bothered with the app but as a general check every now again in the home gym it does the job.

    • +2

      You missing out by not using the app as the app tells more than just weight.

      • Ill check it out, I barely have a reason to know my weight so I doubt ill need the extra information.

  • Some reviews on Amazon says the extra measurements are not accurate. Pass

    • It's almost impossible to be exactly accurate, but with more data and long term calculations you'll get pretty close.

      You can also add extra information yourself, that it cannot ascertain unless you physically measure parts of your body. It all helps give you more accuracy

    • If that kind of accuracy is important to you, then any scale at this price point isn't for you.

      If you want something "in the ball park" to give you an idea and track progress then these scales are great.

    • +5

      The concept with these scales isn't the accuracy of the other measurements but to show relative trends, such as an overall decrease in body fat or increase in muscle mass.

  • how does this one compare to Xiaomi scale?

    Can the app integrate with Apple health/fitness/activity?

    • +2

      Yes it does. I have it integrating with Apple health and then my fitness pal

    • I've red that they are not as accurate

  • Great scale and price!

  • How is it better than other random brands that sell in $15 to $20 range?
    Example (random)- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wireless-Digital-Bathroom-Body-F...

    • Unknown quantity, no brand reputation, no official software, no user reviews ….

      • +1

        This is just a rebadge. Only a handful of factories make them.

  • I told a friend about this. She’s sensitive about her weight and has a snoopy partner. If she uses it, will anyone else be able to see what her results/weight were? She says the last scale she had would display the previous users weight.

    • from what I've experienced, it resets. But I haven't used it with the app yet. Just as a general scale.

      • +21

        Sounds like a people problem not a software problem

    • Only she will know from the app and any other integration of the data into other apps she may use.

    • +1

      Just asking for a friend

    • +5

      Nope this just resets - she'd want to be the only one to use the app function though as it uploads to app. But just him coming in and pressing scales to see a weight doesn't work.

      Also she should probably ditch him if that's how he makes her feel!

      • 100% agree on that. It's not a healthy relationship & it won't last if she gets her self esteem back & realises most guys aren't control freaks.

    • +12

      Why you'd keep your weight secret from your partner is beyond me

      • So this would be okay as a new years gift for my partner, then?

  • Thanks OP Good Price !

  • Requires location to be 'on' to update weight via bluetooth. My other apps (head phones, Garmin) does not need location to be on.

    • +7

      Scale needs to know if you're near Maccas or KFC.

      • no, chinese govt wants to know if aussies are getting fat and lazy …. or sell data to uber eats when you have stats on who has no will power to loose weight.

    • Isn't this an Android 6+ issue?

      • Only this app does not work if location is not on.

        All other apps on my phone continue to work location off

  • I bought this at full price late last year, love it but the app kinda sucks, I share the login with my wife and if she logs in it logs me out and I have to login and reconnect to google / Samsung fit, very annoying.

  • +1

    it's clear they got plenty of fake reviews, but I'm trusting some of the recommendations here. maybe good idea to book a dexa too to calibrate

  • It's showing full price …
    Worked now…

  • +2

    Exactly what I needed to tell me how fat Ive gotten from Covid! Cheers OP :)

  • Got one to replace an old fitbit aria that is finally crapping out with error messages.
    I felt like I've seen ozbargain listings for this scale nearly at least once a month.
    $28.99 delivered, cant complain I guess.

    As a (very) small business order I find it amazing something something like this can be sold for relatively so cheap, WITH free delivery with amazon prime. I understand Amazon takes a HUGE cut of profits, added with the tax payable, time and effort and resources required for after sales service/support/faulty/change of mind returns etc, have to wonder just how much profit is in these things.

  • The weight part of these is accurate and it's great to see trends in the phone app. However, I am not convinced that the body composition measurements are accurate at all. For example, I've spent the last couple of months in my muscle building bulking phase. It says I've gained a few kg, but reports that my skeletal muscle mass has gone down. YMMV.

    • You have to enable athlete mode , not sure if that helps but when I did it, I got a better accurate bdi

      • I don't understand why it needs that, it drops the fat by about 5-6% which is a lot to be out by…

        • It's the way it calculates water retention and muscle mass in fit ppl, if you tick it off it assumes it's all fat or something 😂

  • I just dont know why if only weight is accurate why dont just buy a scale from BigW or Kmart with the fancy app thing,only cost$10 and served me for good 6 years now

    • +1

      I think its good as a reference rather than actual accurate value. So let's say the scale says that your body fat is 20% (in actuality you might be 18%), if you start undertaking exercise but it continues to show 20%, you know that it's not changing, so you decide to also change your diet and notice that it starts dropping at a rate of 1% per week. I find seeing numbers change to be positive reinforcement as a measurable metric.

  • Bought this recently from Amazon, but after a few days the scale stopped recognising my phone completely. Tried troubleshooting (ie removing battery on scale, turning bluetooth off and on), but no luck getting it working again.

    Pretty disappointing honestly - the scale seemed great at first (especially for the price), but not being able to connect to a relatively new smartphone (Pixel 3a) is a massive flaw. Luckily Amazon are good with refunds, so sending it back and trying something else

  • Hmm, I seem to be getting free shipping without prime.

  • If I'm trying to lose a bit of weight (5-10kg) and don't really care about my muscle mass %'s etc, is there a reason to have a body fat scale? I currently just track standard weight using a basic digital scale. Trying to learn of the benefits of this type of scale and whether its just me wasting money :)

    • Bluetooth function is great. I would have bought the withings scale if it was on sale when I bought this one. It automatically tracks everyone’s weight rather than me manually selecting the person to assign the weight.

      I connected the app to Samsung > myfitnesspal > Garmin to track my food intake and exercise.

      Previously had to manually enter it.

  • +1

    Free delivery without Prime, if you select 'Standard Delivery' at checkout.
    Bought one, mainly for iso weight gain !

  • +2

    Bought this last time it was on sale and think it's great. We previously had a FitBit Aria which was stupidly expensive, shit and crippled by a stupidly flimsy plastic on the inside. The Renpho has worked perfectly for the duration, the charge lasts ages and the apps are bloody good too. No dramas with Bluetooth on both old and new Android and Apple smartphones. Can't recommend it enough.

  • does it have a function where my partner can i ask these scales “ does my bum look big in these” and it will give an honest answer based on height, weight and bmi ?

    • The correct answer is no.

  • Thank you bought 1

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