This was posted 9 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off Yearly Subscription @ 1Password


1Password currently has a deal for 25% off your first year, when paid annually.

That means the prices (in USD) for your first year are:

$2.24/month for single accounts
$3.74/month for family accounts
$2.99/user/month for team accounts
$5.99/user/month for business accounts

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    Bitwarden password manager = Free or $10 a year for Premium Account

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      Another vote for Bitwarden. The price of some of these password managers is getting out of hand. My subscription to Lastpass has gone from au$15 to over au$40 in the past 3 years. I haven't renewed this year and moved to Bitwarden a couple of weeks ago and find it fine for my use. I could even import the PW data which made the transition easy.

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        But…lastpass is free

        • As of 16 March, only free for one type of device platform e.g. mobile or computer. Adding another platform will push you to premium = paid subscription.

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    I'll go for bitwarden

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      Any differences between the two?

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        I trialed both in parallel and ended up paying for 1Password as I felt it was more polished a product and BitWarden at the time had bugs with Safari for Mac that caused me to need to unlock my vault by entering my password every minute or two, which really killed usability. When reading up on it there also appeared to be a common theme that Safari Mac support was lacking with BitWarden due to resource constraints and the fact Safari was a single digit percentage of the user base. The issues I had in Safari weren’t present for Chrome, but I didn’t want to swap browser to account for a password managers issues. They were at the time a 1 (or maybe 2) man operation which is awfully impressive, but it does mean bottlenecks compared to some other commercial products with large teams ironing things out particularly for fringe cases. All in all it just wasn’t as polished on my Apple hardware and browsers, and by what I considered to be a fair margin, but I’ll also state that if I used Chrome on MacOS then it may have been sufficient for my needs and I did consider for a few days whether I could wait for the Safari vault locking issue to be addressed and then adopt the product.

        BitWarden has some pros for sure but. It’s not hugely important to me personally given many paid services have been independently audited, but it’s open source so if the company ever does anything wrong by the users it can be forked and developed by someone else. Anyone can also audit the code. They also have an ability to host your own server side component so you don’t have to rely on a third party to store your credentials. Lastly, for the pro plan it’s super cheap. For all their lack of staff I noted earlier, the devs do an incredible job and it’s a well rounded product.

        Honestly, I’d suggest trying both out and seeing how they work for you. I did my evaluation 6-9 months ago and some of my concerns with BitWarden may have been addressed by now.

        1. Bitwarden is free and opensource.
        2. 1password doesn't support strict URL. For example, 1password treats and as the same domain and will try to use the same password to login. That's annoying and this is the mean reason I moved away from 1password.
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    What's the advantage of using a paid password manager over a free service such as Firefox sync?

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      I like to pay for few things in life, but funding the company that encrypts and stores a copy of all my access to the 400+ services online I have is definitely one of them.

      Keeping them in business and keeping them funded to perform R&D and remain at the forefront of encryption strategies is why I do it.

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    A quick reminder that the following deals appear to be active still (haven't tested, may have expired)

    • I used the 10 month trial last week, worked without issue 👍

  • Any difference between this and Bitwarden which is free?

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    Though not well publicised (actually: buried like a corpse you’re trying to hide), you can still buy stand alone licenses for 1Password. I’ve been using one for many years. The cost may or may not be to your liking (AU $96.99).


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      this is fantastic, thanks for sharing - how do I verify what I'm actually buying, is there a referring URL that has the detail pls?

  • Why is this better than Chrome form and password filler? I used to use Roboform and Lastpass but both pale in comparison to the free Chrome option.

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      Well it doesn’t rely on Chrome, which is a biggie for many. I use different browsers and home (Safari) and at work (Chrome), so a cross browser option is needed.

      This also integrates with iOS password management features which I don’t believe Chrome does, so it’ll do password entry into apps etc too on mobile devices.

      I also personally make use of secure notes in password managers such as 1Password (and prior to that Dashlane).

  • I am using Dashlane but only because I got a 5 yr premium sub deal through stack social was like $80. Moved from 1Password as too expensive.
    After the 5 years if I can't find another cheapo deal I'll move to Bitwarden as well I think.

  • When you’re part of a team that uses 1Password Business, you get a complimentary 1Password Families membership, which you can share with up to 5 family members.

  • I thought that 1password and last pass was the same company, i remember a couple of years ago 1password (or whoever owns it) took over last pass.. Or am i wrong?

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      Taking over last pass would make them second last pass

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      Nah. 1Passwords by AgileBits and LastPass was bought out by LogMeIn Inc

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    Or a tiny-bit better deal especially if you’re already a 1Password subscriber:

    $125 gift card for $99, roughly 26% off. It’s not the historic low, but good for top up if your subscription is about to expire.

    • thanks for the share. I did it this way. Still a pretty steep product, and this locks me in two years. Oh well!

      • How do you lock yourself in for 2 years?

        • for the amount that was purchased, one ends up with ~$60 of 1Password credit on the account. Money spent and will be consumed after the next yearly payment.