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Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote $17 (Was $69.95) @ Big W


I got one yesterday, check your local big w for stocks.

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  • Stock looks thin

  • $34 online?

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      If you buy 2

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        What are you going to do with two?
        Some sort of laser fight? Pew pew pew.

        • lol - this actually made me laugh :D

  • No stock everywhere…

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      Is that the same as
      ‘Some stock nowhere?’

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        Got stock at the Sunshine Plaza (Maroochydore)

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        It's amusing that the profile pic (on PC browser) still shows Santa's hat, yet clicking on the username to reveal the profile shows the face mask.

        • That made me laugh too…

      • Yes but only by a partial smidge.

    • No stock anywhere…

  • This is fantastic. Got some for me and my team. Thanks op.

  • Cheers! Had to resist the urge to pick up multiple. Great deal.

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    Time to hit the movie theatres and be "that guy"

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      Damn you, laser guy! You had to grab it all with your lowbrow laser shtick! You're just a prop comic! Where's the craft?!

  • Damn I missed it

  • Still in stock, just grabbed one from Narellan NSW

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    Still in stock in several BigWs across north of Brisbane and at the Sunshien Coast

    • Second that, just locked in an order in Taigum, North Brisbane

  • Kempsey, port Macquarie, Raymond Terrace, Grafton, Lismore.

  • Will Officeworks Price Match with no local/online stock?

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      You'll be very lucky if you do get that as the Officeworks Price Beat Guarantee specifically excludes stock clearance. And the laser pointer at Big W is listed as clearance. Just going officially by the price match terms no they won't price match the clearance. But you might get a clueless staff member at Officeworks however i wouldn't put your bets on it.

  • Plenty at Port Macquarie.

  • What do people use these for at home any way?. Some kind of light show at night. Or maybe playing tricks on the pet cat?.

    • I picked one up 2 weeks or so ago with the intention for work, checking online however, you can get a BT/dongle ball mouse with laser pointer functionality on any number of websites

      Edit: looks like a gyroscopic air mouse is another option too

    • wanted it for work.. i have a dodgy logitech ripoff that costs $7 from ebay. that still partially works… the slides work. but the laser is dead.

    • Is this a green laser? Could it take down a 747 jumbo jet?

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    there are still 2 stocks at Ballarat, VIC

  • if your really keen for one , you can always get it from these guys.


    • I think they are used stock.

      • Correct, but it doesn't really matter.

      • still for $18 delivered its a very good deal, as big w has little to no stock. used ones go for even more than that. If you can't get your hands on the one from big w then this is the 2nd best option.

    • How to sell over there ? Is it legit ?

      • You click on we buy for any product you have or just go in store, it is legit, they have shops around Australia

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    Thanks OP.. There’s stock in Raymond Terrace and Muswelbrook. If any of you are from Newcastle or the Hunter.

  • Will this work through zoom?

    • This is a physical laser.

  • Just remember this does not work on projectors/TV screens for that you will need the spotlight presenter https://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/spotlight-presentatio...

    • Enabled only via the app rather than working independently. So if you're presenting in a forum and don't have full access to the tech environment, you will not be able to use the spotlight capability…

    • The laser function may not but all other functions do.

    • Can I use it to play photos on my TV while my laptop is connected to TV screen?

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    Got 1 for my cat

    • C&C or delivery? No stock anywhere in Melbourne

      • In store in SA this morning (Golden Grove)

    • I did the same, but when it was discounted to $34.

  • Bought one, thanks.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal. Bought one.

  • I bought this when it was $34.

  • Great cat toy.

  • +1

    back to $34

  • Picked one up in SA today. Still $17, though was labelled as full price. Made sure I did price check before buying.

  • Just received mine posted from Cex/we buy that was $18 delivered that was Posted above. The remote is in brand new condition, with no scratches and the new stickers on it, just didn’t come in the original packaging, it’s also absolutely scratch less, great deal for those that couldn’t get it from big w

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