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iPhone 12 Mini 128GB Black/Red/Green $1199 + Delivery/Pickup @ Officeworks


I've been monitoring iphone 12 mini for my partner and found out that officeworks is having them $80 (about 6.5%) off RRP.

Best discount on (latest) iphone I have seen is 11% so I am still waiting for that.

Just posting this here in case anyone is interested.

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  • This would be good to combine with 10% off Coles/Myer gift cards from the ZIP promotion. If I had any 😭

    Great phone though.

    • Yes, was gonna say, awesome deal to take further 10% off with the bought vouchers previously. Killer deal!

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    15% discount! Thanks OP!
    Ref: Paid with Coles myer gift cards 4 x $300 with 10% Zip Pay saturday cash back
    Effective cost $1080 vs Apple retail $1280 = 15% discount

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      True OZB'er right here. congrats

  • My girlfriend says she won't touch nothing under 6 inches sorry

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      Sucks to be you.

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      good thing you're a millionaire

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      condolences mate
      I'd start from "it's what can you do with it" point of view

    • oof

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      she won't touch nothing

      So… she will?

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    2,227mah battery size?


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      Wow what's that like 6hrs battery life

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        And that's before it starts to degrade

        FWIW it's about 50% of the life of a galaxy s20

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          That's not how it works. Battery size does not equal battery life.

          iPhone software and hardware is tightly coupled, Galaxy software and hardware is not.

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          No it’s 80% of the battery life of an S20 while being significantly more powerful and having the challenges of a much smaller form factor.

  • I got a 12 from the Qantas deal. The camera and the oled screen are the main highlights for me after coming from a 7. Portrait mode is amazing,the lighting looks like it’s been taken by a professional. Night time photography is great as well.

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    People buying $1200 phones and later crying poor during covid/protesting cuts to jobseeker.

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      Or you’ve done 50 to 60 hr weeks throughout the crisis and feel like treating yourself.

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        … to a toy like this?

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        That's fine, but don't cry poor with a $1200 phone in your hand when shit hits the fan.

        It doesn't take nostradamus to know grim times are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

  • im so jealous of your gf having everything more than 6'.

    • ' = feet
      " = inches

  • Surprisingly, I was able to sell my 1 y/o out of warranty iPhone 11 256GB for 900 on gumtree last week.

    I absolutely hated the iPhone 11 - having upgraded from a 6. It was a brick.

    I switched to the iPhone 12 mini and combined the purchase with the good guys 12 month $59 telstra plan offer which included the $400 voucher. They (TGG) also price matched from the Apple EPP site which was unexpected.

    The 12 mini has essentially the same footprint as the iphone 6 and 7, but feels a little a bit heavier and is thicker. I'm looking forward to being able to carry the phone around again in a pocket.

  • Using iphone se first gen currently. Man, i wish i have the money to buy it. Does anyone know where to sell my kidney? just joking.

    • Whist waiting for the 12 mini (having sold the 11), I switched back to my old iphone 6. The battery lasted a good day and it did everything I needed (email / browsing / youtube / music etc). Having the home button back was also great - not to mention the fact that the phone could easily be put in a pocket! The only bad part was the camera (which is why I upgraded in the first place). If the SE does everything you need - hold off and buy a 12 mini when the prices drop. The USA is selling them a good 25% cheaper after XE than here in Aus.

  • I’m just glad all the iPhones 12 now sport OLED and higher Retina displays now.

    Can’t go back to 11 or XR after using the XS/Pros or 12s.

  • If you keep waiting for 11%, the new one will be out by then.

  • MAbe get it for late Xmas gift haha

  • Best discount on (latest) iphone I have seen is 11% so I am still waiting for that.

    I assume you are referring to the iPhone 12 Pro Max?
    If so, where did you see a discount of 11%?

    EDIT: Found the link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/595532
    It is 10% off, and the deal sold out real quick.

  • All colours now appear to be in stock :)

    • Hmm the blue shows as available but tells me it's unavailable in the checkout when I try to buy it.

  • Does anyone know if the battery is bad as the reviews give it based on real world usage?

    • The battery life is better than the X/XS/XR/11. Just not as good as the 11 or 12 pros.

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        Thanks. Good to know.

  • Anyone know what these guys are like? $1164

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      $70 shipping :(

      I tried to price match using them at two office works stores yesterday. One manager got extremely upset and said that Becextech sends exclusively used goods, has international stock (true but irrelevant) and finally said that they were on a "price matching blacklist" that he couldn't disclose :^) .

      So just a word of caution if you were thinking of doing that.

      • Thank you for that.

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    Awesome. Just popped into JB HIFI to price match and used my 15% off TCN cards from a few months ago. Dude was nice enough to give me a $10 off a tempered glass protector too.

    Finally upgraded from the iphone SE 1st gen to this baby. Size is perfect!

  • hmmm should I upgrade my s10e to this?

    • Any reason you are looking to upgrade?

      • want a mini phone that have a dual sim

        • Cool, can you use e-sim and mini sim simultaneously?

  • Got one today from good guys at a price match.

  • Do Harvey norman price match? thinking of getting a discounted gift card from harvey norman then buy the phone their if they do price match

    • For some stuff they do, not sure about iPhones.

  • How do you use Coles/Myer gift cards? I do not see a way to use any gift cards on officeworks?

  • Would the Apple store price match this?!

    • No.

    • +2

      I think the answer is No. I tried it yesterday at Apple Store. They originally said okay to price matched OW price. But when we tried to do the payment, the salesperson cannot make it works and told me that somehow their system does not allow them to price matched iphone 12 (It is very strange). But it is okay for iPad or iMac.

      I ended up ordered it at OW online and will be delivered Today.

      • Should have JB HI-Fi’d with discounted or cashback on gift cards.

        • Yes but then again, it is also depend whom you deal with in JBs, some stores are funny coming with excuses and some are pretty good with pricematching.

  • Thanks for the heads-up, OP. It’s a shame Officeworks don’t carry the 256GB model. I tried my luck with getting JB to price match either the $ off or percentage off the 256GB MINI and they said they couldn’t because it’s not an exact match to a competitor product.

  • I got one in the end. It’s pretty great but word of warning, the speakers are pretty poor, even for taking calls, it’s a definite downgrade from my last 2 phones (Essential phone and Pixel 3)

    • I'm exploring my options to return the phone. It's just too much of a hit to speaker quality (including phone calls) to be paying $1200 for.

      • Don't think you can return the opened phone to Officeworks unless if you bought it from Apple Store within 14 days return window period.

  • $1197 now, seems they've updated it

    • no that is for the 64gb… 128gb still the same $1199.

  • As at 14/01/2021 12pm, iPhone 12 Mini Black/White/Red/Blue/Green 64GB is $1169 and 128GB is $1277.

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