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[SA] Sony Headphones MDRE9LPB in-Ear $1.95 @ Australia Post (City Cross)


In store clearance for two types of Sony headphones . Saw these in the Adelaide City Cross store.

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    Which store?

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      Adelaide City Cross store as per description.

      • Up the Escalator (or Lift) from within City Cross
        or enter via the Escalator on Gawler Place.

  • So cheap. Wonder if they have it in melbourne

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      Last time I was tracking down stock of clearance items I just called Australia Post and they were able to tell me which stores had them.

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    I prefer the in-Nostril ones 😅

    • Think you're confused with Vicks Nasal Inhalers lol

      • Rich man whistles

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      this music smells nice!

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      Just head into a testing center and you can get an in-nostril one for free, with active noice cancellation lasts for few mins lol

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        "I feel like, the music smells better with you babe…"

  • Whats the product code, anyone know?

    • From the image looks like 46888

  • The 1st pair look to sell for around $20, 2nd pair $10 rrp

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      Second pair isn't worth it even for $2, were $5.99 in 2013 and people complained about the quality of them then.

      First pair look great though and promising quality :)

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        I'd rather a 2 dollar coin than the headphones on the left. These headphones are the absolute antithesis of "Crystal clear sound".

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      • Ask them to Price match? 😉

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          You do know that OW Price Match policy excludes clearance items?. Good luck trying with that.

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    Grabbed one thanks OP.

    • What is the quality like? Do they handle bass good?

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    The second pair are usually $10 and don't come with different sized silicon thingos and just sit in the ear loose and are horrible to use.
    The first one is around $20 and I think are very good quality for the price, they come with the silicon thingos and fit snuggly in the ear. I use them every day on my walks.

  • This or the Airpods max? 😉

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      461 of these or the Airpods Max?

  • can anyone confirm if this is available in Sydney? Thank you.

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    The first ones are surprisingly good quality. I've had them for a while and they remind me of a cheap chi-fi pair, in a good way.

  • anyone tried brisbane? :D

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