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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Cosmic Gray, 6.9" Inch, 128GB, 5G $1389 Delivered @ Microsoft AU


No warranty details on the website. Checked with support and the marketing team will soon update the details.

If its 2 years manufacture warranty, this is the lowest.

ENDS: 2021-01-08 23:59PM

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    • Thats why s20 is getting reduced now.

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    Hopefully the Exynos 2100 will live up to the hype by matching or outperforming the SD 888 SoC. The Exynos chip has prevented me from buying a Samsung for many years (not to mention their duplicate apps issue).

    • Has the issues around the Exynos chip been resolved?

      • By buying one of the 5G galaxy phones with a QUALCOMM chip haha.

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        Recent performance scores shows the Exynos 2100 keeping pace with the upcoming SD 888. Not sure whether the Exynos 2100 will still drain battery worse or not, or whether it will have any new impact not experienced before. I'd say wait for both versions of the phone to be released and watch a few comparison videos that tests out performance and battery between the different chip sets before you throw down your money.

        • I think they are also going to discontinue Note series and just include S Pen with S21 which could be an added bonus.

          • @bajirao: From what I read, the S21 will be compatible with the S-Pen, but wont have a slot to keep/hide it (thus copying Apple's move of having their latest iPhones compatible with the Apple Pencil). Instead, the S-Pen will become a part of the Galaxy Fold phones, which makes more sense.

            • @Trishool: Don't think iPhone 12s are compatible with the Apple Pencil. It can stick to the phone because of the magsafe thingy, but won't pair with it.

            • @Trishool: Good info. Thank You.

  • Is this the historical low price for Ultra?

    • there was $1334 at JB hifi, but this is the lowest so far from a reliable seller.

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        JB isnt a reliable seller?

        • They are, but they don't have the offer anymore, is what I meant

  • I have an S20 Ultra - I absolutely would recommend the S20+ instead. The Ultra is just so damn heavy and fat - I regret preordering it without comparing the two in hand.

    • What about the space zoom X100 which you have the benefit of.

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        I never get mine past 30x. The quality at max zoom is not worth it, and realistically you need a tripod or something to awkwardly balance on.

    • Hmm. The main reason for the Ultra is the S-pen.

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        S20 Ultra has S-pen?

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          I mean the Note Ultra

    • Any thoughts on Note ultra?

    • Hi, you still recommend with s20+ even more expensive than ultra?

  • All gone by the looks of it

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