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Apple iPad 8th Gen 10.2" Wi-Fi 32GB - Space Grey $469 @ Apple Education Store ($445.55 Officeworks Price Beat)


Just bought an Apple iPad 8th gen 32GB from Officeworks where they price beat Apple Education price of $469

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    Do they pricebeat education store price???

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      They just did for me over the phone

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        Username checks out

      • Did you call your local store or HO customer support?

      • They shouldn't have, most likely only agreed because they didn't realise it was an education store discount. Officeworks doesn't match prices like education store ones where you need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for that price

        • I tried and they wouldn't budge. The lady said it was definitely a mistake, and confirmed by her manager.
          I also tried unsuccessfully to price-beat studioproper.com.au, because they don't have stock.

          However JBHIFI confirmed they will price match with a student ID card, or an edu email address, and I can pay with 5% off gift cards.

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      No, officeworks does not price match any deals that are only available to certain members of the public, for officeworks to price match the price has to be available to everyone, regardless of whether they are a student or work in the education sector in this case, or if they're a prime/Costco member in another. If someone at officeworks says they can price match its because they haven't realised its an education store discount. Source, work at an officeworks and had someone try and pull this today

  • ok, I just made a call (1300)for ipad air price matching, they said because apple education store have no stock untill 21 Jan(Ships:2-3 weeks), so they can't do.

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      They told me the same thing and I said that the store pick up is available, and they accepted it

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    Good grief this is excellent if they'll price beat education store pricing

  • No luck with the office number. Claimed that they're not allowed to price match the education store.

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        I called. Loma is in the manager's office being reeducated.

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          under rated comment! ))

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          And tomorrow she will be transferred to the Thargomindah officeworks.

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          I thought Lorna is the manager? She makes her own rule

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        Do not put peoples names out on a forum like this

  • What verification do they do to make sure you’re eligible? I’ve gone all the way through to end and according to the T&C’s they ‘may require evidence of eligibility’ but wanting to see the chances of that happening considering it’s a gift for my brother.

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      I told OW that Apple doesn't need any verification for buying from ED store which is true as well as I was able to add the iPad to the apple cart and enter credit card details without giving any student IDs. OW accepted the above statement

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        It’s not true.

        Apple has verified my education status at least 3 times in the last 4 years.
        It’s random and they do check.

      • Not ow, the person you spoke to, who made a mistake, a mistake of which they are accountable for not the whole of ow.

      • Officeworks does not price match this, anyone who does, does not understand officeworks price match policy or that the item is from the education store

    • I've never been asked for verification, but apparently they do ask sometimes. It never worried me either way because I am eligible.

    • I’ve heard Apple will randomly go through education orders and request proof of student status before progressing with the order. Unsure why they don’t just require a .edu email from the start like most other retailers.

      • Yeah it’s strange that. My sister is a teacher so might just get her to order it instead (or just use her email for it).

      • That will filter the list but still a lot of non-students will have .edu email addresses, as long as they deal with schools. For example at universities, there are about 10,000 non-students with .edu addresses because they’re either staff (permanent and casuals), contractors, associates, etc…
        Though it would still be better than just having EDU store open to public 😄

      • My kids are eligible for education pricing but don't have education email addresses.

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    Is this the latest generation? Stupid Apple and their lack of clarity.

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      Yes but this is the basic iPad. The iPad Air is more powerful and feature rich and then there's the iPad Pro.

      • the best is the Air right, with its A14? Unless that's slower than A12Z.

        • Depends what you mean by best but yeah I believe the Air has the fastest most modern processor.

          • @coxjon: Well, it's faster in single core but then slower in multi core.

      • I think this iPad is perfect for most users, the other iPads are more for power users.

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          Yeah I'm planning on getting one of these for my mum (when they're back in stock) to replace her old one which is on the way out. All she really uses it for is Netflix and sending emails and it's fine for that.

      • If you're gonna pay the extra 400 may as well go for another 500 ;)

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    Really good deal

  • How does this compare with a s6 lite? I'm looking at getting a tablet for my folks who use android (for youtube vanced).

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      S6 lite is better in some areas and worse in others. The S6 lite will be better mostly for multimedia because of the screen aspect ratio and better speakers. The screen will be arguably slightly better on the S6 lite because it’s laminated where the iPad isn’t. The iPad screen is still very good quality despite this difference. The S6 lite includes a stylus, where if you want that feature on the iPad you have to pay extra for it. The S6 lite support micro sd so it’ll be easier to add additional storage cheaply. The iPad will be better in terms of performance, the A12 chip is quite fast against even the flagship level Android chips let alone the S6 lite chip. Support will be much better on the iPad, you can expect regular updates with quite a few major updates for numerous years. Where Samsung will undoubtedly only push out Android 12 and 13 on the S6 lite judging by what they do with other tablets. If your main use is just for multimedia and social media apps there’s really very little difference at the end of the day for that type of usage. The S5e is/was the best cheap multimedia tablet, but Samsung didn’t offer a newer alternative of it because it was so good. Instead they want you to buy their top model.

      • Excellent. Thanks for the detailed reply. Yeah, it seems that s6 lite is better suited for them. They are more used to android and we don't really have any apple products here.

        The only thing I like about the ipad is how fluid it is.

      • Great reply
        I'm Android/windows on everything but tablets. I find the galaxy tablets have a short support span for software updates compared to the iPad. Also not as many native tablet android apps as compared to the iPad.

      • U don't have samsung desk on s6 lite

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    Good deal and ordered from office works. Thx

  • Can we pay officeworks with coles myer giftcards?

    • I think you can

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        Can we use JB HiFi gift cards at Good Guys?

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    Good timing. I purchased an iPad Air back in November. Apple’s holiday return window ends on Friday. Called office works and price matched the education store an got it for $787.55. Saved over $100. Cheers

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      Apple thanks you for your continued custom.

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        Wait, do they? Sounds like partyce is retuning a perfectly good iPad after using it for 2 months, just to go and buy the same thing cheaper elsewhere. And partyce is perfectly entitled to do that, but I'm not sure Apple will be thanking partyce. 🤔

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    You got lucky, they shouldn't be matching it as it falls under 'commercial quantities and pricing' which is excluded from PBG.

    Please don't get angry at people on the phone if you don't get this price!

  • If I'm just browsing the internet, email, youtube, kindle etc. - and occasionally playing CIV 6, will I notice much difference between this and the Air 4?

    • I doubt you would notice much difference in those tasks now in terms of performance. However the True Tone lamented screen and stereo speakers set up is a noticeable difference between the air and this. Whether that difference is worth the additional costs it up to you. I would also expect the two generation newer chip and additional memory would lead to longer support and handle newer updates better.

      • thanks for the feedback. sounds like, on top of what you mentioned, the overall experience is a lot nicer? Plus the 2nd gen Apple pencil looks like a pleasure to use.

    • I can’t speak for gaming, but I do all those activities you mention on this ipad and I love it. It can only use the 1st gen pencil, but I do find it incredible and a delight to use, regardless. This is my first tablet and first foray in to Apple gear too.

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    Apple's Back to School annual discount should be available on the education store shortly, possibly as early as tomorrow, but sometime in the next week or two. You might want to hold out for that, as they usually give you a bonus of some type. In 2020 it was Beats for iPad Pro or iPad Air, which was an excellent deal. All the recent deals from the northern hemisphere back to school have been AirPods, which is less exciting, but still better than Lorna's price beat.

    Last year's for reference;

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      Combine with Apple 7% cashback, where are you @tightarse, no good Apple cashback after May 2020 Cmon

      • The last time they had cashback deal for Apple, iPad seems to be excluded.

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        That was good cash back to be sure, but the chance of Apple agreeing to that during the back to school promotion is non-existent.

      • What’s this 7% cashback you’re referring to?

    • Still waiting on this, when is it going to start? Any clues? Or is it not happening?

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        Last year started on the 7th. Tomorrow is the 7th. It's imminent I would say.

    • It already started, their offering airpods currently.

    • Shame that it doesn't include this iPad model.
      Guess I'll stick with my JB Education store order.

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    You can get an ipad from jbhifi education store for $445.
    If you dont have a school code then you can register and they will send you a generic code of 'byod2021'
    Not sure if officeworks will price match though

    • Can you pay with gift cards on JB education store?

      • No according to their T&Cs.

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      Do they verify?

    • I rang them yesterday and they wouldn't price match the JB education store as they say it's not open to the public.

    • Someone should try price matching the JB education price at a JB store, and then paying with 5% off gift cards…

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        I did this, I got my local jb hifi to price match it and paid with the him gift cards that were on sale with 15% off

        • Did you have to prove your school participates in the JB Hi-Fi BYOD?

          • @JLai: Just tried two JB stores in Narre Warren and they would not price match.
            Tried my luck at OW and no joy either.

  • Is this the one with last year's processor (or the year before that I think)? And besides that, there doesn't seem to be a flash LED? Does this not have a flash LED?

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      Please don't use an iPad as a camera.

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    Are 32GB tablets with no storage expansion still a thing in 2021?

    The iPadOS alone is 5.6GB, Throw in a few of your favorite apps, games and media files and you'll probably fill up the storage in a couple of months. I think these devices are aimed squarely at suckers.

    Neg away…

    • And correct me if I'm wrong, it's made worse by the recommendation of over-provisioning at least 10 up to 20% of the capacity on the user's end.

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      the real money is with people upgrading to higher GBs.

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      I have a 32GB and never close to filling it up. I don't need to have many games on there at the same time. I use streaming services and browse the internet. Even when I downloaded some shows and movies for a roadtrip there was still space left.

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    I once used Officeworks' school list price guarantee (Parents' Price Promise) to get a MacBook at education price, less 20%. It took a bit of arguing, but it was all within the T&Cs.

    The deal was if you found an item cheaper on a school booklist, they'd beat it by 20%. I found a school that had a MacBook on its booklist provided by the JB Hi-fi education store. Officeworks tried to claim that it was only for books, which was BS because they happily match pens and any other items. T&Cs didn't exclude laptops, and there was even an image of a laptop in the promo banner on their website

    They tried everything to get out of it, but never questioned why the school was in Victoria, and I was in WA, or asked any questions about my nonexistent child.

    They've since updated the T&Cs to exclude Apple products, but not other laptops. Although it'd be harder to find a specific non-Apple laptop on a school list and also stocked at Officeworks.

    • I've had a lot of stores go against their own T&C for price beats (see eBay) to even dare to try this lol

  • How to get the discount in the Education store?

  • Does anyone know about status of stock? Doesn't look to be any in Sydney close to the CBD or North. Can you price beat and get it as a back order from OW?

    • You can't price beat as its an education store item

  • +1

    Is 32Gb really enough though?

    Unfortunately Apple love price gouging storage though, charging an extra $150 for 128Gb, when a 128Gb card can be purchased for just $25, so the price would be negligible in manufacturing.

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      if you use the cloud and aren't video or photo editing heaps on your ipad, it's more than enough.

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        by that reasoning, 16GB would be enough also?

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      If you're not using it to store photos/movies/music etc, it should be plenty. I've still got ~7GB free on my iPad with ~80 apps, 4 years of Uni notes in Notability and all of my textbooks.

      • -2

        that's like saying, if you never power it on, the battery never depletes.

        You can put all your photos on the cloud but it's annoying to have to wait a few seconds for each photo to load. You basically can't use this without an internet connection, and since it's a wifi model, it's for home use. Unless you share your phone's internet which drains its battery fast.

        • Of course there’s a baseline level of storage you need. Even 16gb would be fine for some people.

          The photo delay thing indicates you are trolling lol

          • +1

            @etchebaster: trolling because I don't like waiting 5 seconds for every photo to load when I have thousands of photos?

  • Is there anyway to use gift cards on the jbhifi byod portal? Managed to find a generic code to access it but in the checkout it doesn’t look like gift cards are accepted, anyway to use them? Has anyone tried calling the number and asking them?

    • No way to use them through the portal, although someone above said they price matched in store.

  • I have matched the iPad Air edu price at jb a couple of times in Dec paying with 5% gc bought from online. If u can’t match ow maybe give jb a try.

    The sales guy was pretty chillaxed as well. Didn’t check id at all

  • Slightly unrelated but does anyone know when Apple is doing their Back to Uni sale with the free headphones? Last year was Jan 7 and I thought they would have announced it by now…Thanks in advance!

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