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Buy a Mac or an iPad for Uni and Get Bonus AirPods 2 (Or Upgrade to Airpods Pro for $150) @ Apple Education Store


It was Beats last year; this year it's AirPods with selected Macs and iPads.

Save $249 when you buy a qualifying Mac or iPad. Not all Macs and iPads are included. You can even upgrade to higher priced AirPods by paying the difference.

Just like last year, the Mac or iPad will be discounted by $249 and the AirPods invoiced at full price. This is to get around not classifying the AirPods as a gift.

Not as good as the Beats last year, but this is what the UK, Canada, and the US have had this year.

Who is eligible?
A full-time or part-time student aged 18 or over with a current student union card or student identification card and studying at an accredited Australian university or other Apple-approved institution
A lecturer or staff member at an accredited Australian university; or
A teacher or lecturer working at an Apple-approved and registered education establishment within Australia.

You probably won't be asked to prove your eligibility.

Eligible Macs
MacBook Air (M1, 2020),
16-inch MacBook Pro,
21.5-inch iMac,
21-inch iMac (Retina 4K),
27.5-inch iMac (Retina 5K),
iMac Pro,
13-inch MacBook Pro (Four Thunderbolt 3 ports, 2020),
MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)

Eligible iPads
iPad Air (4th generation),
11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation),
12.9-inch iPad Pro (4th generation)

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    • Did you open it? I opened both my Mac and iPad both of which bought around the last day of dec

      • u can return it even if it is opened

        • I think so apple has a 14 days return policy for anything you’ve tried and don’t like if I’m not mistaken

          • @RobBoss: Does this apply to certified resellers (e.g., jb hifi, etc.,) or is it limited to purchases directly from Apple?

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              @Worf: Limited to purchases direct from Apple.

            • +1

              @Worf: I believe apple only? The guy at apple told me, “try it, bring it back within 14days if you don’t like it”

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                @RobBoss: Okay! I’ll go apple today and try
                I’m so bummed omg lol

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                  @HasibA: If you bought it from apple, it’s no questions asked to return in 14 days. If the purchase is attached to your Apple ID, you can start the return process from the Store app. It’s very straightforward.

      • +1

        managed to get it :)

    • just return it and get a new one with free AirPods. I bought it 5 days ago and ill be doing the same.

      • Okay I will do the same !

        • +1

          Only problem is whether they have stock available on hand..

          • @kingmw: I checked and they did for the one I wanted! Worst case I return my MacBook Air and get the pro and sell the AirPods !

            • @HasibA: I literally got the last base model MBA for pick up in Sydney. Otherwise it was a 2-3 week wait for delivery.

  • Opened my ipad last night :(

    • Bought from Apple? Refer here.

      • No, from jb

        • Unfortunate, could still give it a try though. Worst that could happen is that they say no. Else you could end up with a free Airpods.

  • +9

    Update 2: I was redirected to call 133622. Upon telling them that I have purchased both items within 14 days, they agreed to give me one. I opted for the pro which is an additional $150

    • I just tried calling that number and asking but was told to contact the store I purchased it from directly to ask.

      • Did you purchase it directly from Apple store via the uni portal? This seems to be one of the conditions.

        • Directly from a physical store with education pricing

          • @Chookt: Shocking, seems like this is case by case or simply a matter of luck, perhaps call the store and check

            • @RobBoss: I'm still on hold with the store with terrible music. Will update ppl on the outcome. Tempted to just come in and ask for a refund instead in case they say no and there's a note on my account about it.

              • @Chookt: Yay! Was told to just bring it in, they would process it as a return as they have a 14 day return policy (as ppl have mentioned) and give me a new one with free airpods

    • +1

      Looks like you got lucky on that call. I called the same number but was told to go through the refund process and purchase again. I made the purchase on the 22nd on November but am still eligible for a refund until tomorrow according to their holiday refund policy.

    • Placed order 4th Dec. Shipped 14th Dec. Delivered 23rd Dec
      On hold with them now….wish me luck
      UPDATE1: The agent couldn't get through to management. Looks like their contact centre might be OBargained :) She said she would put a request in and get back to me within 24hrs.

      • I am proud of this community

      • +2

        And they called me back. A set coming my way. :)

  • Are only these iPads eligible:

    iPad Air (4th generation),
    11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation),
    12.9-inch iPad Pro (4th generation)

    Can't seem to find any link for T&C.

  • I wonder if I can still cancel my order for a BTO MBP M1 from JB HiFi and order from this instead? Is that possible?

    • If you haven’t picked it up shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Perfect!

        • Yeah just cancel the order

          • +7

            @fozzie: I called JB HiFi and they were happy to just match the promotion for me! I paid $2370 for a MBP M1 16GB/512GB using the 10% off TCN gift cards (effectively $2133). Now I just need to pay an additional $49 when I pick up my order for the Airpods to match the Apple Edu Store pricing of $2419 for the bundle!

            • +1

              @zeno: Lucky :) Enjoy ☺️

            • +1

              @zeno: Hi Zeno, congrats on getting a great deal.

              Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere

              • When you mention calling jbhifi, do you mean calling a particular store (i.e. Pitt St Mall) or calling a general jbhifi assistance number?

              • Did you have any pushback from getting the deal on the 16GB model (just because is not listed on the jbhifi models) & to have them include the airpods?


              • +1

                @Lovemydeals: In my case, I was able to get the 16GB/512GB MBP for $2370 (price match with UniDays) mid-December in-store. It has not yet been shipped. When Apple Edu Store started this promo, I called the store and spoke to the manager to get the order cancelled and explained about the free Airpods offered by Apple. Then the manager offered to match the bundle instead of me cancelling the order. Had to go in-store so they can redo the docket with the Airpods. I had to pay an additional $49 since the bundle costs $2419 at Apple Edu.

  • +1

    Hey guys is you want the AirPods Pro you get them for $150 basically as the discount is $249

  • +1

    Not a student, purchased an iPad Air 4 + airpod upgrade, physical pick up in store today.

    Will let you know if they ask for ID, LOL.

    • What are you going to say if they do ask?

      • +8

        And no one heard from R1ngSt1nger again.

      • +1

        Don't have it on me.

    • They asked me to show my student card … Apple Perth WA

    • +4

      Just got back from Fountain Gate, Vic.

      Checked-in at front of store. Showed my driver's licence, temperature checked, asked to stand at a point and someone would bring it out to me.

      Three minutes later, dude rocks up with my bag and I leave.

      Never got asked for student ID.

      • same here - fountain gate! super quick and easy for my MacBook

  • +1

    Purchased an ipad air thanks OP!

  • Anyone know when they'll get stock of the MB Airs in Melbourne?

    • Yeah they had it till last week… now a 2 week wait for it to arrive.

  • +1

    If you purchase 1x MacBook & 1x iPad do you get 2 free AirPods?

    • Surely yes if you make 2 separate trasactions

  • +6

    Called Apple store, and they are happy to do a 'refund', where you can then purchase back your original device and receive the airpods. Make sure you call in advance as you will need a manager to approve the process. Extremely useful for anyone that has purchased a Mac between November 10 - December 25 as you can have returns until Jan 8 2021 (tomorrow).

    • +1

      Did they ask for Student or Union ID? Asking for a friend…

    • +2

      Did you purchase this in store or online?

    • Thanks for letting us know mate, boguht an ipad air on the 12th of Nov just inside the window and apple happy to do what u said, free airpods :D

    • +1

      Can vouch that the store were totally happy to do this, then remembered my Air was customised with the extra ram. They said the process would then mean my returning the Air to the store for refund (which will take a few days, hence the convoluted process) and re-ordering online. Sadly the wait is now 3-4 weeks on a new unit. Handing in my OzB card by deciding to skip, but ymmv.

    • I purchased an ipad air on 1st of Nov, do you recon I should give it a try for refund and purchase the original device back so I can be eligible for free air pods?

  • I need advice on whether I should get the iPad Pro 12.9" now or wait for the new model🤔. Also it is worth getting one in Australia consider the pricing for the lowest 12.9" model in US equivalent to $1150AUD. Anyone on the same boat 🤣😅?

    • +2

      I would honestly wait - mini Led iPads in a few months !probably with a m1 chip too

      • -2

        Thanks champ maybe without the promotion but much better performance 😍

  • +3

    thanks OP… got the ipad air for the kids… the free airpods will go to the wifey…

  • How much do air pods go for nowadays? I really don't want the air pods but I'm interested in getting an m1 air and this looks like the cheapest I'll be able to get it for awhile.

    • -1

      Easy 200 if you sell it

      • Where abouts do they go for $200?

        • +2

          I was able to sell my new ones for $200 on Facebook marketplace :)

          • +1

            @HasibA: Mate u have an upvote from me. I was thinking to list as $160 or something. Will put now as $200 on marketplace :)

            • @PopCounty: Wow. Would appreciate if you could keep me posted if you do manage to sell it for that price. A $200 discount is very tempting.

              • +1

                @yayeetus: Sure mate. Will have to wait though. My Mac delivery date seems to be 29th jan - 2nd Feb. but will update u about home much I am
                Gonna sell it for. Cheers 🥂

              • +1

                @yayeetus: Just sold my AirPods for $200. Exact.
                Must agree there was no inquiry for about 5 days. As there are definitely cheap options on marketplace. But I was willing to wait. So yeah, $200 sold.

                Also, I sold Jabra 75t elite for $195. There were more than 10 inquiries for this. About half were spam offers like just $100.

                For AirPods, the bargaining was less. 2 enquires and those were solid ones.
                Hope this helps.

                • @PopCounty: That's awesome. Really appreciate that you took the time to write back.

          • +2

            @HasibA: You are lucky. It's quite easy to find one below $200 from a retailer

  • Do you think upgrading to the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 from the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 would be worth it?

    • No if your 2017 iPad is still working nicely. The new iPad Pro is coming possibly in March.

  • +1

    Bought the m1 air and gonna give the airpods to my partner, yewww.
    Good alternatives for the digital av adapter for the air…? not really keen on spending $99 on the thing

  • +3

    How do people not know this is coming and buy something a couple weeks before? It happens every year since they started it… No excuse.

    • Delivery lead times for custom orders - ie additional RAM.

  • +4

    Update from apple fountain gate:

    Walked in
    No need for change of item
    Changed my apple invoice from 3 days ago
    AirPods given immediately

    Super nice and encouraged me and anyone to do it!

    • Purchased on 15th Nov. Still within extended return time (8th Jan). No go for me at Robina

      • did you purchase thru education store?
        go to a diff apple asap

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this can be combined with UNiDAYS pricing? If not, is it worth paying the extra through the education store for the AirPods to then sell later?

    • +1

      I tried checking UniDays earlier and it doesn't look like they have the free airpods. It would have to be via Apple Edu Store.

    • +2

      I asked Apple online and they said the promotion is only through the Apple Education store and not through UNiDAYS or any other university-specific Apple webstore unfortunately :(. I reckon it'd be best to still pay extra and resell the AirPods

    • +1
  • 8gb or 16gb RAM?

    • +1


  • -1

    Anyone know whether Officeworks will do a price match for the iPad air 2020 32gb and include free airpods?

    • Yep and and free upgrade to airpods max

      • how did you ask OW? on apple website, i can not see 32gb. How much was it? Tnx.

      • Did you purchase over the phone or instore?

  • +1

    Anyone got JB to match this offer ?

  • +2

    Just got off the phone they will send you the Airpods if you purchased in the last 14days (direct) else send back / reorder

  • Bought iPad air last night, luckily was 2-3 weeks wait, saw this, cancelled that , ordered this , picked up without being asked for student id. Just was asked for driver's license

  • Anyone know why different edu stores have different prices and if the different stores impact legibility?

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