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Australia Export Degreaser Spray 4x 400gm $17.95 Delivered @ OZCCTV eBay


4 x 400gm Degreaser
Powerful‚ all-purpose degreaser
Simple application; Spray on and hose off
Removes oil and other deposits off surfaces
Effectively removes any grease stains
Aluminium pressurised can
Suitable for use on car, truck and motorcycle engines
Suitable for mowers, outboard motors, concrete floors etc
Perfect for super stubborn grease
CFC free and Aluminium Pressurised
Applied to multiple surfaces
Australia Made

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    Correct me if I'm wrong here but are these the cans that go on sale for $1 often at SuperCheap?

  • Isn’t this the same stuff that SCA always puts on sale for $10 for 6 or $20 for 12?

  • Even when it's not on special at SCA, all my local budget stores have it for $3 each regular price. No deal.

  • Not a deal it’s like $2 -3 normally

  • Thats really quite expensive. Nice spam though

  • Ozadvertising. They’re $2.89 each at Supercheap.

  • Not a deal, as some have mentioned above, standard pricing on a single can is $2.89 at Supercheap Auto or 5 for $10. $5 for postage too if you wanted to factor that in.

  • Australia Export Degreaser, Powerful Grease Oil Mechanical Spray

    So are these degreasers or spray on greases?

  • Would like to neg, but I'm yet to cast my first neg vote… Might save it for something worse