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[iOS, macOS] TiMe - Time Widgets, Free Upgrade to Pro Lifetime (Was $2.99) @ Apple App Store


Go to settings to avail Pro Lifetime Plan access.

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    Download the app
    Go to Settings
    There is an option to "upgrade" to the Pro.
    On the bottom of a pop-up screen there bottom option is Lifetime with $0.00 value.

    NOTE: In my humble opinion, the title of this thread should say "free upgrade to Pro" to make it more appealing.

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      Thanks, followed your steps and everything was successful. Not sure what the apps about but.

    • Looks like it’s expired already - the Lifetime shows for me as $4.49.

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    Should be Time - TimeR Widgets.

  • Worked for me thanks

  • good one

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    Not sure what I’ll use it for but got it.
    Thanks op!

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      Time yourself to check ozbargain every 5 minutes so it suits your name.

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        Don’t need a timer I already do that normally

    • will try pomodoro and fasting see how it goes

  • Oops!!! i accidentally set timer group to repeat 50 times with few timers in it and deleted group after activating…

    I guess the app has a bug that doesnt cancel timers that are deleted. Now they keep going on and on :-(

    • Parents of kids have told me that their young children set hundreds of alarms and they need to go one by one to cancel them all. You can just say “hey Siri, cancel all alarms”. Doesn’t help you though.

      • Deleted and reinstalled app. all good 😌. I think when activated it already dispatched all future timers to system scheduler and after deleting group didnt suspend them.

  • nope showing $5.99 for me now :( I guess I missed it . Should hv had a timer widget for this deal , no pun intended

    • Just worked for me - still $0.00
      Follow steps as listed by sanmigueelbeer

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        yeah doesn't work anymore - the upgrade at the bottom has lifetime for 5.99 not 0.00

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          Mine is showing $4.49 for Lifetime Plan - One Time Purchase.

  • Now what will I do with my Google Nest minis ???

    • This and asking the weather are about the only things that wrong reliably on mine!

  • Cheers!
    You can also scroll down to "In-app purchases" when opening the App in the App Store (iOS) if you are unable to claim the upgrade within the app

  • needs ios 14. Good to see Apple finally got widgets 10 years later.

  • deal over

  • Only found this in the Mac App Store not the iOS App Store?

    • Damn should have looked more thoroughly, have it working on Mac but the iOS version now shows $4.49 AUD.

      • Never mind just did a restore purchases in iOS and it now shows I have Pro there too.

  • Seems expired, showing $4.49 lifetime cost to upgrade to pro.

  • No more premium for free

  • Needed Mac OX 11 too unfortunately.

  • Still available for iOS.

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      Looks like it's expired.

  • Seems expired for iOS

  • Installed it on my Mac 10 minutes ago, it was still available for me.

  • Can confirm it still is available for me too

  • Tried just now, free upgrade no longer available for me on iOS.

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