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Bosch Readyy'y Cordless 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner $199 (with $20 Coupon from Little Birdie) @ Appliances Online


Stick vac for under $200. Apply coupon code at Appliances Online for discount.


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    Perfect timing, and I've read good things about these Bosch stick vacs. Nice one, BrgnHnta - thanks.

    • It's a good vacuum. The whole weight is at the bottom so the user doesn't feel any pain or pressure on the wrist.

  • Having used both can unequivocally say the Bosch Athlet that you can get from Bing Lee for $299(and less if you bargain) is much better vacuum.


    However try either if you don’t like it Bosch has 30 money back guarantee running at the moment


    That said they are both excellent vacuums.

  • I've heard there is battery issues and the price to replace the batteries is alot. Can someone confirm this?

  • Replacement batteries are unavailable for these vacuums. Once the batteries are no longer able hold charge you have to throw the whole thing out. Or buy extended warranty and claim on that. These only last 2-3 years before the batteries give out. Maybe (? Can?) last 4- 5 years if used very lightly and infrequently