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PC RTX 3080 i7 10700f 16GB RAM 1TB SSD $2699 + Delivery @ Save on IT


Looks like an awesome price for the specs, I think this is on par with techfast pricing

As always with 3080, you snooze you lose, good luck

Availability as in stock at time of posting

Installed Components

Nvidia RTX3080 10GB Video Card (Due to shortage, models supplied may vary between Gigabyte/MSI/Asus)

Intel 10th Gen Core i7-10700F

Adata XPG 1TB M.2 NVME SX8200 Pro SSD

Kington Hyper-X Fury 16G Kit Memory (2x8G) DDR4-3200 C16

Asus PRIME B460-PLUS B460 skt 1200 ATX motherboard

Cougar MX331 Mesh-G TG midi tower 1xARGB Fan 4x USB

Cougar GX-S750 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply

No Windows included

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  • Very reasonable

    • +12

      8 cores is the sweet spot for gaming build rn, and I'm sure you won't get any noticeable bottleneck if gaming at 1440p or over

      • -6

        It hasn't been any sense in buying desktop Intel CPUs since 2019 when AMD started selling cheaper and more performant CPUs which is better for the user, that are also more energy-efficient which is better for the planet. Plus they didn't have all those hundreds of vulnerabilities that Intel contained for years. The only market where buying Intel still makes sense is thin and lightweight Windows laptops. Even Apple stopped manufacturing new Intel computers in 2020 - it is a very prominent sign.

        • +7

          Intel has better price to performance than amd in Australia, unless we're looking at 5900x or 5950x

          • -3

            @ln28909: It can't be true. I have 3700X that I bought for $500 in mid-2019 (btw it is still priced the same) which is 8 threads and 16 cores. The only Intel CPU that is comparable (according to CPU-Z) is Intel Core i9-9900K which costs above $600.

            AMD uses 65W vs 95W for Intel.

            • +9

              @alenpln: Rn 10700k is same price as 5600x (sub $500)

              10850k is same price as 5800x (sub $700)

              Both Intels have 2 extra cores than their amd counterparts, looking at performance chart at 1440p and 4k, all falls within margin of errors

              So intel is much better value, with regards to power consumption, I have no idea

            • +7

              @alenpln: I'm pretty sure if you're buying a 3080 the extra 30w from the intel cpu isn't going to bother you.

              (The TDP ratings on either side is kind of BS and can't really be compared anyway.)

              • -3

                @Neggy-Z: CPU is used all the time, gpu only when gaming. 30w may not look like a big deal, but if you multiply it by 24h then by 365 days you will see quite unpleasant price tag

                • +5

                  @alenpln: What are you doing that's running your cpu at 100% 24/7? I would say that's more of an edge case use.
                  Most people are more likely using their pc for 5-8hours a day and rarely at 100% usage for the entire time.

                • @alenpln: 30W * 24H * 365days=262.8 kWH for the year
                  262.8 kWH for the year * 27c/kWH = $70.956 for the year or 19.44c a day
                  Its not THAT unpleasant.

                • @alenpln: AFAIA that 30w isn't at 240v though so actual wattage at 240v isn't anything like 30w

              • +2

                @Neggy-Z: I'm pretty sure that if you're buying a 3080 you have a 12kW solar array with Tesla Power Wall battery storage

            • @alenpln: 9900k is better than a 3700x, so is a 10700

              Don't use rendering benchmarks to compare when you are gaming

          • +1

            @ln28909: The price performance on intel cpus is stupidly good you can buy the new i3 for often 100 dollars and its 4 cores 8threads which is plenty for what the majority of people will do with it also intel motherboards are usually cheaper.

            • -1

              @Chiken: Intel stopped being unreasonable expensive after AMD smashed them in 2019. Now intel is just like Apple - it's a good default option if you want to be like everybody or if you don't know what exactly you need

              • -4

                @alenpln: Wouldn’t compare to Apple, Intel chips are abysmal in efficiency and performance compared to Apple silicon.

        • you need to stop fanboying over a company

  • +1

    Can B460 mobo utilize xmp?

    • Would also like to know this

    • +1

      Yes it can.

      • B460 locks it to 2933 max on the i7 and 2666 on the i5.

    • It can, but you can't override the ram speed limitation - or more accurately the bios will automatically adjust it back.
      You're stuck with 2933 for this boy

  • +2

    This is absolutely worth. You get an assembled system with all the right components. If I needed to get a new PC, this deal would be spot on.

    I have assembled systems in the past. Unless its a hobby or you get the individual components on discount, buying something like this is a better option.

    The NVME they put in is better than average.

    Also I had previous dealing with this store, its a reliable seller

  • DDR4-3200 C16 is this good?

    • +3

      For Intel it's fine.

    • +2

      Doesn't matter as you won't be able to run 3200 on that board with that cpu anyway.
      You'll be limited to 2933.

  • Also why they to pack these crap with graphics card. I dont want them. Sell me the damn card for RRP.

    • +11

      Cause they have to buy like 3-5 motherboards per gpu, so works out better this way for them

      • Ooh.. I didn't know that.

      • is it limitation set by board manufacturers?

        i think this is better way when supply is extremely limited to control scalping (not completely but by some means)

  • Let's wait until someone would say 'Oz rrp' 'not a deal as the 3080 price scalping' and give this post a negative here lol

  • Wtf is that PSU?

  • +6

    PCPartPicker Due Diligence Parts Cost: $2557.24 assuming no Aftermarket CPU Cooler

    • $1400 for a ventus jesus christ, paid $1230 for my 3080.

      • but you most likely waited at least 2 months +

        You wont get any 3080 for under $1300 atm.

  • Hello

    Not related to post but, you guys seem to know a bit!! Lol….

    I order this build for family member with little knowledge! They just messaged me to say the graphics card is no longer available, the next one up is $1450 more! , I not gonna play that game… too high!
    This build all up $3078, I’ll go for a refund and look elsewhere, any thoughts??


    Intel Core i7 10700KF 3.8GHz Comet Lake 8 Core 16 Thread LGA1200 - No HSF/No iGPU Retail Box
    CPU Cooler
    ID-COOLING FrostFlow X 120 White LED AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
    Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X LGA1200 ATX Desktop Motherboard
    Corsair 32GB Kit (1x32GB) DDR4 Vengeance LPX C16 2666Mhz
    OS Drive
    Kingston KC600 512GB 2.5" SSD
    Storage Drive
    Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM008 3.5" 2TB 256MB HDD
    Graphics Card
    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC 3X 8GB GDDR6 -****NO LONGER AVAILABLE
    No ETA Available

    Deepcool Tesseract Black/Red Mid Tower w/Side Window
    Power Supply
    SilverStone Decathlon DA850 850W 80Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
    ID-COOLING XF-12025 120mm ARGB Cooling Fan
    ETA: 15/01/2021

    TP-LINK WN881ND 300Mbps Wireless N PCIe Adapter
    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-Bit DVD
    AOC C27G2X 27" Full HD FreeSync Curved 165Hz 1MS VA LED Gaming Monitor
    Thermaltake Knucker Elite Gaming Keyboard & Mouse
    Mouse Mat
    PLE Gaming Mousemat Large Extended v2
    Power Protection
    Sansai 6 Way Surge Board

    • if you are saying (i.e. it certainly seems that is what you mean but just to be sure) the $3000 build was with a 2060 card then yes, it would probably be better for you to purchase a system elsewhere. For that matter you are in the right place, I recommend perusing the desktop computer section on Ozbargain to see what deals are presently available or may become available in coming days from TechFast and other sellers (although TechFast tends to be the most frequent standard of good computer deals in these sections).

    • +4

      This is a crazy rip off and you should thank heavens they couldn't fulfil the order.

    • You dodged a bullet by missing out on that one!

    • Really rip off. You are lucky you can get away from it.

    • This build is all over the place you have a really good CPU/Motherboard
      But then cheap out massively on the case which forces you into using a tiny radiator.

      Id get better Ram but only 16GB unless you have a specific reason for 32GB
      You completely missed on picking up an NVME drive.
      Look around you can get windows a lot cheaper you can create a install USB stick off the microsoft site and then can activate at a later stage.

      For the price you quoted above you might be better getting a prebuilt it seems like you picked components at random

  • +1

    Just need a cheap 3070 build aaaaaaaa

  • Intel 10th Gen Core i7-10700F

    What is this in Ryzen speak? 3700X?

    • Gaming wise, probably same as 3800xt

    • Slightly better than 3700x for single-core/gaming.
      Slightly worse than 3700x for multi-core/productivity

  • Actually a very good build
    Best I've seen in a while

  • +1

    No cpu cooler and only one case fan. Rofl.

    • yeah do agree, it is lacking somewhat, but reasonable enough for an in stock item

  • Not sure if people are realising the best part about this deal. The goods are in stock !

    As with other companies the wait times and constant delays on future builds can drive people mental.

    This is worth extra in itself to know you'll get your PC within a week or so.

  • Is it possible to add another 2x8gb (total 32gb)? I seem to remember some MBs/chipsets only allows certain RAM combinations

    • Motherboard takes up to 4 x DIMM, should be fine

  • +1

    Appears to be unlimited stock with a gpu that's in global shortage.

    • +1

      I really do hope it is not a website glitch lol

      • +3

        1500 clicks already. Very possible that didn't put on a stock limit and won't find out until they reopen on Monday when they have 5k orders for the 5-10 gpus in stock.

        • +2

          Any links for cheap popcorn makers for Monday morning :) :)

          • @pharkurnell: I am thinking this now too, surely they would have an inventory linked to some database and not needing manual intervention.
            I got my nephew to grab one and now I am concerned it'll be ages before he is refunded. (If it does go pear shaped)

            I had bought from these guys before, but only digital items that were instantly delivered.

            • @Mattycee: From my experience, with 3080, you hope for the best but expect the worst, usually the refunds will be completed within 10 business days if thing goes wrong

        • Gap betwen clicks and orders might be bigger than you'd think. Can get an idea of it from eBay deals where you see the numbers for both (e.g. this deal has 1128 clicks but only 5 sales after it was posted, and can't even be sure all of those came from OzB!).

  • +1

    I wish the mobo had wifi.. oh well

    • saaame

    • Happy with no wifi, but CPU cooler, more than 1 fan, 600 cheaper - and if the deal actually existed.

    • this is all you need; you be surprised that it comes quite fast too.

  • +1

    Can there be a deal for just office type use? And a little bit of gaming.

  • It is now showing as Pre-Order on the website, so someone has done something in the back end.

  • Did a search with almost all brands noted from OP and came to around $2460 from various retailers, excluding any potential postage charges.
    $2699 is reasonable if you wish to have it pre built for you ready to install windows.

    • Nvidia RTX3080 10GB 1380 scorptec / ple computers
      i7-10700F 455 shopping express
      Adata XPG 1TB 219 umart
      Hyper-X Fury 16G 90 scorptec refurbished
      Asus PRIME B460-PLUS 159 shopping express
      750W 80+ Gold 99 ple computers
      midi tower Deepcool E-Shield Mid Tower Case 59 ple computers

      total: 2461

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