Best Brand New Car under 20k

Hi guys, can you please suggest a value for money small/medium car under 20k.


  • What have you short listed?

    • Kia Cerato and Hyundai i30 if I extend my budget a bit.

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    Under 20k and new? Wouldn't be much in the medium category….
    Probably looking at (in my preference order)

    • Suzuki Swift/Baleno/Ignis
    • Kia Picanto or demo Rio
    • Skoda Fabia
    • Mitsi Mirage
    • Or something from MG but no idea what they're like

    If you can stretch the budget to 25k you'll get a much wider choice of vehicles.

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      Thanks for the list, I was thinking of getting a 2020 Kia Cerato looks like a decent car if I stretch my budget a bit.

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    Why specifically a new car on that budget? Why not used?

    Is your other car a 3-series BMW?

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      hahahahhah no one suggest any "huge engines"

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    Shu Hus ,

    I recommend the Kia Picanto GT Line, its such a cute little car , so when you go through Maccas drive-thru loop and re-enter the carpark you can give it a bit of a rev for the street cred but its not loud enough so the nearby WRX's are threatened by its presence.

    Check it out its fully tabouli habbibi , that thing screams more sex appeal then the local sharamuta's smoking hubbly bubbly on Burwood road and leaves better skidmarks too.

    With a 0-100 time of approximately 13.7 seconds , its fast enough to get to centrelink before the first fat Jahash gets to the door but not as fast as the next payment you will get by the time you get back home , its a win-win.

    It has enough leather interior so you aren't instantly disowned by your family but not enough torque to pull the panties off any girl lucky enough to be a passenger in a pull.

    Its got Reverse camera AND Front and Rear Sensors so you can safely attempt a reverse park in Lakemba outside the chicken shop without accidentally running over Moey or Ali who are already trying to bash each other over who gets the breast.

    Including a 7 Inch touch screen with android auto and car play so you can swipe left and right on meet lebanese while you sit in traffic , and you know it's 7 inches because you need to have that as a minimum to drive this sick beast.

    With 7 year warranty off the bat , you don't even need to worry about akhw al'umi trying to fix the car anytime soon , just don't forget to hang the ayat ul kursi pendant on the mirror and your good to go.

    And if i haven't already sold you on this car yet , get into your local dealership today and tell them Ahmed sent you and ill make sure you get a 0.01% discount off the price or a free kebab from Canterbury Kebabs while stocks last , get in fast.

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      Great post. I'm sold, where can I get one!!!

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      I'm sold on this, I will get the Kia Picanto GT Line.

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      Alright, what were you smoking when you wrote this?

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      Wasn't even looking for a car. I'm sold now.

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      Shut up and get my money

    • Is that leather interior I see?

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    There are plenty. Just choose a Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki, or other Japanese that YOU like. Come back with a shortlist of 2 or 3 for opinions.

    You have not provided enough information to make an informed suggestion. A good recommendation will require what you want to use it for, what features you are after, you preference for style or economy etc.

  • VW polo on special is just slightly above 20k and I found the best out of the small value cars.

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      VW Polo is like Inkjet printers, cheap entry price, high price on maintenance and parts.

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    I'd say Yaris, but they are about 50k these days.

    • 25K for the1.5-litre, three-cylinder engine… I would go with other cars in this case

      • Buy a Corolla rather than a Yaris. No brainer.

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    Went through this process 3 years ago and bought the base Kia Cerato w AV pack which was under 20,000 at that time.

    Best purchase I've made in a long time. Dependable car with all the comfort features I need including Apple Carplay and Android Auto for navigation, voice calling etc.
    Engine not powerful, but no worse than anything else in the price range - perfectly fine for suburbia. Easy and pleasant car to drive and park w rear camera, front and rear sensors.

    Price has crept up over 20,000 now, but still the best buy for your money at this price range IMO.

    Ps. Also surprisingly roomy inside w huge boot (sedan model). Was able to carry home bookshelf fr Ikea in 2m flat packs recently because had fold down rear seats for long items.

    • I was thinking of getting a Cerato as well, I did a test drive and it is a pretty good car.

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    You could probably swing a Kia Rio for that

  • A Mahindra if you think long term. The Chinese takeover of Australia will be shorter than the life of a Mahindra and the next rulers will be habby you had planned ahead…

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      I’m not so sure the Chinese overlords would be happy with an Indian vehicle, unless you think the Mahindra will be worn out enough to warrant pleasing said overlords with purchase of a new Chinese vehicle.

      • First Mahindra I seen, actually heard, was just touching a rock. Its front suspension bent on what was a parking incident. Still India will keep on trying, this year their population will overtake the one of China. Kids are all freaks of the British system and eager to learn.
        Tata is still unable to meet the domestic demand, so Suzuki is having a ball. But the British sold Rover to them and the dabblers are not sleeping but slowly figuring out how to invent. Musk is negotiating about placing a gigafactory there.

  • I reckon get a new polo or one with little kms, they are very nicely built cars with up to date technology such as android auto and Apple CarPlay etc and auto braking when it is about to detect a collision so it’s a very safe car, and they feel very peppy around town.

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    For me safety features is a big deciding factor. If one car has 4 star rating and the other 5 star I'd choose the 5 star one.

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    I can't believe no one's mentioned the Honda jazz

    By far the best. Fuel efficient. Small. Cheap. Amazing storage and space.

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      John cadogan looks after John cadogan while trying to tell you he’s helping you.

      • fools attract fools, has been same throughout history…

      • Can I ask what the deal is behind John, in more detail? I have watched some of his videos.

      • I enquired about his car buying service last year and my request was forwarded to "Georgie" and my experience was very good.

        They got me a price that was $1700 less than what the cheapest dealer had offered (on a Sportage GT Line diesel). And I didn't have to discuss things like finance or trade-in (the dealers gave me a very hard time just getting the vehicle price without finance and trade-in). My experience with the dealer was terrible and with Georgie was great absolutely hassle free.

        It is a no obligation service and they don't push you to choose a particular vehicle or anything so I'd say it doesn't hurt talking to them (even if it benefits John Cadogan). If you get a better price then go with them otherwise just say no and move on. I will surely be going to them for my next new car.

  • My 2 cents worth as a current Kia owner.
    The car had a few issues which the dealership agreed to fix, but there are a few cosmetic issues that they point blank refuse to acknowledge (maybe I got a Friday afternoon lemon)
    The first reaction to any issue from Kia was to blame the customer.
    I've received much better customer service from both Holden and Ford and they were always polite.
    From my perspective, I think this is the last time I will ever buy or recommend a Kia.
    I think I would rather pay more and get a Toyota. Save the stress and get better and more polite customer service.

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