This was posted 10 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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YouTube Premium via Argentina - ARS $119/Month (Single: ~AUD $1.80/Month, Family: ~AUD $2.73/Month) - VPN Required to Register


Now $0.60 per month less than 6 months ago due to favourable exchange rate (with full credit to HiDave). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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  • I'm in India and not moving. I'm afraid the credit card I used long time ago will expire next month and they may block me from updating the details… :(

  • is free

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    Really weird here - NordVPN said I was in Argentina - an IP geolocation site said I was in Buenos Aires - but when I go to the Google site it offers me AED $23.99 (United Arab Emirite Dirham). My browser is also showing Arabic and right hand justified????

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      I had the same issue with NordVPN and trying to get into Argentina. I had to try a bunch of random free VPNs to actually get Argentina. I think I ended up using something called zen..something.

    • Tunnelbear worked well for me

    • Solution for me was to pick a lower number Nord server in Argentina, which then showed ARS$119.

  • Thanks for the steps OP. Just purchased on my burner account using tunnelbear.

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    Hello Manjeet here

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      Hi Manjeet. I'm Sureshkumar.

      • Hello Manjeet and Sureshkumar this is Sandeep here.

  • I used this on my Samsung phone. the 1-month free trial was extended to four months.
    Do try from the Samsung phone if you have one.

    Seems to be some collaboration between youtube and Galaxy phones.

  • Been using the Indian method [$2.30/pm] for a year now without issue. A bird in the hand…

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      …is cheaper in Argentina?

      I just cancelled my India membership and signed up to this one. Took about a minute.

      • Do the people you invited under family membership still have access?

  • can someone tell me about the payment card to use? what do you use?

  • Will this affect my Google account negatively in any way being an android user with a Google smart home setup? I'm aware of the potential for Google to suspend your account, but I'm leaning more towards whether YouTube/YT music recommendations or other factors of the Google experience will be affected because of the location change. Creating another Google account to set this up doesn't really seem like a viable option.

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      I had the same concerns about signing up for Indian YouTube [my home automation is Google centric]. It's been a year now without issue, touch wood. The video/music recommendations are geo focused in the beginning [Bollywood] but soon change to suit your viewing habits.

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    Anything like this for Disney+?
    I’m on iOS if that makes a difference

    • +1

      Not much of a discount but better than nothing if you sign up via Disney+ app and pay using itunes account - then buy itunes gift cards on discount (usually 15% or 20% if lucky).

      Purchase an annual subscription to save further.

      Otherwise sometimes the classifieds have members selling 1 slot …

      • Thank you

  • Does anyone have a spare spot in their family plan? I'd happily join and chip in

  • So it seems after reading all these comments that you cannot add accounts to the family plan unless they are setup as being in Argentina. Even though the main account doesn't have to be. Is this what everyone else is experiencing?

    Family members need to set up burner google accounts? Or change their account to Argentina?

    • Just change to Argentina, then once joined they can change back.

    • Found out how to do it for my wife:

      Find their gpay account and delete it - I tried adding an Argentina address but it didn’t seem to want to override the Aussie one.

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    It doesn't seem that I am able to add other people to my family plan. It says that "looks like you're in a different country from the family manager". Any idea how to bypass this?

    EDIT: Works if the invited account holder(s) uses incognito window and accepts the invite using the Argentina VPN as well!

    • lucky you, i tried your method on Safari and Chrome but failed - with the invited acct being changed to Argentina address

    • Tried that and still didnt work.

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    Don't cry for me YouTube Argentinaaaa

  • good deals

  • Does anyone know if you can switch an Indian YT Premium account to a family membership? Yes? How?

    • Having the same problem. It does not allow me to do that

  • I live in Sydney's west. Argentina sounds nice but gonna keep the connection to the Indian YouTube just like everyone else around here.

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    Anyone got a free spot in a family plan?

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    I signed up for this a while back and ended up having to remove my Australian address from 'Google Pay' (because I had bought stuff in the Google Play Store previously) and add the Argentinian address there. This is where I changed my address:

    • I assume it didnt remove your google play store purchases?

      • +1

        No I don't think it did. But it did change the Google Play Store on my Android TV box to Argentina, so now I need to sideload APKs on to install Australia-specific apps like Binge, Stan etc.

  • Thanks OP ….. Done at ARS119/month plus a 4 month free trial …. WOOHOO!

    • How did you score the 4 month trial? I'm getting 1 month!

      • I didn't do anything in particular. Just tried a few different VPN's. Surfshark didn't work, PureVPN worked but was at ARS179/month …. Tunnelbear came in at ARS119/month and surprise surprise I got a 4 month free trial :)

  • Do I have to create a new account for this or can I somehow do it on my existing?

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    Yous might wanna check out YouTube Vanced if you're on Android

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    I've held out using an adblocker for years and years now because I wanted the people I watched to get paid. I mean yeah, even watching full ads they probably only get a fraction of a cent per view but still, that's the business model.

    But lately youtube has been hitting me with 5-40 minute blocks of ads. Multiple times per video. The current big one I keep getting is about 25-30 minutes on how they hold the secrets to being healthy when you're old. I have to assume it's a tactic: they tell you what the video is in the opening 5 seconds before it can be skipped. They expect everyone not interested to skip because it's so long. So they don't have to pay if people don't watch the ad. So make the video as long as possible so you get your ad to the people who will fall for the scam and you won't have to pay much or it.

    So yeah. I've signed up to this. So the people I watch get a fraction of a cent per view and I don't have to put up with that. The ability for audio only is nice too.

    • last time i checked, if you have premium and you watch a video, the channel still gets paid.

      • Right. That's why I signed up.

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    What is with these clowns knocking this while promoting Vanced…. Vanced is fantastic, don't get me wrong. I have first hand experience using it and it's great. But..

    If you're "smart" (savvy) enough to use Vanced, then put two and two together and realise that it's an Android-only solution, so it doesn't apply to iOS devices, nor Smart TVs. The average person doesn't even know what version of Android they're using, let alone what the hell APKs/YouTube Vanced/Rooting/XDA Developers are.

    Not only that, but it's wrong to say "I get all the premium features for free", because you don't. You get:

    • PIP (picture-in-picture)
    • Ability to play only audio (with screen off as well)
    • Ad-free YouTube

    Which is all fantastic, but you don't get:

    • Ad-free YouTube Music
    • Ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing (imo, the other major feature of YouTube Premium other than ad-free viewing)
    • Ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing

      Is this only possible in the app or can you do it in the web browser also?

      • Should be only for the app. It's not downloading it as in downloading it as an actual video file. It's available for offline viewing within the YouTube app specifically, so it's not like you can export it or anything (if that's what you're thinking)

        • bugger

          • @lostn: But look at User0001's comment right below this comment of mine.

            There are also some websites that enable you to export videos - just google it

            • +2

              @illumination: i know there are tools and sites that can d/l it but sometimes they don't work. Youtube is in a game of leap frog with these guys, always changing the algorythm to make downloads not work.

    • Which is all fantastic, but you don't get:

      • Ad-free YouTube Music

      You do. There's a vanced music app you can get from the vanced manager. I've been using it for the past year before I moved over the iPhone 2 weeks ago :(

      • Ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing (imo, the other major feature of YouTube Premium other than ad-free viewing)

      You do.
      You can also use the FOSS app Newpipe or YMusic to download videos/music from YouTube.

      • Ohh… thanks for the update. I haven't used it for about a year or so, so it looks like things have changed.

        You can also use the FOSS app Newpipe or YMusic to download videos/music from YouTube.

        Yes aware of that but that's not Vanced :P

        You know what's funny about you letting me know about this. I have a YouTube Premium subscription, but I'm now thinking of whether to switch from YouTube Premium to Vanced. I feel like (needless to say, for Android only) Vanced might be better than YouTube Premium.

        Anyone have a YouTube channel with Vanced? Does it work differently?

  • +1

    Great deal. I already had Youtube Music, so I cancelled that subscription then signed up for YouTube premium using Tunnelbear. I didn't remove my card from my account but when I paid I did so using an Argentina billing address.

  • Already have a full priced family plan and switching over to this Argentina plan - So simple, no need to re-add family members, just VPN > pay > done!

  • wow didn't even know I'm missing out before I saw this :)

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    Dumb Question Please be nice:

    Can some one show me step by step how to subscribe Netflix from India, I have a spare Indian debit card

    Need to take me through each step with links would be much appreciated :)

    • +3

      Did you read the description or even through the comments in this post? It’s all there

  • Do I have to constantly be connected to a VPN whilst using Youtube or do I just need the VPN for the sign up?

    • +1

      Just for sign up

    • I'd like to know this as well - not sure I can be bothered if I have to connect to the VPN every time I want to watch a few videos.
      EDIT: don't worry, just saw the other reply!

  • Just recently purchase youtube premium family link with argentina but when I tried to invite my family member it says "Trouble joining family group
    Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager". Im using HOLA vpn which is free. HELP ME PLEASSEEE.

  • Can you still keep your Google Play Australian credit if you do this?
    Do I know get 2 profiles, one Aus and one Argentina on my account?

  • I've just tried via PureVPN but I get the normal sign up options which shows a free trial then GBP11.99 per month or family for GBP17.99 p/m. When I check it definitely thinks I'm in Argentina so I guess YT have cottoned on to the PureVPN virtual IP address… maybe I'll sign up for tunnelbear and see if it works because the ads on YT drive me crazy.

    So tried on a different PC where I never log in with my google account and got to a different screen showing "1-month free trial • Then NT$179.00/month" which apparently in New Taiwan dollars! Comes out to AU$8.29 p/m which is not much cheaper than normal. But how it got NT$ given I'm conencted to Argentina is maybe another sign PureVPn ain't what it used to be because the geolocation is what is making it think I'm in Taiwan.

    • Use Tunnelbear (free) and follow OP's steps.

      Worked for me and couldn't have been easier.

  • Works perfectly with NordVPN + Commbank + Random Address generator. Thank you!!

  • how about the family member?
    do they have to use VPN as well?

    • you only need VPN to create Argentina account
      VPN is not required for family members

  • Can someone please tell me the name of free VPN client for android that connects to Argentina. I have been trying with Tunnelbear the whole day but it didn't work.

    • What issues are you having with tunnelbear? I literally just signed up using it.

  • +1

    this is great for the creators as google pays them alot more when a youtube premium subscriber watches rather then a free user

  • Thanks TA, excellent worked for me as per your good instructions.
    Used ExpressVPN and ING Orange

  • +1

    For the people having issues with surfshark, try using the Paraguay server. I have just signed up for ARS $119/Month.

  • sorry if this has been asked before, I'm on the indian (single plan) signup long time ago. Can I just cancel that and signup to this deal? Any instructions on how to setup family account for people not living in the same household? I seem to recall there was things you need to do otherwise it wont work…

  • Part of me wants this and part of me likes to know what Google 'thinks' I'll buy…

  • Worked well, cheers!

    If you're having dramas with Google not listing Argentinian Pesos as currency whilst using Nord in Argentina, try manually selecting a 'lower number' server from the Nord server listing. This fixed the issue for me.

  • +1

    Finally got around to doing this. Set up an Argentinian Family account and have successfully added existing Google accounts to it. So far, so good. For those wondering, i actually didnt have to forcibily change the Google Play Store Country, it seemed to pickup that i was in Australia once i turned off the VPN and hence had no issues adding existing Australian accounts.

    • no matter what I tried I could not invite any family members to the family account i created. When they went to click on the invite email it told them that they were outside the region of the family account

  • Thanks TA, just followed your steps and got a new gmail account and setup AR family account in 15mins.

    • Today I also added two family members into my account, both accounts needed to change country to be eligible.

  • I was able to nagivate to the page ok but as soon as I sign in with my existing account it is reverted back to AU price. I try a burner account but the setup require SMS verification so I'm using AU number it end up taking me to the AU pricing too. Any suggestions?

    • I have figured it out…problem with Surfshark, use free Tunnerbear instead.

  • +1

    Is this offer still available? And can we do on debit cards as well?

  • +1

    Worked for me using free tunnelbear and the address generator. I also had a AUD sub which I cancelled right before doing this no problems

    • i was gonna cancel but being already on a family plan, I paused my sub, started the VPN and then activated it again through Argentina. Worked a treat and it was less hassle for everybody

  • Thanks OP. Got it. It also give me first 4 months for Free as I am Samsung Galaxy user.

  • Thanks, very simple to sign up! Used Tunnelbear VPN for free bandwidth, you have to give an Argentinian address but otherwise you're good to go! My recommendations were not impacted one bit, even when I accessed YouTube via Argentinian VPN the videos recommended to me were exactly as I expected.

  • I am thinking about getting this. Has anyone tried getting it with a NAB debit card? Was there any international fees and how much did it turn out to be in the end after the conversion?
    I have a NAB debit card and want to know.
    Also want to get a single subscription. Would my account run into any problems or get banned?
    Also would hola browser VPN work good for the setup of the subscription?

  • I wonder is the similar trick can be used for Google storage. Gmail is getting to the limit

  • hey is there any way i can still use my existing Google Play Balance to pay for YTP through this?

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