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Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump $46.99 Delivered @ eBay Mi.global.au.store


Have been researching these, seems to review well.

$46.99 delivered for a reasonable delivery timeframe (i.e. by the end of January 2021) is a decent deal.

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    Thank you "Il Divin Codino"

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    nice! been looking for 4 days and was gonna pull trigger at $56

  • They are super handy, I have one for my M365 scooter.

  • This will be super helpful. It's a pain to check air to my motorcycle at the pumps.

  • Nice, pulled the trigger.

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    Can you use this to inflate flat car tyre?

    • You can but it will be a few minutes for each tyre

    • Youtube tells me 11 minutes for standard tire from flat…….. that is a long f time lol. But it still got it to 30psi which could take you to a servo easily.

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    don't get this for presta valves and you'll be alright.

    • why not? is it because you need to screw it into the valve?

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        it unwinds the presta valve cores, and the entire core comes out when you try to remove the pump. I've tried my darnest to be careful and its happened time and time again.

        • Wow, I was going to buy this for exactly that purpose!

          Found a review that hints at this:

          I found myself having to be extremely careful to ensure the valve was threaded on straight. Similarly, and as covered in the mega mini pump shootout, such threaded pump valves do have a tendency to undo removable Presta valve cores without welcome. By contrast, the Fumpa is designed specifically with Presta valves in mind and simply pushes on with a friction fit.

          That said, if you have bikes with both Schrader and Presta valves, then you’ll like the Mi’s multi-purpose design. And this design does mean you can easily thread on a high-quality Presta pump head to the Mi, such as a Silca Hiro, although such an addition will make it noticeably more cumbersome in portability.

          Source - https://cyclingtips.com/2020/03/xiaomi-mijia-vs-fumpa-electr...

          Looks like I've got some reading to do

    • saw in a review it may unwind presta cores but i guess can just carry a core tool and make sure it's tight after every pumping session ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

      after using up co2 cartridges and not wanting to spend any more time on the side of the road mastur…err 'pumping' vigorously. i'll carry this at 439g until the minifumpa comes down in price (if ever).

    • No presta fitting? Was about to hit this up but that is a deal breaker.

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        it has a presta adapter but that's not the issue. (see other replies)

    • Can you elaborate? I bought this last night for my bike and it’s Presta valves.

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        it unwinds the presta valve cores, and the entire core comes out when you try to remove the pump. I've tried my darnest to be careful and its happened time and time again on multiple bikes/tyres i might add.

        • Unless you have a another reason for running with removable valve cores (running tubeless, or running valve extenders for deep section rims) could you not just get some presta tubes with non-removable valve cores to solve your issue?

          • @Gonltruck: Beats me, these are just run of the mill standard continental inner tubes. Its not like I intentionally picked out removable valve cores for my inner tubes haha.

            • @lawyerz: Ok sweet, in that case next time you buy tubes look out for some specifically with non-removable cores. Plus side for your application is they are generally slightly cheaper too!

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              @lawyerz: I'm assuming that using a schrader adaptor would fix the problem?

            • @lawyerz: Lol - I have 4 Conti tubes on my desk that just arrived from BikeBug today - they are all removable cores.

              When I was reading the online review on them a lot of people called out that they are not compatible with some handpumps because the screw on system pulls the core out when removing.

              Some people in that thread suggested a dab of super glue on the core to keep it in place. I haven't tried that as I don't have any screw on pumps - but I have no reason for my cores to be removable, I just buy the Conti Race 28's out of habbit. And 'cos they are cheap.

        • I’ve used this on presta valves 29” tubeless wheels without any issues so far

    • Received mine today and it works fine with French/presta valves. Twist the adapter onto the valve, then twist the pump onto the adapter. Reverse to remove. Works great

      • great to hear, your particular inner tube must not have a removable core then. else when you twist to remove, you tend to remove the entire core of the valve too.

        keep this in mind when buying future inner tubes!

        • My tubes do have a removable inner core. It must just be the design of your particular tubes, and the thread getting caught on the adapter

          • @antik: mmm must be! maybe its a continental thing. shrug

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    I’ve got one. Use it for bike and car tyres. Haven’t tried inflating car tyre from zero (not a common usage I wouldn’t think). Top ups fine. Like it.

  • 97% sold now according to their eBay site

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    Can also be had for $42.83 according to this post if you're not in a rush - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596687

    I jumped on this deal as I wanted it in a more timely manner.

    Also this guy has it slightly dearer for $51 delivered if this deal runs out - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/203138530410

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    Thanks OP got 3 for my friends too.
    Knew this was a good product!

  • Sorry for the noob question, but this product appears popular here - can anybody help me understand why I would buy the Xiaomi pump over this Ozito inflator? Assuming I already am in the Ozito environment.

    • This is a pump that can inflate tires at high pressure. That Ozito is basically a portable fan, it just blows air around at it's current pressure.

      • Aldi has something comparable to the Ozito claims 120PSI and good for Car/Bike Tyres - should be sufficient ?


        $40 for skin only

        • Was considering this over the xiaomi

          Would it be much better

          • +1

            @SevenSmurfs: Would be, also a lot more expensive tho. The Xiaomi is more about portability if say you're a cyclist or scooter rider and want something on your carry etc

        • Still need to buy a battery for the ozito and ryobi. Fine if you're already in those world's and have batteries.

          I have the Xiaomi and I like that its small (internal battery) and can be left in the car. No problem with topping up 4-5 psi in a tyre (takes a minute or two, but no big deal as it stops once it hits the target pressure), and whilst I've heard people using them from 0 psi I wouldnt rely on this for doing it all the time. Fittings on the xiaomi are good for screw on, but wouldnt trust it with my presta bike tyres and higher pressures. Couple of little annoyances with useability (doesnt save pressures or psi/bar preference) but I can deal with that for ~$50, and I just use the default setting most of the time anyway (and check/set pressure before using).

    • You can charge the car tyres and what not by pre setting the pressure.

  • good deal bought at $56 last time around

  • +1

    back in stock, but at $69.99. Missed!

    • Check again, showing $46.99 here

  • Just managed to place an order for one at $46.99

  • Does anyone know of an alternative pump like this one which can be used plugged in when the battery runs out?

    • Just keep a USB car charger and spare micro USB cable in your glovebox. Worst case scenario you need to spend a bit more time on the side of the road before using the pump.

  • back in stock at $46.99

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

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    Would love to see this use AA/AAA. Would hate to replace this due to lithium life expectancy

    • +1

      They do make this one with 3x AA batteries but it looks like its only good for pumping up smaller items like balls, bike tyres etc - Since its only using AA's it lacks the punch of a LiPo battery so probably why suited to smaller applications..


      Its about $45 or so, might be able to find cheaper elsewhere.

    • Seriously?? Your AA/AAA batteries would be flat before you even have the time to read the tire pressure!

  • didn't make it ;(

  • Back in stock..Got one

    Got it just before they increased the price again.

  • +1

    price increased again didn't manage to get it.

    any recommendation for other similar ones that's used mainly for car tyres? ebay recommended the Baseus one but not sure if it's good:

  • this stuff is magic

    very happy owning it

  • so just to clarify, this can inflate a car tyre properly ? all pictures show only bicycles ….

    • It will slowly, took about 15-20mins per tyre on this video (towards the end)


      • how long from 15psi to 30psi, can a single charge do four tyres from 15 to 30?

        • Think the brochure said 5 on a single charge?

    • Yes, if you search on Youtube you can see they reviewed on cars as well.

  • Fark! Bought for 56 just a few weeks ago…

  • Got one. Love it

  • Pissed I missed this. I fail at ozbargain.

  • Mine just arrived. Love it! I had a new soccer ball which was just sitting in the cupboard, finally pumped some air into it!

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