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2kg Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans - Medium + Strong Packs $33.91 ($16.95/kg) + $8 Delivery @ Sicilia Coffee


Happy New Year to all OZ bargain Members. Thank you for your ongoing support and positive feedback regarding our products, specially during these strange times.

In 2021 we continue to offer Freshly Roasted Premium coffee blends with affordable pricing. As a small family business we rely heavily on word of mouth, so tell your friends! If you like what we do then please leave a review on the product page.

To show the Oz bargain community our appreciation, we offer two of our 100% Arabica blends combined in a 2kg pack. Simply use our discount code: OZBARGAIN2021 in the checkout process to receive your extra 15% discount.

This pack includes 1 each of the following blends in 2 x 1kg sealed bags:

1 x Crema Forte

1 x Espresso Di Lusso

ESPRESSO DI LUSSO: A 100% Arabica blend which combines a bold Central American flavour with the sweetness of the Brazil bean.
A juicy drop with raspberry and peach fruit acidity, moving to a long sweet caramel finish, which makes for a flavoursome cup with wild and exotic notes.
Flavour Rating: Strong 1
Roast Rating: Medium

A full-bodied, 100% Arabica blend originating from South America. Expect a subtle blackcurrant acidity, balanced with a slight chocolate flavour, and topped with a toffee and hazelnut finish. You’ll love this darker roast with its great crema, pleasing aroma and strength, with no bitter after-taste.
Flavour Rating: Strong 3
Roast Rating: Medium-Dark

Flavour Rating Scale:
Mild 4 (Mildest)
Mild 3
Mild 2
Mild 1
Strong 2
Strong 4 (Strongest)

Roast Rating Scale:

*We roast all our blends on demand in small batches to guarantee freshness, please allow 1-2 business for orders to be dispatched.

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    • +6

      Because cheap Woolies beans give you a consistently stale, bitter cup of sadness

      • -2

        Just because you pay more does not indicAte better quality
        Ask the buying wholesale price of beans , it's usually 10% of retail price. This bean in 100kg x 5 bags would have been around $4-$5 per kg. Buying directly in Africa would be $2 or so per kg

      • -2

        Been drinking it for 5 years

    • +6

      You know that arabica is just the subspecies of the plant, right? Not all arabica beans are the same, and not all beans are roasted the same.

  • Has anyone tried both this and airjo products? Any comparisons welcome! Getting low on beans

    • I believe it depends from person to person. I tried both and Manna as well.
      For me I like all of them, delicious. Is it me too picky that I can't go back to supermarket brands ( tried few from Aldi, Woolworths).
      I always stock up whenever any of them on sale.

  • Cool I just ran out. I'll give you guys a go

  • Perfect timing, thanks :)

  • Hey, Paisano. Fa coffee!

  • It's basically RRP when you include shipping. Thanks OP but I'll stick to Amazon.

  • Has anyone tried the 1kg Naked Syrups Spiced Chai Latte Powder @ $22.90?

    Only using natural flavours & colours is enticing.

  • Great Coffee!Love their Crema Forte.

  • I have been a loyal customer of my last 10 coffee bean orders as I like the Sicilia coffee beans. I hope the deal will be live for some time as on a rare occasion I just bought 1 kg of Pablo & Rusty given the 50% discount deal that was on.

  • Ordered, thank you.

  • Any deals on your decaf range of beans?

  • Is there an option to do pickup on the site? edit: oh never mind found it - have to go through to the checkout page

  • Just got my bags, how do I determine the roast date? It looks like it has an expiry date of march 2022.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your order. All orders/beans are roasted on the 12th (afternoon) and 13th (morning) of January.

      Have a great day and enjoy your coffee!

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