Replacement Remote for Vodafone TV Box

Any suggestions where I can source a replacement remote for Vodafone TV box ?

My dog just had fun with my remote :(


  • Mate I've just copped a universal remote from Reject Shop for $10 and have synced up both my TV & soundbar (different brands).

    Can't comment on durability as I got only 2 days ago, but can't complain with that price tag.

    Also whilst looking for the above link, came across Kmart one for $12

    Just make sure you call ahead and they're in stock at Reject shop - took me 4 stores to finally land one.

    Also keep in mind not all remotes will be compatible.

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    The remote came with Vodafone TV is just a generic Android TV remote I think. Just search for Bluetooth Android TV remote on Amazon / eBay and there are many. Meanwhile you can connect a mouse/keyboard to the USB port to get some functionality out.

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    I've read that the IR portion can be replicated by a Harmony Remote if you tell the Harmony that you have a Telstra T Clear.

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    If you have a Harmony, the item to use is "Technicolor" as the manufacturer and "UIW4030VHA" as the model.

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  • I have an android app called:
    'remote android tv' by innovation lab. I think its better than the google varient linked above.

  • Resolved - I accidentally discovered that the remote of foxtel TV box works on Vodafone TV box as well, I checked the back of the box - both are made by technicolour!

    • Thinking along the same lines, I tried to pair my Amazon Fire remote to my Vodafone TV on the weekend… no cigar :(

      Had success with a generic bluetooth game controller, but couldn't even see the Fire Remote to attempt pairing.

      • My bad - I was referring to the Foxtel android tv box, not the fire stick..

        • Yeah I understood.
          But Scotty's post made me check my (otherwise unused) Fire Stick Remote.

    • Can you please confirm the foxtel model number

  • Hey Jo1 did you end up getting a remote and if so which one? By doggie just ate the top half of my remote, funnily enough it still works but everything inside is exposed

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      Yes I am using the one that came with the foxtel TV box and they are identical remotes.

  • Just resurrecting this as I have a question for the VTV remote. Does anyone know if the VTV remote is indeed a bluetooth remote? I ask because it does not seem to be picking up the signal if I don't point the remote to the box. If I use the soft remote on my phone, I could control it as long as it is within distance of the box (so obviously it is connected via bluetooth), but not with the VTV remote. How could I make it such that it would actually be using bluetooth?

    • I remembered that the remote works in 2 modes — infrared & bluetooth. For BT you'll need to pair the remote.

      • I think I did… which I don't get because it says it is paired. I'll try it again this evening and see how it goes.

  • My understanding is that IR for turning on and off the box and Bluetooth for everything else.

    • Thanks, does not seem to be though, the damn remote needs to be pointed to the box for it to respond properly. Any ideas?

    • Not sure if that is the case.

      My unit is sitting behind the TV, and I can point the remote any direction and can still turn the unit on. I believe it is using BT.

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