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Sennheiser Momentum Free Earbuds $69.95 + Free Shipping (Was $329.95) @ Sennheiser Australia


Picked these up just now from Sennheiser store in Sydney. In-store price is $99.95 but they matched their online price.

For those wanting latest BT and longer battery life these aren't for you (has BT 4.2 and small 6 hour battery).

It's a great price for the signature Sennheiser sound and 24 month warranty though.

A couple of other deals knocking about..

Looks like this one is in-store only.

IE 80 S BT
RRP: $799.95 In-store price: $299.95

MOMENTUM True Wireless 2
RRP: $499.95 online: $399.95

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    Pretty reasonable deal if you had a matching pair of ears.

    • exactly

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    Addicted to Audio was selling IE 80 S BT for $199 a few weeks ago

    I have the True Wireless 1, Momentum Free and IE 80 S BT

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    I had older wired momentum model and didn't like them, sound was to clear, didn't have any bass at all. I don't like new aged earphones as most of them are overblown with bass and sound muddy but these were too clear for me, tried all kind of settings and nothing helped.

    • The in-ear Momentums? I had the wired ones and they were definitely bassy. V-shaped sound profile. Perhaps they didn't seal for you or were faulty?

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    Momentum Free Earbuds $69.95

    So these don't have mass or they can't be moved ?

    • It has mass but its velocity is zero, ie stationary.

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    RRP: $799.95? inflated price?

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    Wow, all the pro reviews I have seen are 4.5 or 5 stars but the text is littered with negatives and mostly mentions what they don't do well, which is a lot.

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      keep in mind that those reviews were probably reflective of the expectations that would come with a $300 pair of headphones - at $70 you will struggle to find anything better than these.

      • Would like to know how they compare to Beats Flex

        • I've never owned any beats products, so can't be of assistance unfortunately.

        • If you are iOS person, without doubt go with Beats Flex.

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    Thanks OP- snagged one

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    The reviews seem pretty negative

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    Same price as Amazon

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    $69.95 is a wierd way to say free

    • +10

      I got negged for saying that

      • +2

        It's because you didn't misspell weird.

        • +1

          Maybe they were trying to say wired

  • Hmm do i need these. Does anyone find these are good when exercising

    • +3

      I wondered the same so was looking through Amazon reviews. Unfortunately many of them seem to say the buds fall out all the time, not just exercising so probably not good for gym use

    • +5

      These are not suitable for exercise

    • +2

      I had the wired version. I wouldn't use it for exercise. Good sound but they did fall out with a certain amount of movement.

    • I have the CX Sport, seem to be constantly adjusting them during ride/run. I've tried both size buds around my fit. TW style Redmi Airdots and QCY really fit tight and well, but prefer the neck-band when I remove an ear around traffic.

  • Truly fantastic deal. I don't need them, but will buy as a ready made present when I need one. Stock them up :-)

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    Also available at Amazon AU for same price with free delivery.

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    Thanks OP great at the price !

  • Thanks. For $70, just ordered to give it a go.

  • They were on this price for many months now at sennheiser online store and sennheiser ebay store. People used to IEMs will find the fit of these really irritating. But they have stellar sound.

  • +10

    Thanks, just bought a back-up set. I paid double that 18 months ago. Use them all the time for everything from office meetings/calls, motorbike riding, international flights, etc, they have not missed a beat and meet all my needs.

    - Noise is very effectively blocked by the rubber, so you don't even need to listen at full volume (even riding a motorcycle in city traffic).
    - The sound quality is very good (not tinny or bass/buzzy), as with all sennheisers.
    - I've had no issues with the bluetooth, if anything it's too good at connecting to devices (2 computers and phone can get confusing what your source is).
    - I can wear them for 12 hours no problem and have forgotten I was wearing them (very light/comfortable)
    - All sennheiser headphones come with a 2 year warranty, if they stop working just claim against that.
    - Hard to drop because they have magnets so you can wear them around your neck when not in use.
    - Can be worn asymmetrically to avoid the cord touching your face/neck.

    - The battery life could be a little better, they don't quite get through a full work day/commute of constant use. At least 6-7 hours, but after 8-9 and they would start to power off. I just charged them when I went to lunch.
    - You can't charge them and use them at the same time
    - The battery and volume controls could be a little smaller and more discreet, but I guess that would reduce their battery life further.

    At that price they are a true oz bargain.

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    All my cheap and nasty Amazon wireless earbuds have all broken so a very timely sale, particularly now I'm on a 2021 health kick!

  • How can we get Harvey Norman to price match and then use Latitude Pay to save $20 off? :)

    • +1

      live chat to harvey & he mentioned can't be done because it is significantly under the RRP

    • Don't look like the same, unbranded mentioned

      • Yeah probably safer to stay away.

  • I got these last year for $99. I have to admit I am very happy with them, they sound great, are comfortable, well built, and so far no connection issues. The battery life is shorter than other options, and the battery block on the cable does skew it them to the left side. But overall they are a nice set of buds.

  • -2

    For a moment i thought it was Free! (Sennheiser Momentum Free Earbuds) then saw the price :-(

  • I'm going to resist this one (with some difficulty).

  • How is this deal even on the same level (of votes) as Bunnings truck?!

  • Bought these back prior to black friday sales. Can vouch for build quality and looks/feel premium.
    As some have stated, the battery is abit shorter than what most competitor provide nowadays. I only realised that after I impulse bought haha. But these were aimed for commute so will be more than plenty. Can just recharge in office, just like you would with your phone so no biggie in my experience.
    But to be fair I think this came out in 2017/2018. They hold up very well still IMO. Sounds wise i am please with. Very well balanced low mids and highs, but thats just subjective.

    Note: the magnetics that clip the outside earbuds are pretty weak. Most likely gonna break apart if you wear em on you neck, but holds nicely within the provided faux(?) leather case.

  • I'm sure someone else has already mentioned this somewhere, but just in case, they were ~150 last christmas. Still about half price but yeah, hasn't been that price for a long while..

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      They were at this price for the last few months at sennheiser store

      • Any reason why? Seems to be a pretty solid discount yet it's still available?

        • +1

          they're really not that great, unless you have magic ears. the reviews are pretty bad all round.

          • @LawLaff: Weird. Most of the reviews I've seen are just the lack of battery life and subpart sound quality. Most if not all of them typically call the sound stellar, and these are reviews from a while ago. Then again the sound may not be as good as other devices now, but I'm skeptical that anything around this price range beats it soundwise
            Think the general consensus was that these were being carried by their sound however the price was a big turnoff for most people, especially given the competition at the time.
            Seems like a steal to me, so weird.

            • +1

              @MrBigPee: by magic ears i mean ones that can keep them in without them constantly falling out.

        • Any reason why? Seems to be a pretty solid discount yet it's still available?

          There is a newer version released. They are offloading the old stock. Similar to the momentum true wireless version one.

  • +1

    Are there any alternatives with a longer battery life

    • +2

      I would have thought that 6 hours was fairly decent considering the size.

      • These ones don't have the battery case like the TWS types, hence battery size is more important.

    • +1
      • +1

        thanks. I can see there are couple of options from SoundPeats with varying cost and battery time/features:

        IPX6 - $32 ~ after discount and 13 Hours Playtime

        Ipx8 - $43.99 and 14 Hours Playtime

        Neckband Wireless Earbuds - $43.19 with 22 Hours Playtime

        SoundPEATS Wireless Headphones - $39.99 does not seem to have any model number associated and reviews suggest ~12-14+ hours of playtime.

        All of them seem to have Bluetooth 5.0 version

      • +1

        Thanks! I was already considering the soundpeats and this has solidified my decision. 😁

  • Any good excuse for buying another toy?

  • Thanks op! Got a pair.

  • Damn, i think i just missed out

    • +4

      @NeverMissaBargain - still available at Amazon AU


      • Thanks. Grabbed one through Amazon.

      • Tyvm

      • $90 there, were they always that or gone back up?

        • They were previously the same price as this deal (69.95), so yes, gone up.

          • @smifter: Tks. I got busy this morning when at $69.95 so missed the boat. Ah well, next time.

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    Wow expired already, I just picked up at Sydney CBD shop at 1245pm, they matched online price, thanks OP.

  • They arrived today, wish I'd bought more than one pair, they are seriously great !

    • +1

      Really pleased you like them!

  • Mine arrived yesterday. They sound ok, but the inside of the box, and the headphones themselves, have that strong musty smell you get with cables and electronics that have been sitting in a box way too long. I'm wondering how old these things actually are, and what implications that has on battery life?

    The magnets on the back of the earpieces, that hold them together around your neck, are laughably weak, so much so that they're basically pointless.

    I think these will be ok for light cardio activities or general use, but don't seem any better than my much cheaper QCY headset. I don't know how these could ever have been considered worth 300 bucks???

    • Batteries should be fine as they would be shipped in an inactive state which only kicks off when first charged.

    • +1

      Well share the pics so & why not return them?
      ALSO………..wasn't this direct from Sennheisser so how can they be fake?

      • Yeah… this deal was direct from Sennheiser, not anyone else.

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    Looks like back in stock?

  • +1

    I got mine and the sound isn't exactly impressive. It's mediocre compared to my sound magik

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    I bought one of these from amazon after seeing this deal and would not recommend them

    biggest problem is that they don't stay in your ears at all when moving! i have tried several different earbuds and none have made it much better, even just walking is enough for them to slowly make their way out of your ears and they will never stay in properly which significantly reduces the seal and results in worse noise isolation and much worse audio quality (soundpeats are much better if you need to move around)

    included earbuds suck, i replaced them with my soundpeats ones as they are actually better quality and result in a better fit

    although the sound is good compared to my cheaper wireless soundpeats earphones, it is somehow worse than my chifi wired earphones that cost <$20

    if you are buying these to use while completely stationary at a desk they'll get the job done, but otherwise look elsewhere

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