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Prescription Sunglasses (UV Tint + Scratch Resistant) $39 + Shipping @ Specsavers


Was looking for prescription sunglasses.
Got the free eye check at a Specsavers physical store (Medicare card required).
Got them to print the Prescription out for me.
Tried on the $39 frames at the store, and noted the code for the one I liked (sticker on the fake glass).

Measured my PD with this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6W47wWpFuU

Went online (use the link from the deal), chose the same frame, added the prescription details, chose Sunglasses in the Lens option - Gray/Brown colour choice, UV tint, Scratch Resistant etc - available for $0 now. The store wanted to charge me $30 extra for these.

Shipping was $4.95 to Melbourne - so a total of $43.95 for powered sunnies shipped !! Enjoy !

PS :
1. Took approx 15 days for it to get dispatched though (with an email reminder), and delivery took an extra day from Port Melbourne. Store said it could take a month for an order placed through them.
2. No medical insurance required at any stage in this deal.

Pics of the ones I got:

The model is: https://www.specsavers.com.au/glasses/aiden?sku=30690103

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    You, sir, are a credit to the Ozbargain community. A good bargain with well-explained instructions on how the test of us can do the same. Well played, sir!

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      my first deal post too :D thanks..

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        and an excellent one

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          A first post to be sure, but an excellent one.

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        Username checks out.

      • can you choose to pick up? i will be moving soon.

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      I can't read the post nor any responses. I got my mum to write this

    • This is the nicest comment I've ever read on ozbargain.

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    PD is a part of your prescription.
    Pretty sure they manually remove it from your print out before giving it to you.
    You can ask them to include it.

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      The optometrist said that PD measurement is done as part of your purchase when choosing the frames in store.. and if purchasing online, to do it yourself following the online instructions.. I was in a hurry too, they might have done it for me if I had asked though..

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        I think this is an excuse for them not to provide the PD. The PD is part of your prescription and I don't think it changes according to which frames you purchase.

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          Yeah, when I ask for my prescription, the printout did not include the PD. it was after I left the store that I realised they did not include it. The reason I knew this is because I researched how to get cheap prescription before I went to Specsavers. I quickly returned to the store and they wrote down the PD. I'm not sure why it's not printed out with everything else about my prescription.

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            @Misogi Kumagawa: Because they know that without the PD it’s harder to go elsewhere to get your glasses.

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          Exactly. They dont give the PD so you need to buy from their store.

        • +3

          correct. PD is simply pupil distance. It's pretty easy to measure yourself, I've done it several times in years gone by when ordering from zenni (back when they used to be cheap and fast):
          1/ hold a rule (ruler) horizontally against the mirror, lined up with your pupils/the image of your pupils.
          2/ close your right eye
          3/ move the rule to the right until the zero is in the middle of your left pupil
          4/ close your left eye, open the right
          5/ take the reading from there the rule lines up with the middle of your right pupil
          6/ swap eyes to check the left is still lined up at zero
          7/ repeat 1-6 until you have a consistent reading

          • @effgee: What happened to Zenni; do you have new alternative?

            • @capslock janitor: https://www.zennioptical.com/ still exists, just prices aren't as keen and shipping is slower (or was last time I ordered).

              I've got no equivalent alternative, since I've got older and need multifocals, it's hard enough for local places to get them right, figure I'd be wasting my time. Plus I've got a little fussier about frames and my personal appearance in general

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      I had the same thing said where I had my prescription done. I asked them if they provided lenses for VR headsets (nowhere in Australia does), they don't, so I got them to calculate my IPD for that purpose (not the Optometrist, but the retail assistant). Said I'd come back in with my wife to choose frames as I have no fashion sense and she's the only person I need to look good for.

    • My prescription from Specsaver included PD

      • +1

        Not mine

    • +8

      They do not manually remove your PDs. PDs are only required when ordering glasses, so they're only taken during dispense. When the PDs are written on the prescription, it's usually PDs taken from the auto-refract machine, that the optom has then entered before the start of your test. They aren't entirely accurate and require further measurement before a glasses dispense.

      • -1

        I had ordered prescription sunglasses from Specsavers.

        Prescription details were sent after a couple of emails but of course the PD is not there!

        I had to fight to get all the medical assessment.

        I’ll never buy from them again.

      • I requested PD to order on Specsavers website and the SS Optom printed it out for us..

    • this is incorrect. false information. PD is not part of your prescription. I went there got my eye exam and asked for my PD. They said you have to purchase glasses from them to get your PD. Bad for me, but good for them in making a sales. They know once you get your PD, you will go online and buy way cheaper glasses then you would buy from specsavers. so they lose money. to stay in business, they don't give you your PD. You can also measure your own PD or have someone do it for you. its really easy.

      • How do I do this myself please . Dosent look that easy to me. Could you please let me know how to do it please

      • +1

        I would happily measure anyone's PDs in store for them to use elsewhere and most reasonable stores or employees would too.

        The thought that stores withhold PDs in hopes of making sales and creating a detterent is incorrect.

        There are unfortunately just some problematic people that won't, these are also the same people that cause a fuss when you ask for a copy of your prescription. I feel for people that have optoms/stores that make patients feel uncomfortable or flat out refuse them their information.

        I'm sorry you've had a difficult time.

    • +4

      Made an account to clarify some misinformation about PD. PD is not routinely required as a part of a prescription.

      The guidelines for Australia, from the Optometry Board of Australia can be found here: Guidelines on the prescription of optical appliances

      To quote the relevant section:

      A spectacle prescription must include lens powers and prism (e.g. sphere, cylinder, axis and addition as necessary).
      Where necessary spectacle prescriptions should specify:

      • the intended use of the appliance
      • lens form
      • lens material(s)
      • lens treatment(s) (tints, coating, hardening), and
      • parameters and requirements such as impact resistance.

      Parameters related to spectacle lens centration are dependent on the spectacle frame selected, hence inter-pupillary distance and bifocal segment height or measures for multifocal lens placement are not required to be included in the prescription. Optometrists may not routinely include the PD in a prescription for spectacles. However, the PD should be provided to the patient if it was measured.

    • The Specsavers website has an interactive widget that can use your PC/phone camera to measure your PD (by comparison to a credit card-sized card you hold up to your forehead - I used a Myki travel card).

      https://www.specsavers.com.au/glasses/buyers-guide/what-is-p... (select "Measure your PD")

  • Unsure if stupid question, does UV tint mean that it is a dark colour? Is it possible to choose the tint colour?

    • -2

      nope.. it means it filters UV light…

    • +1

      i'd forgotten to add it - added it now.. Gray or Brown colour choice..

    • I got gray, it's neither too dark nor too light.. it feels just right .. i don't have to squint to see in today's Melbourne sunlight, and it isn't difficult to see indoors either..

      • Didn't get an option to add UV tint after selecting colour

  • +3

    Thanks OP, got one. Usually purchase mine from Zenni. Ill give Specsavers a try

    • An update on my purchase, still prefer Zenni unless you are in a hurry to get one.
      I personally think that the glass is of a lesser quality then zenni. That is my 5 cents

  • +2

    Clearly have 40% off lenses and frames with your first order FIRST40

    • Clearly are great.

    • +4

      Clearly are 100% better than spec savers or any of the opsm owned hot garbage shops. They’re massively cheaper in every way and have a great range. I switched to them earlier this year after getting sick of $600 glasses bills. New complete set with the thinnest glass, blue light coatings etc was $117 delivered to my door.

      Spec savers and the like with their “complete frames for $xx” are liars. It is never that price. They also fought not to give me my PD until I called their corporate head office and had them speak to the local store directly. Problem solved.

      I will never ever buy from spec savers again. They can bite my ass

      • +1

        can you claim this from private insurance when buying online?

        • +1

          Yes, Clearly provide the appropriate documentation to make a claim. Highly recommend as well.

    • I remember around 2008/9 with clearly you there were specials for excellent frames and prescription lenses for around $20.

  • +9

    If you know your prescription and PD details then I would highly recommend Zenni optical for anyone wanting cheap glasses

    • Apparently you can go to the Specsavers physical store for warranties etc, not sure what's possible with the other online only stores..

      • You're right, but Zenni has glasses for literally $6.95 USD. Shipping is $9.95 USD I'm pretty sure… for that price warranty shouldn't be too much concern

    • +1

      How are the Zenni frames in terms of quality?

      • I've been wearing one of their budget range ($6.95) for 2 years and it hasn't broken yet. The fold mechanism has become a bit loose but that's probably my fault more than anything else. I have since bought more pairs of glasses from them because they are so cheap and they have all been great. Try their Blokz lenses as well, they helped reduce my eye strain from sitting at a computer all day for work…

      • +1

        Most frames prices in the market are based on the material, not brand, but for the lenses, good brands makes a huge difference and cost much more.

      • I've had the same pair of Zenni glasses for well over 2 years now and it's just as good as new and I abuse them pretty badly. Really happy with them, can't get a similar style anywhere else for even vaguely the same ballpark (the last pair of glasses I had before Zenni cost me $200 and was a VERY similar design, just with a brand name).

  • +1

    I take it these are single vision glasses? Can't see an option for multi-focals?

    • Yes, single vision is what I got

    • +12

      Can't see an option for multi-focals?

      Maybe you need glasses…

    • +1

      Once you go multi focal, astigmatism etc Spec Savers go way way up in price.

  • +1

    I clicked the link and choose sunglasses but price is from 2 pairs 199

    • +4

      Choose ordinary frames that cost $39 and add the tinted lens.. don't choose sunglasses..

      • +1

        Thanks mate

  • +38

    I got a $9.75 discount (off a $39 pair) by stating that I was a BUPA member. However, there was no need to enter my membership number.

    • Did you purchase in store or online? Where do you tell them that you are a BUPA member?

      • +1

        There's a little yes-no box at checkout. Select Yes, and select a fund (For some reason Suncorp Health isn't thete), but as max noted, they don't ask for details. It just applies a discount.

    • +3

      I got the same discount for Medibank Everyday Essentials. Came down to $34.20 for the glasses including delivery to Brissy.

  • +1

    "$43.95 for powered sunnies"?
    What does this mean. TIA.

    • +1

      $43.95 for sunnies with prescription

  • Getting these for $21 shipped from AliExpress. Aviator style with transition lenses and tr90 frames. Have $8 and $3 myopia glasses as well. not 100% dialed into my prescription, but then again read there can be 20% variance between a chain store and an eye specialist (that doesn't sell glasses) anyhow.

  • Very nice description, steps and timelines.

  • +2

    Perfect time to ask for help. I'm looking for glasses that have good initiatives value/ethics. So far I can't find any in Australia. I found one in the US, brand called Warby Parker and fell in love with it because each glasses you buy, they give to one in need in poor countries. They are good looking glasses with good mission. Unfortunately, I can't find any here. Would appreciate your help if you know any!

    • Specsavers run a scheme where you can donate your old glasses and they are given to needy people.

    • +3

      each glasses you buy, they give to one in need in poor countries.

      So they say

      • +9


        • Thanks for posting that. Didn't realise that had happened. Will be boycotting them.

          • @pg88: might still get a free eyetest there if close but wont be buying any

            also they used to have a Free Try-on at Home service, discontinued :( haven't found one as good since

        • Wow I knew there was something sussed about it! So much advertising!

      • If you don't believe, you can check out the company if you'd like. They are really doing good things. Just unfortunate that it's not in Australia. Their glasses are amazing. https://www.warbyparker.com/buy-a-pair-give-a-pair

    • +4

      Not sure you are going to find what you want from the OzBargain community. Better off going to the cheapest vendor and donating what you think is appropriate directly to a cause you want, as having the contribution distilled through a corporate body isn't going to get the maximum benefit to where you want it.

      • Well, it's the act of when you're putting on your glasses you know you're wearing it for a good cause rather than high end brands. In saying that, I would go for high end brands if they have a good cause.

        • +1

          I'll be honest mate, I think that thinking is a bit skewed. The margin you are generating for a company for more expensive glasses covers the small, tax effective contribution they make to charity, and the majority are working through large NFPs and NGOs that don't use the money effectively anyway. But if it makes you feel better then it's worthwhile I guess.

        • if you donate yourself you can tax deuct it. in my case it means I can give 40% more "for free".

    • +1

      Dresden.vision don't have the charity aspect but are focused on environmental aspect. They have like one frame type and are good quality no frills plastic framed glasses and sunnies that are made from recycled plastic and are Australian made and reasonably inexpensive. They are very light and plasticly but they have a 10 year warranty on the frame (could be lifetime so don't quote me on this). They have lots of colour variations though and I have a couple and I think they are very good for the price and for their enviromental credentials.
      Good luck with your search though.

    • I'm pretty sure Clearly.com.au do this. Looks like they're Canadian owned and I can't really speak as to how good the glasses are (this is only my second ever pair) but it might be worth a look. Their sales are always on in one form or another so don't get rushed into buying any.

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