Best Prescription Polarised Glasses

Hi all,

Wondering if anybody has suggestions for where to find decent quality prescription polarised glasses from? I prefer a physical store so I can try them on but also happy with any other suggestions!

I've been looking online and finding it difficult to get decent information or reviews, thanks in advance!


  • Should’ve gone to Specsavers.

    • Not polarised :( Only UV tint

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        Are you sure? Literally says so.

        Polarising lenses

        These high tech lenses give superior vision in bright light, eliminate 99.9% of horizontal glare and provide full UV protection. Polarising is favoured by anglers, yachtsmen and professional drivers.

        Superior vision in bright light
        Eliminate 99.9% of horizontal glare
        Provide full UV protection

      • I’ve gotten polarised sunnies from
        Specsavers in the past.

        • Model? Link?

          • @TheEmperor: Link above. They can put polarising in any sunnies. I forget what brand mine were as I don’t use that pair. I hate the polarising as it makes phone screens awful to read.

            Go into a store and ask for assistance. They’re extremely helpful.

            • @jjjaar: so one Polarized and one Not, is the go?

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                @capslock janitor: Well you could do that if you got two pairs of sunnies, yes. Then you could choose whether you like it or not.

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      UV Tint, not polarised :(

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    I use I know you like to try them on, but you can upload a photo and try them on virtually.

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    Maui Jim prescription sunnies instore.

    Expensive but worth it.

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    I have Oakley genuine prescription sunglasses. Love them. OPSM.

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    Very cheap compared Australian manufactures and retailers.

    Hundreds of dollars cheaper if buying multi focal with titanium frames and all the bells and whistles like premium coatings Maximum thinness in lenses etc.
    Quality is just as good without the inflated $$$$
    Maybe will help force local manufacturers and their suppliers to reduce prices (and stop ripping Aussie’s off) if enough people buy from overseas discounters like zenni

    • Which glasses are made in Australia?

      • Which glasses are made in Australia?

        Good question. As their are no labelling laws, as for example with food, difficult (impossible?) question to answer.

        Couldn’t give good answer. As I’m sure some frames and/or lenses are probably imported then partially assembled here.

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    OPSM for polarised ray bands - cost me about $100 per pair after health fund rebate ($300) per year

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    Don't buy raybans - you're not only paying a premium for the name, they also engrave an advertisement for the brand name on the lenses.

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