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Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip, 5M $200 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Have watched this for the last week or so looking to purchase for my new outdoor area soon to be built, was over $300 when I first researched.

Looks to be a very good price, close to lowest?


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Looks to be a very good price

    $200 for a 5m strip? Only a good price if you ave never seen anything except Hue. Is this a joke?

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      Wifi and bluetooth enabled RGB 5metre strip waterproof, 15AUD on Alibaba

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      Depends, others I saw for $70 yes, but had issues with adhesion and performance, happy to pay a bit more for the Philips.

      My intent is it for to be outdoor and waterproof.

      • The adhesion on my Hue lightstrip was poor, it fell off the back of my TV in about 10 days so i had to wrangle a 75" TV down again and replace all the tape. Add to that the Hue bridge only being capable of handling 50 lights i'd rather save those slots for roof lights and downlights.

        Dont get me wrong, i love my Hue lights but their light strip is overpriced and very average.

        • The Hue outdoor strip has no adhesion, it is attached with little clips that are screwed on. I will say the outdoor strips are pretty heavy, so if you just want to use the clips that come with it alone, it's best to attach them to a wall rather than the ceiling. You'd need some adhesive to attach to the ceiling.
          There are 2 small black power brick things on the power cord, one near the plug and one close to the light strip, that need to be attached too.
          The Hue power low voltage extension cord is required if you need more than about 3m from the power outlet (Hue 5m cords are available locally, I think the Elluminate Extension Cable (2m and 5m) from Bunnings would work too)

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    $200 for something that you can buy much cheaper….
    I love Hue, but you could get a WS2812 and do some fancy fun animations

    • Waterproof?

      • You can get WS2812B waterproof yeah.
        Can also get a waterproof controller or project box depending what route you go

        • Does it have the same Lumens as the hue? Couldn't find a lot looking?

          This has 1650 lumens.

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            @Maveot: Lumens will depend on the density of LEDs on the ws2812b strip that you buy.

            Each Led can dish out approximately 6.8 Lumens. You can get them in 30/60/144 per metre.

            Doing a rough calculation based on your value, it's likely to be somewhat 48~ LEDs per metre.

            I haven't bought hue before but if they're anything like xiaomi yeelight strip, I can tell you that you can get better value with a sp501e controller and ws2812 waterproof strips.

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            @Maveot: To get an equivalent (or superior due to the different lighting modes)

            SP501E Controller
            WS2812B in IP65 or IP67
            DC 5V power supply

            Obviously with a solution like this to save you money, you need to have a little more "know how", or be willing to experiment. While the strip would be waterproof if you get the right one, you'll need to work out where to put the power supply and controller and ensure that water does not ingress.

            You'll also need to work out how much amp you need. Among the things i have tried and tested, i find this solution to be the best. WS2812B are individually addressable so you can have your rainbow shifting effects.

            Video here to show you what it can do.

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    For a very standard outdoor LED strip, you could get for much cheaper, like $15-20 cheap. Just not worth it at this price

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    $200 is the usual price is drops down to every few months.

    I have a couple of these installed under my top rail on my deck, they look great and don't have to worry about water ingress.

    Yes they are pricey but if your already into the Hue cult and don't want to look into setting up your own custom rig, they are great.

    I had a look into making a custom setup and once you factor in a diffuser, transformer, weather proofing, adapters, programming and your time, the price is more palatable.

    • This I think is the key. Sure, you can get a cheapo aliexpress strip (and I indeed have done this myself), but once you add in all the other bits, including fartarsing time, it adds up. The Hue is plug and play. (but still expensive)

  • Just so people are aware; I've purchased two of these now when they were $200 on previous Amazon deals. The product doesn't have enough juice to push power to the very furthest LED's at the very end of the strip, creating about an inch of dead zone. Not sure if its all of them but both of mine had the same problem.

    Keep in mind that the length is fixed and not expandable like their indoor strips. The power brick is also rather large and hefty (and matte black, which being at odds with the rest of its colour scheme sticks out like a sore thumb). Otherwise, the construction is actually quite durable and can't imagine it having any issues sitting out in the elements.

    But really did expect more from something with an advertised RRP of $340. It's unfortunate, considering the next best thing in the Hue line if your looking for diffused lighting specifically is Phillips' Gradient strip with it's particularly egregious price tag of $440+. Frustrating because Hue really does have the best integration (Home Assistant, Homekit, Google Home/Alexa, Razer, Logitech etc.)

  • Does Bunnings price beat policy apply to Amazon?

    Thought I may have seen these at my local the other day.

    The wording of Bunnings policy refers to same day delivery or collection. Assuming they've put that in there to avoid matching Amazon.

    • Yes they do

    • They do but they find every possible way to turn you down

    • They are already $200 at Bunnings and have been for a while.

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    This is like paying 200k for a Holden Barina because someone put a Ferrari badge on it

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    Bunnings have had it for $200. I purchased it and then returned it and got this.


    Even the box design is similar. The only thing is I think the IP rating might be just that little bit lower?

    • Can this work without an internet connection?
      It says it needs wifi/3G/4G but dont know if it's just for the initial setup or to function.

      • It also comes with an infrared controller which the Hue ford not. So it can work with internet.

  • Click “ Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.” underneath your post for the Amazon price history

  • LOL WTF!

  • Zigbee RGB-CCT controller $30, 5m LED strip $20… so $150 for Hue branding.

    • Lytworx for $70

      • No.

        • Better value than building one.

          • @YellowKnight: There's no building it's pluging in 6 wires.
            Lytworx is wifi and you can't control it with your Hue or compatible app.

            • @raybies: You can control it with Google Home. Who the heck is taking out their phone each time to turn a light on or off.

              • @YellowKnight: I can see you're still new to home automation and lighting. When you get some experience and a lot lights you'll want them all running off 1 or more zigbee hubs.

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