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Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 People Hiking Tent US$64.99 (~A$84.23) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Low price for this lightweight and waterproof hiking tent. Looking at the pics it seems it the inside and outside can be separated so it could be used as a decent beach tent.

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  • Reviews say 2.1kg in total.

    • So it is that's pretty crap. But still not overly heavy.

      • +1

        See my notes below. It's 1.7kg when you pack the bare essentials, not the 1.4kg they claim. 2.1kg is all accesories and spares. They make a 15D version too which gets the minimal setup down 1.3 something kgs.

        • Ahhh that makes a lot of sense. Good to hear they're quality tents.

          • +1

            @Clear: Yeah I was really surprised by how good it is. Had ours out a bit over the years and the thin 20D silicone coated has never missed a beat. When I think back to the 1990s and my super light $700 3kg 2 man tent, well I wish I had this.

            • @ShipShapeRC: Thanks for the review. Was thinking of something for one of my kids and this pushed me over the line.

  • +4

    This is a great price! It's a great tent! I already have 2 of them. I love them. Although I have the lighter 20D version. I'm tempted to get more at this price. The photos are of the upgraded model too which is what you want. It has the upside down Y shape on the feet end. Makes it a lot more stable in side winds.

    They have the weight wrong in the chart. The 20D is the lighter one. The ripstop is the 1.7kg not 1.4kg. With packaging and spares etc it would weigh more like 2kg. That's why it cheaper than I'm used to. I usually only look at the 20D because it is a good bit cheaper.

    • How is it for space?

      Ive read that people recommend 3p tent for 2 people, 4p for 3 people and so on.

      Will it fit 2 people comfortably?

      • +2

        The internal dimensions are listed. I use the 2 man with my kids or my wife. I have 2 tents for when hiking with my mate. Too close for that. Besides who wants to hear movie quotes like "Those aren't pillows!" all night.

        I have about 10 tents in all, so I tend to take the one that is the perfect choice for the mix. This is my go-to tent though due to the weight and quality. I'm 6 foot 3 by the way. I would not want to be much taller.

        • -1

          At least he ain't quotin' Brokeback Mountain. "You Didn't Go Up There To Fish."

  • +2

    Oh and it will self stand without pegs, so if they bring back iso lock down again, you can set it up in your lounge, play wilderness sounds on youtube and pretend you are in the wilderness. It's actually handy if you camp in a hut or old shed, I set the inner up and the mesh / zipper keeps bugs and spiders and rats off while I sleep.

    • Hi, sorry for the silly question but it's not a pop up one is it? How long would it take putting it together? Thanks

      • +2

        Not a pop-up, but much more packable and lightweight as a result. The set-up is easy and takes five minutes max.

      • Not a silly question. The alum frame has shock cord running through it. Assembly is very quick and simiple. It's also versatile, such as you can just use the floor mat and fly if you are at the beach, or just the inner if you are in a hut.

  • For a lot of people, especially those with a heavy tent who want to lighten their load, this is gonna be a great tent. I have three lightweight tents and I'm still seriously tempted to buy this - haven't seen a Naturehike Cloud 2 for this price in about three years.3F UL trekking pole tents are probably a better place to start, or go for a Dan Durston X-Mid. But this tent for this price - wow.

    • Just be aware it's the ripstop nylon, not the lighter 20D or the newer even lighter 15D. I get the impression that you are like me and it's all about the weight.

      • +1

        Absolutely, which is part of the reason why I resisted buying this tent at this price (also, I have too many tents). Still an incredible value option for unfortunate souls still lugging around a 2kg+ tent!

  • Tempted to buy this! But does this actually fit 2 people comfortably with a few things inside? or will be shoulder to shoulder and the tent wall?

    • +2

      The Cloud Up 2 is pretty tight for two people and your gear would definitely need to go in the vestibule. If you want room for two people comfortably and gear, I reckon you'll be happier in a three person tent or even a Naturehike Mongar 2p ($200ish) or an X-Mid 2p ($300usd).

    • +1

      I'm 6'3" and I fit. Great by myself, or with a kid. Tight with another adult, so okay for wife, not for mates. Depends on your priority. If it's weight, then get cosy as in the grey versions (20D) the Mongar is 400 grams more. I have an ALPS brand tent not available in Australia, that is very similar to the mongar. The 2 vestubiles are brilliant - but it weighs more.

  • These are really good tents. I know many people who use them. As a matter of fact, for that price I just ordered one for myself :)

  • What about this 15D NatureHike one? Has a group guy price of USD79 plus $10 shipping

    Edit, wrong link, can't find it again

    Edit 2, I think link was okay but maybe group buy expired… Doh

    • +1

      I got mine from Aliexpress previously if you are looking at other models and options. I have the 20D version and it holds up really well.

  • i almost want another at that price

  • Jan.14,2021 - Jan.15,2021

    That's efficient shipping. They estimate that it might even ship yesterday.

    • +3

      They have been watching spaceballs I guess, learning from the instant cassettes.

  • was reading a review of the tent where the user was saying its not good in WET conditions as the water could soak through between the floor and the ground sheet. Can anyone confirm? Was looking at using the tent in Vic which is susceptible to rain.

    • Used mine in Vic High Country. The base is totally waterproof. No idea how they got water in the tent. They did something stupid I would say but it's such a simple tent I cant see how - unless they did not use the inner at all??

  • Like others have said, this is great tent and comes with a tarp. The pegs are decent quality as well.
    I was in the market for one during December for a hike in the great alpine region with the missus.
    Decided to go the cloud up 3 instead of the up 2 for that extra space.
    The cloud Up 3 can fit 2 people very comfortably , we even had space to put both our backpacks inside.
    I don't think you could do this with the cloud up 2, but at this price its really good value especially if your going to use it solo.

    • so the tarp is to protect the floor or is it because the floor is not water proof

      • its just extra protection, its not necessary to have.

      • Not that a great tent then.

      • -1

        finally found the information i wanted.. the tent floor is moisture proof. Given i have camped in some pretty bad storms before, this tent isnt for me. Suprised why they would advertise the upper tent as being water proof, but the the floor isnt. Probably better off getting a portable pool from clark rubber and turning it upside down with the water still in it.

        Definately a deal breaker for me

        • +2

          It's totally waterproof - I have 2 so I know. There is an extra ground mat that I don't usually carry unless I think the camp site is rocky. And that's just to make it last longer. With the mat, you have the option of just setting up the mat and the fly. The inner tent has a wonderfully waterproof floor and I have had mine in some stunning storms in the high country with 100+km/h winds. It was dry inside. I doubt your needs exceed this.

  • Trying hard to wrap my head around why they wouldn't include the poles in the total weight and insists it's "only 1.4 kg" without them.

  • +7

    For those looking to buy this, I work in the outdoors and this is my tent vs the $600-800 Hubba Hubba or Mont Moondance due to being able to buy multiple of these more than 3 times vs one of them.

    The 2P is good for one person. Get a 3P for 2 adults as the vestibule doesn’t have much space for gear and it’ll need to come in with you. 2P is a cosy fit with not much space for anything else. My partner is 180cm and I’m 160cm, leaves a little room for a tight fit with gear.

    The zipper isn’t great quality but I haven’t had any big issues, just gets caught when rounding corners when opening and isn’t as “smooth” as other tents.

    It comes with a floor footprint to help protect and give more longevity for your tent bottom. Footprint bottoms are meant to be smaller then the base of your tent to stop water pooling during downpours.

    I’ve used this tent through storms and have stayed dry.

    The outter fly can clip to the footprint or tent inner which allows you to set up the fly first with the footprint during rain so your inner doesn’t get wet when setting up or putting down.

    Poles are one piece so you don’t lose poles.

    For this price, it’s as good as you’re gonna get around this price range ($600+ would be different).

    Hope that helps answer any questions :)

    • can I use it on the beach?

      • You can, the pegs are triangluar. But you might want to get bigger plastic pegs if it's soft sand.

  • -1

    can anyone recommend a tent that can fit 2A2C? Childrens are 4 and 7. We use it mostly at the beach.

    • +2

      Anaconda, Coleman etc have plenty of big 3 room tents. Great for the whole family. Something like https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/tents/family-t...

    • +2

      Or are you meaning a lightweight hiking tent? When I'm at the beach I usually Glamp. If I was hiking, I would take 2 of these and put 1A+1C in each tent. Not many ultra light 5 persopn tents. If you want 2A in one and 2C in the other may get 1 of these and a mongar.

  • Does this coupon apply to the 3 people one also? Please could someone share link to the 3 peeps one, thanks

  • Got my tent today.
    the tag says: cloud-up ultralight 2 person tent (upgraded).

    It came with some clould-up mat, should that be carried and put the mat down before the tent?

    • I only carry the mat if I think the campsite is rocky or sharp ground cover. Basically I don't carry it and my tent is holding up fine. It's the thin 20D version. The cloud-up mat means it's the shape for the cloud-up. If you use the mat your tent floor should last longer. I want to save weight so I dont bother. And the (upgraded) bit means the frame better at handling cross winds.

  • Mine arrived today (22/1). Looks good, pitched very easily.

  • Finally arrived in Perth. Very easy to erect. Great value.

    Weight 2.13kg is the same as the 4.7lb in the fine print.
    To get down to 1.7kg, you'd need to leave the floor mat, pegs and carry-bag behind. Better hope it does not rain, as the sides will flap about without ropes and pegs, and no vestibule for your gear. I guess you don't need the mat if camping on dry lawn, but the ground where I go would soon shred the thin tent floor.

    Thanks Clear!

    • The ground mat is only for extra protection to make your tent last longer against rocks, or if you want to use one of the odd configurations like fly and mat only. When I know the campsite is clean, I leave the mat at home. Never leaked a drop. Pegs weigh stuff all so don't sweat a couple of grams. You are going to love it on the trail.

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