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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit $160 (Was $199) @ Bunnings


Price drop again on the single battery version of this mower.
Unsure if this is just NSW or all states.
Most stores seem to have stock.

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  • damn just bought this 2 weeks ago

  • I don't think it's worth it considering for $200 I can get the aldi one with line trimmer

    • Gotta get one first…

    • this one is brushless .. what about Aldi one/?

    • Personally I'm waiting for a drop on the larger model. But this would suit those with smaller lawns or need a lightweight machine they can easily pick up and move from spot to spot. Possibly even a dedicated second mower for isolated or hard to get to areas.

      • if you are willing to pay $349, stretch and get the 2x18V (36V) metal deck brushless at bunnings, it's brilliant, no issues with long grass, will allow me to get rid of old petrol mower, the bunnings brushless 36v electric did 200m2 of long grass and didn't flatten batteries.

        It's a model they bring in during spring (promo), so not stocked all year round.

  • I wouldn't recommend this one. struggles if grass is a bit too long. go with the corded one for $150 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-1500w-360mm-lawn-mower_p33...

    • Corded?? Argh.. no deal

      • i was the same. but trust me, as per the comment below, its such a breeze doing the lawn now however big of an area.

    • Look, the battery one did the job fine for my Buffalo provided I was out there mowing every couple of weeks. If the grass is too long you may need to go over it once on the highest setting, then again on the medium if you wanted it lower. Even then, on the middle setting it struggled in certain denser patches seemingly due to a lack of torque, ripping out the grass instead of cutting it.

      I ran out of battery one day and borrowed my neighbour's corded Ozito mower that looked to be 5 or 6 years old. Let me tell you, the difference in power was very noticeable. All those patches where the battery one struggled, this one just powered through. That's why I opted for the Bosch corded one on sale from Amazon after having this battery one for a couple of years.

      It really depends on your circumstances though. If you have a small amount of "thinner" grass and you mow fairly regularly then this will be fine for your needs. Even more useful if that grass is a long stretch from the nearest power point. That said, the corded offerings are much more powerful and generally cheaper.

      • My dad had the opposite experience, he bought the entry level Bosch mower for around $140 on sale as he didn't want to mock around with battery. Then he saw my 36v Brushless Steeldeck (not the one in this deal) and he was surprised how much more power my one had. A few weeks later and I saw he has bought the Steeldeck and is selling the Bosch…

    • I have corded Ozito and will not recommend it (mine could be 1200w though, I don't remember).. It struggles a lot on my softleaf buffalo grass, If I don't mow every 2 weeks then it cuts out after every minute or in few seconds and makes it unusable (then I have use my edge trimmer to shorten the grass height, it also struggles a lot).. Also, mower blade has no sharpness left at all (purchased only 1 yr back).. wet or moist grass does not get pushed into catcher.. I'm now on lookout for good mower suitable for my buffalo.. Any suggestions?

      • Hmm.. I did notice the battery ozito didn't have the best blade. I replaced it once and within a couple of months it was chipped and blunt again (grass had torn ends). I just noticed the corded one was better than this single battery one. It does sound a lot like petrol mowers are going to be the optimal solution to buffalo, but geez they're a pita…

        The dude above suggested the 36V steel deck but even on sale they're like $350-$400

        • Thanks.. Just checked mine and it is actually 1500w, still cuts out on my buffalo every time when grass is tall.. i don't think I'll go corded again, very inconvenient with the cord

      • The cheaper 36v Ryobi model at a bare minimum ($500)

  • It's perfect for those with a small lawn. It's lightweight and powerful enough.
    Cons are only 3 height adjustments, small catcher and cutting width. It also looks like a toy because it's so small.
    Bought a 2nd hand one a year ago for the father-in-law's small front and back yards, no problems with it.

    • Agree, also the catcher spills some grass when you take it off. But I'm happy with the mower, love how light it is, would buy again.

    • might work for me. i was thinking of getting a cheap push one since i only have a 2m x 6m patch

  • I have used for over a year, lightweight and easy to use

  • If anyone in SA is interested in buying a cheap, second-hand one of these PM me :)

  • Was fine for my nature strip, not good on a 100sqm yard. Its much narrower than traditional mowers. Had to use 2x 4ah batteries to get through the backyard and empty the catcher 2-3 times.

    Upgraded to the 36v steel deck and get done in half the time on 1 charge and only need to empty catcher once

  • Any deals on the 2x18V?

  • Do you think you can test it out and if you don't like it return it?

    • +3 votes

      Bunnings might take it back, but it will probably go into landfill, and that would be a d**k move.

      On sell it via Marketplaces if it does not suit your application.

    • You can probably return it for store credit without hassle. Check bunnings return policy. I think they've got something about battery returns.

  • Good mower for small areas, won't cope well with long grass so need to be mowing fortnightly at the most during summer, but that's better for the lawn too.

    Keep an eye on the sharpness of the blade, makes a huge difference in cut quality, cutting capacity, runtime etc.

    • Any tips how to keep the blades nice and sharp?

      • Easier to buy replacement parts for Ozito products through Bunnings special order desk. About $25 for the mower blade.

        • The blade isn't sharp at all from the factory, easier/sharper/cheaper putting an edge back on your existing blade with a file than replacing it. Takes 5 mins, check out youtube for a tutorial.

          After use give the blade a quick wipe and spray with some wd40, oil or whatever you have on hand to stop it rusting.

  • Anyone tried it with the 5.2ah battery. Have the mower and it does the job.

  • Picked up one a near new one from gumtree recently for a good price. Honestly when I saw it the thought it looked like a toy and didnt it expect much. I was pleasantly surprised though , only have a small lawn but it had no dramas. I would say best feature is it’s weight , it’s light as, so a breeze to whip out of the shed.

  • I have an older Ozito mower which uses 2x 4Ah batteries (it cost 399 at the time). It's been pretty good but I'm considering the Brushless options.

    Is it worth the upgrade or will I see minimal improvement.

    EDIT: The model I currently have is a PXCLMK-418 (I think Ozito removed older models from the website).

    • No your mower will be more powerful than this model, yours runs at 36 volts and this model only runs at 18v. Being brushless will do more for runtime than anything else, but would not consider it an upgrade over a 36v mower

  • Is this still available? The link doesn't seem to work any more.

  • 3 kits available in aisle at Oxley QLD

  • im a bit late to this deal. is this better than aldi mower currently on sale?