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Coles flybuys Collect 10,000 Total flybuys Points with $30 x 3 Weeks Spend


Got this offer on 2 of my accounts both the same,

One of the best % back deals ive seen in a while

Week 1: Spend $30, get 2000 Points worth $10
Week 2: Spend $30, get 3000 Points worth $15
Week 3: Spend $30, get 5000 Points worth $25

Total: Spend $90 get 10,000 Points worth $50

55% Return

No doubt spend amount per week is different per person

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  • +5

    Got 6k pts to spend $110 for 3weeks, lol. Pass

    • Same, I kept getting above $100 spent each week lately

      • +1

        Same here fcking pass

        • +1

          Same, well, worse. I got spend $170 each week to earn up to 6000 points. Um, no

    • +1

      I got the same but $80 each week but totally agree "pass!"

      • Me too got the same offer. Will consider if i get Coles flybuys Collect 10,000 Total flybuys Points with $30 x 3 Weeks Spend. :)

  • +4

    6k points for $80 or $90 spend each week :S

    • Same

    • Same here

  • +3

    Woo hoo! Got the same as OP and can stack with 1200pt for $30 spend.

    • how much did you usually spend at Coles in 1 month?

      • +5

        I only ever stick to the minimum spend to earn bonus points and only go over $1-$2. Any surplus would go onto the second card. It may seemed tedious at times but it's how I've been able to avoid Coles increasing my spend to earn bonus points.

        • thanks for sharing
          I also did almost similar thing but this time my offer is to spend $80 each week for 3 weeks to get 6000 points. Recently my offer was to spend $50 in 4 days and get 2000 points - and I spent $51. Oh well, who knows how the AI program works at Flybuys system.

    • Got it as well, but how do you stack with 1200pt for $30 spend? Activate it first?

      • +3

        Activate both and just spend $30 by tomorrow to complete first bonus and trigger 1st week spend.

        • Righto.

          • @DisabledUser27274: I got those 2. Spend 3x$30 and get back $56. Awesome. Thanks OP. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise as I opt out of emails as I don't expect this kind of offer too often.

            BTW You don't need to spend $30 twice - today/tomorrow AND today to 24th (week one) after activating both offers as nightelves said.

            It certainly pays to (usually) shop at WW :D

            • @DisabledUser17524: Yes, the email says spend $30 from today to 24th for week 1

  • +1

    Mine was for a $50/week spend for 1,000 + 2,000 + 3000 points. Only a 20% return

    • Same here

  • +2

    6k for $160 x3.
    woolworths here come!

    • same but 150$ meh

  • I tried to stack mine last week with two offers only got one lot of points. Has anyone encountered this before?

    • You need to check if the start and end date overlap each other with these offers

      • Yes it does plus activated both. Often first offer comes in early in the week then another later int he week say for a Thursday to Sunday shop.

  • Collect up to 6,000 bonus points
    Spend $160 in one shop at Coles, each week for 3 weeks!


  • +1

    6k for $100 x 3, not bad

    • +1

      6k flybuys points, not A$6k!

  • Last deal 10k was much better $50 x 4. This time 6k for $90 x 3. Meh…

  • $120x3 for 6k , PASS

  • You guys are lucky.

    Spend $200 in one shop at Coles, each week for 3 weeks! up to 6000pts
    Week 1: 1,000 bonus points
    Week 2: 2,000 bonus points
    Week 3: 3,000 bonus points

    • +1

      Wow high roller!

      • +1

        Somehow I was in the top 3% of point earners in 2020

        • How did you find that out?

          • +1

            @Valjew: Got an email. With the year review.

            Showed suburb state and country.

        • +1

          That's weak sauce I was top 1 percent in all of Australia 🤣 To be fair I got like 75,000 points by signing up and using a Citibank CC enough!

    • I've got you beat. Mine is $250 per week.
      I spend less than $100 per week, but my friend (with kids) has my spare card so all of these bonus deals are way out of my budget.

      • +1

        I'm the biggest loser - $320/wk…for a family of two.

  • 2000 points for $110. One shop only. PASS

    • 500 points for $110.One shop only :(

  • Spend 3 X $30 get $30 pts 33.33% best % I've seen .

    • Got that one too. I have had very generous Coles flybuys offers recently

    • -1

      Spend 3 X $30 get $30 pts 33.33% best % I've seen .

      That's only 25% off.

      • +2

        You are not wrong.
        $30/$120 = 25%

        People forget that the extra $30 is paid via points and then total is discounted by $30.

        • My bad and I make a living from mathematics .
          And still my best offer from Coles :)

    • Also got the same deal- spend $30 for 3 weeks and get 6k points. Finally something worthwhile!

    • Same!

  • 120 for 3 weeks, i will pass

    i haven't scanned my flybuy for weeks, coles still think that i will spend like i did pre-lockdown.

  • +1

    That's insane, I would love to get this.

  • Ripped off again. I have never had an offer like that from Flybuys.

    This time I got 6000pts for 3 x $100 at 1000 for week 1, 2000 for week 2 and 3000 for week 3. Will give it a miss.

    And to top it off, Coles specials have been garbage lately with very few 1/2 price items.

    Also the prices have gone up quite sharply on more than a few items. One example off the top of my head is SPC baked beans/spag from $1.15 to $1.40.

  • I'm so lucky i just got this. Thanks OP & Coles.

    You just saved $50 for the month off Groceries for me.

    Feel so darn lucky to get this offer!

  • +1

    $320x3 for 6k here. Lol - guess that's what I get for going nuts buying gift cards over the past couple of months.

    • Gift cards don't count towards spend though. Weird.

      • +1

        I know, it is weird. You earn flybuys on gift card purchases, but they do not contribute to the spend requirements with these offers, BUT they definitely impact your overall Coles spend that these offers are based on.

        That's why I have a few cards though. One needs $290 per week, another (gift card free) just $30.

  • Do u guys receive these offers via email or on the app?

    • App.

    • They are sent via email, but you can see and activate on the app or the website.

      Senders was “ [email protected]
      Recieved on one [email protected] 1.30pm and other account @ 3.30pm

  • Is buying Optis sim cards eligible for the spend required?

    • transaction excludes purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, charity items/donations, tobacco and tobacco related products and online delivery fees

      You might be ok

  • $60 x 3 for 6k points

    Woolies was $95 x 4 for 8k points

  • +1

    Getting a second card really makes sense now :)

    • How to get second card? I thought only one per household

      • You are. But they don't seem to police it.

      • +1

        What if it's a share house. I have a few and have had deliveries and taken advantage of first online purchase on all of them. The difficult part is you now need a mobile number for each account to be able to log in and eventually to redeem. If you create another one make sure to record the birth date you use as you need it for id if you need to call them.

        • Thanks mate. So same name and same address is OK as long as there's a unique phone number and DOB?

          • @dajackal: Different name, some have the same surname, same address, unique phone number and DOB.

            • +1

              @Yola: Loose lips sink ships…

              • @Mad Max: Yes true. Sometimes I am too helpful even through he called me a mate.

  • 60x3for me. Just ignore it

  • 6k points with $30x3

  • Didn't receive this. Are you a high roller or you seldom shop at Coles?

    • I seldom shop at Coles

  • Thanks op. Got the same offer. Can stack with Citibank $30 off on $150..good…

  • $130 each week for 3 weeks for me. Nah..

  • How do you keep track of multiple accounts?

    • Dual App app

    • I keep a spreadsheet.

      • How many do you have lol

  • Mine is 6,000 points for $270 spend each week for the next 3 weeks. Lol

  • 🙄😫 Spend $90 each week to get 6000 points 💩

  • is coles prepaid card in scope for this? i looked at t&c and it only mentioned gift card/itues/tobacco are excluded.

  • just got another email for the same account spend $30 get 1800 point for 3 days,

    my first shop is almost going to be free!

    dont understand why same account gets 2 offers, while another gets zero offers

    • I tried to stack mine last week with two offers for overlapping dates only got one lot of points. Have you encountered this before?

      • this is the first time ive had a stackable one!

      • +1

        I have stacked many times and received points. Call them up and they can adjust manually. I have had this done when there was stacking, although I am not sure the operator understood that's what was happening.

        • They will now if they read this…

  • Spent $30 yesterday. 3800 points are added to my account today

  • How embarrassing,
    Had my trolley full of stuff,
    Ready to pay
    Realised I brought the wrong card!!!

    Had to come back the next day and shop again and spend another $30

    • How can you fill up your trolley with $30 worth of groceries. I can barely fill up my basket. 😞

      • 24x cans of pepsi for $10.50 does help

        • Well, makes sense now. I find $30 is very easy to achieve, but $60 is a struggle for two people.

  • +1

    Better check your emails folks.
    I got another 1800 points if you spend $30 for 3 days next week offer
    That's 2 in 2 weeks plus the 10,000 points one
    Seriously weird and good

    • me too.

    • Thanks for reminding. I won't check my email if I don't see your post. This is so sweet. What is Flybuys doing?

      • Maybe Woolies is gaining on their market share. Generally I prefer to shop with Woolies especially if I going to do it online as can use GC and their rewards points. Even in store I have a lot more Woolies GC at 5% so prefer to shop with them. But the Coles offers have been so good I have no choice.

        • +1

          Us too because we have a big Woolworths near us and only a small Coles. But have to admit Coles offers have been good lately. Maybe this is why we are getting good offers from Coles.

  • Keep a eye open for $22 WA lobster as I run into some around 550g yesterday :)

  • Hey guys, now that we should all have triggered 2nd week bonus, does everyone still see the offer under the 'activated' tab of their app? Mine has disappeared! I made a qualifying purchase yesterday at 8.30pm (last day of the offer) and the payment is still pending on the Coles MC, I don't know if that's a problem…

    • +2

      Mine disappeared too. I guess maybe it's because the offer was activated and first purchase was made.

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply. It's a little unsettling not to be able to see the offer and have it somehow track our spending/earning of points.

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