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Coles Mobile $120 Prepaid Recharge + SIM (60GB 12 Month Plan) $96 | 15% off iTunes Gift Card | $20 off $200 Spend Online @ Coles


From the upcoming catalogue sale starting on Wednesday 20 January.

  • Cheapest ever for the Coles Mobile $120 Prepaid SIM (60GB, 365 Days, International Calls, Data Rollover) plan - (previously $99).
  • 15% off iTunes gift card applies to $30, $50 and $100 gift cards.
  • $20 off $200 Spend Online - promo code LUNCHBOX.

Mod: Updated title. The Coles Mobile deal is for a $120 prepaid recharge + receive a free $2 sim, NOT the $120 prepaid starter SIM kit.
See catalogue image

Coles Mobile $120 Recharge
20% OFF All Coles Mobile Recharge.
• 365 day expiry
• Recharge available at all registers/checkout
• Receive a bonus Coles Mobile $2 SIM in the same transaction

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  • +1

    the Coles Mobile sale is just in time any recommend this or $80.10 Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 60GB. I don't make international calls very frequent maybe a couple of times a year.

    • +1

      You answered your question.

      Coles is only really good if you want international calls otherwise just save that rest of 26 dollars

      • Er, where'd you get 26 from?

        • Sorry I meant 16 ****


          But you get the point
          You choose if international call is really needed then pay 16 extra otherwise save it

          • @USER DC: $1.33 a month for unlimited international to 15 countries is too good for me. But then my wife and I both call a lot of o/seas people.

  • +1

    Great, literally just bought one today for $120!

    • Is it available already? Which one did you buy, $120?

      • Yes, bought the full price one at Coles

        • Great. I will go to nearby Coles and see if it's available.

  • +2

    The kids use both (one each) - I bought a Coles one on sale for $99 as we needed a new plan and the Catch one wasn't one sale. The Catch one came back on sale and with another 10% off using UniDays code and $2 odd via Cash Rewards, I bought one last week.

    Both Optus and both seem fine, so I'd go on price then.

    I personally had Catch for 1 year when it was on the old 50% a few years back and service and speed was always good in Melbourne.

  • What do you guys think about the $120 coles 365 plan? Is it any good? Optus over Telstra? I definitely need international inclusions. I am not in a hurry though. My sim only expires in the next 2 months or so.

    what does it mean?. Activate bonus SIM within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on a promotion, whichever is earliest. Is it okay if I buy now and activate it after 3 months or so? will it work?

    • +3

      Telstra has better coverage.

      I used to work in this dead spot in Western Sydney where Optus coverage was dead but Telstra coverage worked, so it was always Telstra over Optus for me.

      • +1

        Thats the reason I m hesitating to buy Coles one from Optus.

        • +2

          Yeh, I could not wait to get out of Optus and I ended up forfeiting 3 months worth and switched over to Boost (telstra)

        • Optus has had issues our area, but we are sticking with the Kogan Mobile 365 Day Flex 100GB for $135 pa. Unlimited text and calls within Aus but no international. Uses Vodafone which where we travel to and from (Melb & SE Vic) has been fine.

    • +1

      I activated the $99 today, 28 days after i got it. The process going well. When i was trying to call , i get message "insufficient funds". Online chat. Got it fixed in 30 mins.

    • +1

      When I was out on my road trip out towards Wilson's prom and other areas I usually had reception and my gf did not (optus). If that helps. I still get sometimes odd patches in cities and stuff. I'm on the old boost plan so will likely recharge it unless something else comes up

  • I’m already Optus network, can I still use it without getting a new number or still need to port out and back?

    • AFAIK you can keep the number but from experience porting within same network tends to take longer, no idea why

      • +1

        Depends on the provider. I've ported near-instantly between Optus providers before without issue.

        • Do you just chat with the online Optus customer service team if wanna keep the current # within the Optus ?

      • I have same problem when porting from voda to kogan, it wont let me. but with coles today, 5 mins setup

  • Does it mean 60GB each month or 60GB for 12 months in total?

    • I assume 60GB per year, not month.

      • ok, then it's a reasonable price, I think 8GB per month is sort of not enough?

        • Where do you get 8Gb month?

          Isn’t it $8 per month for 5 Gb per month?

        • +1

          Its enough for my and my wife because our use case is:
          Home - WiFi
          Work - WiFi
          Mall - WiFi
          Car (Real Time Traffic Navigation) - 4G

          • +1

            @So lo: Be careful using mall wifi, they are unsecured and can easily be hacked.

            • @tajid: Will ensure I use encrypted VPN back to home network @ Mall. 👍

  • +4

    For those who want more data (120GB), might be worth thinking about the $120 deal for the $150 plan in the catalogue too.

  • Do the $120 SIMs need to be activated within a certain timeframe ? I will be in need of something like this in April

    • +1

      Same here. My boost card expires next month.

      • Hi Jadeja. I have the same question. Someone, please clarify. Shall we keep our sim for some time (say 4-5 months) and activate it?

    • +2

      Had the same question.
      As per the catalogue, needs to be activated within 30 days of purchase.

      • +2

        I bought my SIM card in Nov and activated last Friday. All the offers mentioned in Nov are all available,

    • 30 days

  • +3

    Probably a silly question but would the 20 off 200 spend stack if I wanted to purchase two prepaid sims plus a few random things to get up to the 200 spend?

    • would also like to know and if paying with gift card is also a thing?

  • +2

    I was thinking of getting one of these… until I read the reviews.
    Couldn't stop laughing at this one -

    "If you love any1 ever in this world, skip this garbage provider. What I'm saying is, every damn person on this planet should skip this trash service.

    Speeds and coverage so bad you'll keep restarting your phone thinking maybe this'll help. Nope; you'll eventually gauge your eyes out and enter a psych ward then proceed buy as many $2 coles sims as you can then somehow use them to burn the building down.

    '4G' my a**, they should change the label to '1/4G'.

    Biggest mistake to swap from Boost."

    • +1

      I and my wife have both been with Optus, Voda, and Boost. All 3 worked perfectly fine. I'm always suspicious of "reviews" like this one, they clearly have some kind of axe to grind.

    • Take reviews/ratings from Productreview with a large grain of salt. Even Boost Mobile, an Ozbargain favourite, is similarly rated at 2.2. I don't even trust suspiciously high ratings on that site, like Moose Mobile.
      Speed & coverage is the same between all Optus MVNOs, you just need to know that it is highly dependant on the area you'll be using it in. (Same goes with Telstra)

    • I honestly do kinda regret leaving boost too. It was a great deal. Wish i could have that same deal again, $150 plan for $135 on special. And free google assistant calling integration. with telstra network. Going to catch now though, will come back to boost thought after catch for sure

  • Does coles mobile work with wifi-calling?

    • took 3 days to activate. CC is slow, online chat form asks all details and after your chat starts the CC asks you to type the same details again.
    • even with delayed activation, refused compensation of any type.
    • international number if you dial, other side sees a local number on the screen and call quality is garbage.
    • network coverage is patchy, forget acceptable coverage for remote or regional areas.
    • if you get good network (all bars), 4g is fast.
    • general call quality is ok.

    Avoid this crap. Lesson learnt, you get what you pay for and Telstra is the best one, hands down, in all regards.

    • +1

      Depends where you live. YMMV.

    • Telstra is garbage in my area, 1/4 bar for most of the time. Optus and Voda are fine. But on the train to city, Telstra is slightly better than the other two. So YMMV.

  • Can I buy these and stack them for a few years?

    • reading below it may be possible if vouchers provide have 365 day expiry.

  • Catch has the same deal for $89, both on the same network. Better yet, you can order online and not have to go from store to store to see if they have stock. Coles usually doesn't have much of these.

    • Mate coles doesnt even give what it says to customers.

    • +1

      Not the same deal, no o/seas calls on Catch.

      • Agreed the coles deal includes unlimited calls and unlimited SMS to 15 countries, that is a significant difference between catch and coles

        • Fair enough.

          These days we use other ways to chat overseas for free..

  • Can you get a recharge credit for the same price (eg already on Coles Mobile, time for a recharge)?

  • +2

    Not only is it hot garbage Optus, but a reseller. Moreover only 60GB over 12 months. Avoid like the plague!

  • After a cheap sim for my wife's car, this is tempting but I'd rather a Telstra based carrier… Any opinions/options?

    • If you want Telstra take a look at Boost. Similar plan to this with a bit more data but a bit more expensive.

      That being said, if you're in a city, my experience has been that it's a diceroll which of Optus, Telstra or Voda works best for a particular locastion, so I personally wouldn't care too much about that.

      • Rarely ever in the city, that's the thing, might try this out and see how it goes.

    • Need calls or just Data?

    • If you need low usage/low cost, Belong sims always go on sale (Telstra Wholesale network)

      • Why would anyone pay $15 a month for local and O/seas calls and 1GB when this deal is $8 for 5 GB? Seriously, paying almost double for 20% of the data?

        • That's not how Belong works. There's data rollover so you activate the $40 plan for $15 the first month giving you 40gb then switch to the $10/1GB a month plan for the next few months which is paid for with the referral credit. Over 3 months that's 42gb for $15, or if you want to stay longer it's 12 months 51gb for $105. You will likely have someone on OzB use your referral too over this time (mine was used twice) so the cost may go down even more.

  • does prepaid card purchase get counted for bonus flybuys challenge?
    I looked at t&c for bonus points email and it only says gift cards/tobacco/itunes cards are excluded.

  • Can I buy it now and activate later? As my current SIM service expires in June…

    Edit: Just saw my question answered in previous posts. NVM.

    • Exactly in the same position. Using a $150 Boost sim now.

  • Can anyone with a working Coles service test if call forwarding for all incoming calls work please?

  • +3

    Got the 120gb $150 plan for $120 when on sale before Christmas

    Switching from Boost activation took 10mins exactly, have made 3 calls to UK with it and so far call quality has been great ( better than Boost was)
    I get a better Optus signal inside my house than Telstra, so far really happy with it.

    Might jump on this deal and switch the wife over from boost as it expires soon

    I should of got the 60GB plan as only average 3 - 4gb a month

    • Hi, do we have to activate within 30 days of purchase?

    • Any chance you can do a quick divert all incoming calls to another number to see if that works please?

  • From what I am reading you need to buy the $120 recharge and a $2 sim card for this deal.
    So the question is how long does the recharge last for?

    • In the catalogue it says "Receive a bonus Coles Mobile $2 SIM in the same transaction", so I assume you get a free sim but has a 30 days activation expiry, when you buy the recharge. And it say the voucher has a 365 expiry. You can try to activate the bonus sim, after 30 days, and see if it will still allow you to activate. Otherwise, I assume you can get a new $2 sim from Coles, activate that and recharge it with the voucher. Can anyone confirm this?

      • +1

        Didnt work for me Went in store to buy just that sim, got some extra stuff too. price is coming as undiscounted, and staff not helping out in anyway.
        So left everything there for staff and left that store. Because they wouldn't honor customers what their website say, customers dont need to honor them money.

        • The same happened to me today too

        • +1

          The discount is on RECHARGES ONLY
          If you go to the checkout with a $120 Sim, the price will be $120, no discount.
          If you go to the checkout with a $2 Sim, scan that and then add a recharge to the value of $120, the discount gets applied and the total price will be $96

  • Hi, HOW do you get the catchconnect 60gb deal for $80? I’ve tried UNiDAYS but says it’s not valid?
    Keen on getting this today x 2.

  • Shame the international country list is so limited or I'd have jumped on this.

  • Will it work for new customer, as it says recharge? Can I buy the recharge and then port my number across to Coles mobile?

    • Yes, the catalogue says get a bonus Sim in the same transaction. Just double check you get the sim card too.

  • Thank goodness I've been waiting for iTunes gift cards special, I missed the last deal I loath paying full price for my streaming subs

  • Can I price match itunes gift card with Officeworks?

  • +1

    I just came back from coles, there is no special of this sim, no on the latest cataloge either. can anyone clarify

    • +1

      same here! Nobody knows that offer in the store. Website says $120 still

      • You guys beat me to it! Just got back from Coles and was told that the offer is on Coles Mobile Recharge only and NOT on a new SIM + Plan package. I got the feeling that the lady knew nothing about it and had to call the manager. How about buying the $2 Coles SIM and then recharging it with the discounted recharge voucher? Would that work? That would mean $2 + $96 (discounted recharge pack) = $98 if it can be pulled off?!

        Still $120 is not bad personally as I am currently paying $30/m for Amaysim. I need international calling so this offer is blood attractive. I have read hideous reviews of Coles mobile so can anyone care to comment on the service please? Cheers

        • Catalogue mentions:

          • Receive a bonus Coles Mobile $2 SIM in the same transaction
        • +1

          Update: Got the $120 recharge voucher for $96 but checkout could not discount $2 sim card as it is not set up in the system for some reason! I also bought cordial & got the helpful manager to discount the cordial by $2, so only paid $96 for this offer + sim card as advertised. Activation in progress now, fingers X!

          • @Verappan: Update #1: Activation stuck for reasons unknown. CC rep escalated to L2 technical team for resolution. Fingers X a bit tighter now :-).

      • Same Went in store, and contacted online team too.
        But both time staff so rude and unhelpful saying the price is what it is which is undiscounted one.

        I'll avoid coles for a long time for their such a disgraceful behavior.

    • It on Page 45 and 46 of the Perth Coles Catalogue.

      Update: It appears to be recharge only. But you can receive a bonus Coles Mobile $2 SIM in the same transaction.

      20% OFF All Coles Mobile Recharge.

      • 365 day expiry
      • Recharge available at all registers/checkout
      • Receive a bonus Coles Mobile $2 SIM in the same transaction
      • I told them same thing even should them online. But the staff is just so arrogant, and unhelpful. They kept saying
        price is what it is, you might be needing to do it online but instore the price is what it is

        So i left that store, it's my local store but whatever the case not going coles for a long long time, they deserve it for their rudeness.

        Sorry not your fault dealbot, but coles has just been so sh**

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