Data Gifting in Boost Mobile

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Boost is allowing Data gifting to other boost number
Please chat to customer service. I have transferred 50gb of data to my spouse number.
Please note, Its a one time courtesy :)

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  • since when ????

    where is the link on the site?

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      I have tried this morning (19/01/20201)and its worked.
      So another reason to stick with Boost.

      Please use the "message us " button.

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        I have tried this morning (19/01/20201)and its worked.

        What do you mean by 'its worked'? That a Rep did applied it to your account?

        That doesn't mean they all will, unless it's in the T&Cs….

        • I have received 50gb data

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            I have received 50gb data

            And what guarantee is there that we all will ?

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              @jv: Gift me 50gb to prove it

      • I must be very unlucky. Chatted with 3 different reps and they all said it is not a feature they can do.

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    Can I gift all my leftover data right before it expires to another fresh boost 12 month sim?

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      That's what I was thinking… Perpetually role over to another account.

      I just renewed one yesterday and lost 60Gb…

      • Not sure. How does work. My plan is about to expire in 2 weeks of time.
        I have tried my luck. They have transferred 50gb from my unused 180gb data

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          Why didn't you transfer 150Gb then ???

    • Used to be able to do that on Virgin postpaid before they went under.

      Data would rollover from month A to month B, but not again to month C; only the data from month B would rollover to month C, and any unused data from month A would be lost. In addition, they’d preferentially use the current month’s data before tapping into last month’s rollover (often leaving you with no rollover to the next month).

      The thing is, when you gifted data, it would count under the current month for the recipient. For example, sending 30GB (comprised of 20GB current month and 10GB rollover) would be received as 30GB for their current month. The recipient could then send it back immediately, and all 30GB would no be considered as the current month’s data - it wouldn’t revert to the previous 10GB/20GB split. We would do this before expiry each month, and had several hundred GB before they went belly up.

  • potentially a cheap way to recharge data with discounted prepaid packs (sign under different person from family)?

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    Shame it's so hard to get on boost now

    Call them "please refer to our live chat"

    Goes to live chat "please call us"

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      Did you try their new carrier pigeon option?

      It's much faster…

    • I was just on live chat about 30mins ago. Just type talk to someone and it takes you straight through.

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    100% appreciate this post but I'm of the opinion it belongs in forums

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      belongs in forums

      It's already in the forums…

  • What does it say under your accounts ?

    Gift or what exactly ?

  • Nah didn't work for me…through chat….

    • why did it not work?

      • The chat agent said they don't have any such provision….

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    This doesn't sound like a standard bargain that anyone can activate via the web etc, just someone has made an enquiry to customer service and they've done something to help him, like often happens.

    • yeah exactly…

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    @syam562 thanks for bringing this out on platform, I was in much need for data gifting as my wife's mobile lost data from previous plan and didnt roll over. I managed to transfer it through chat as I am in badly need. managed to transfer 160GB data. I think thats max limit they have.

  • didn't work for me too. chat with the agent and send her ozbargain link but it is not working

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    then I retry to another agent chat he is kind and do it for me . thanks a lot for the info.

  • It sounds like they're not sure what their policies are. First person I spoke with said that they could do it and it would be sorted in the next 24 hours.

    After checking the two numbers, no data was taken from the donator, but the other number had a bonus data added to it (with a weird expiry).

    Contacted them again and second person said that they didn't have the ability to do it and the first person had just added some bonus data onto my number.

    So sounds like everyone may get a different response…

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    I was able to do this earlier.
    I asked if i can gift/transfer my data between two numbers. The agent said not possible however she added courtesy data in the amount of what i want to transfer i to the other number.

    Thanks Boost!!

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