Kogan Mobile MEDIUM - 365 DAYS Expiring Soon - What Is The Best Current Alternative?

Hi OzB,

My current MEDIUM - 365 DAYS Kogan Mobile plans is expiring.
Their current offer is:
$14.79 per 30 days
for 180GB
standard calls & texts*

Does any other plan compare to this?
I am happy to change network but would want to keep my number.

Thanks in advance for your advice OzB


  • Boost Mobile $180 or $300 plans which regularly go on sale, just keep looking on Ozbargain.

  • Not sure if you saw the Coles Mobile offer that starts tomorrow: https://www.coles.com.au/catalogues-and-specials/view-all#vi.... I'm thinking of joining, but would like to hear from others who already have an account with Coles Mobile.

    • Got a coles $120 deal (usually 150) - coverage not as good as a similar Optus network service (catch) in same parts of Sydney, and can be poor inside malls (drops to 3G while the Catch still shows 4G??). Strange that there's differences between MVNOs on the same network?

  • Is there any plans that restrict usage after the all the data is used?

    I dont want to end up with bill shock.

    Im currently using Kogan 365 day plans but looking for maybe something a bit better.

    • theres two types of plans, a flex, this gives you all the data up front and you need to manage it yourself, but you do get to use it all.
      The other is 15gb a month and you loose what you don't use by the end of the month.

    • If you go with the flex, you can set a warning or cut off level on most phones too. The good news about Kogan is they don't charge you for going over your limit. If you run out of data you are simply cut off. No bill shock

  • I am in a similar boat but am stuck with Vodafone based carriers due to phone being locked
    Nvm just realised I can unlock for $25

  • Thanks for all the replies. I will keep my eye out for a boost deal today if not I will have to go with Kogan for $180. The past year I did not use anywhere near 15gb a month but that was lockdown! So fingers crossed we can all get out and about and use our data in the wild!

  • I pulled the trigger with Kogan and then this deal came up. It's always the way!


    Thanks again for all your help OzB