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[PC] Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 Product Key A$13.63 @ Game Dealing


Office Home & Student 2019 for Windows Product Key Only A$13.63,
It works on PC for 1user ONLY, binding with own account after activation.
Product minimum requirements system: 32/64 bit Windows 10

Check system key as below,
Windows 10 home oem A$15.13 (not cheap msdn key. lifetime use.),

Windows 10 pro oem A$16.50 (not cheap msdn key. lifetime use.),

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  • Genuine key?

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      What do you expect him to say? We all know how this works.

      Regardless, their usually fine.

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        Sorry to be thick here.

        Can I ask how does this actually work?

        • Their often obtained via questionable methods. It comes up regularly. Each to their own, I've had no issues with cheap keys except the most recent which was a slightly different version of Pro, but meh.

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          It's a license that has been purchased that gives an excessive amount of keys. It's not meant to be resold like this.

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    Mouse pad
    Are you legit?

    • all products are legit at gamedealing.com

    • Read. Comments. Above.

  • As good as the ebay ones that sell for $4…

    • not same. our key is official and activate at setup.office.com. binding with own account. lifetime use.

      • The $4 keys are official and activate too. There's just the risk that Microsoft will deactivate at some point.

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          our key will not. we are selling keys for many years.

  • Windows PC only? does it work on Mac with macOS?

    • yes, windows pc only.

  • Don't you need to sell the key with hardware if it's OEM?

  • Ok, you got me. I'll risk it for $13.

    • Thanks. we have sent it. you save much money about it.

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    Statement from Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/howtotell/Shop.aspx)

    With the exception of Product Key Cards (PKC’s) distributed with COA’s, Microsoft does not distribute products keys as standalone products. If you see a listing on an auction site, online classified ad, or other online page advertising product keys for sale, it’s a good indication that the keys are likely stolen or counterfeit. If you were to purchase and use a stolen or counterfeit product key to activate Windows installed on your PC, the key may not work for activation, may already be in use on another PC, or it might be blocked from use later by Microsoft when the key is reported stolen. The best way to get everything you expect up front is to buy genuine Microsoft software preinstalled on a new PC or genuine Microsoft software from an authorized reseller.

    Unless the OP can provide a Product Key Card with a COA, this deal should be removed.

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    These appear to be, as are the other links in this post, OEM keys. Note that with OEM keys, they are only supposed to be sold in conjunction with a hardware purchase (see https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/industry-blog/en-gb/technet... ) so it's totally possible that these keys can be revoked by Microsoft in a situation where they discover they are being sold incorrectly! It's possible doesn't mean that it will, just that you will be taking that chance!

    Edit: Updated link!

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    These ones are not genuine keys.

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      all keys are lifetime use and activate with official site.

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        Because they can be activated and can be used, is not the same thing as being genuine.

        When you purchase a Microsoft product you are buying an entitlement to use the product, “a license”.

        Genuine products are supplied with a COA.

  • OEM Keys

  • Got any keys which includes Outlook?

  • I just purchased and installed. Installed directly to a microsoft account as described by mouse pad. Will report back if any issues moving forward but so far so good! Cheers.

    • thank you very much. it's official key. don't worry about it. you can use it lifetime on 1pc.

    • Hey mate, how is it going? still good?

    • Hey mate, how is it going? still good?

    • Likewise, checkout using paypal too.
      Hopefully no issues, will advise if any (no news is good news in this instance)

    • Hey mate, how is it going? still good?

    • Hey mate, how is it going? still good?

  • Hi @mouse pad, can I just buy 'Office Home & Student 2019 for Windows Product Key Only A$13.63' without activated windows 10 to use word, powerpoint, excel and ect?
    I am currently using non-activated windows 10. Thanks

    • hello, you can buy both, system(windows 10 pro) and office. you will get all activated software. you can use office too without non-activated system.
      you can activate office in https://setup.office.com, and download software in website. thanks.

      • So I can download office 365 then pay 13.63 dollars, get the code via email for home & student 2019?


  • If want to buy more software. https://www.cheapkeyoffer.com is good place to get cheapest.

    • Do you have Windows 10 Enterprise for 1 PC?

      • Mouse pad, can you answer that qtn?

  • Bought, activated on the microsoft website. works fine, no issues……… So far-so good

  • thanks for your trust!

  • Hey I have purchased a key last night but I didn't register an account, how would I receive my key? Thanks

    • have sent already. please check your email carefully. you can get it fast in your account too if you register it. thanks.

      • Ok I found the emails with my username and password in my spam folder, however, it would not let me log in.

        Could you just do me a favor and send me the key to my private inbox/ give me a password that actually works?


  • Hi @Mouse pad

    I have an existing MS account. can i use the key for my current existing account?


    • yes, you can.

  • still have more stock of them. just buy on the link. thanks all.

  • just purchased, works as described. found being able to link it to my own email address handy.

  • Thank you for your trust. you can buy another software or game in our site. All official and work perfect.

  • there are more software in gamedealing.com. Antivirus like Norton 360 Standard is cheapest and official.

  • Gave it a go @~$13, worked fine, can't complain. Better experience than some of the ebay keys i've dealt with in the past.

  • thank you very much!! Another keys are good too.

  • Gave it a go as well, got the product key by email. Installation was simple and so far so good.

  • Thanks gave it a go and it has worked so far

  • Same here, tried it and bought the wrong version Pro instead of Home. Emailed support and they replied quickly with instructions on how to activate it. Activated.

  • Just to clarify, I have one microsoft account but multiple PC (desktop and laptops), will this key work on all my devices that use the same microsoft account?

    • +1

      It's binding with your microsoft account. you can use on any PC with your own account.

  • +1

    Today, I purchased a Windows 10 pro license. Came through via email a few hours later and activated, no problems. Thanks OP.

    • It's deliver automatically, just click the link in order detail once you have paid, cdkey will be sent with email at once.

  • Purchased Office Home and Student 2019 today. Link was quickly delivered. Activation was simple. No issues so far.

    • Same here, just got it today. Activation & installed straight forward as expected, no issue so far.

      Might just comment here if later there are any issue xD.

      As i understand, on other sites the keys are from machines with pre-installed software that were returned due to warranty/damage/phase-out etc. Interested to know how this site get theirs though.

      Originally wanted to get from retailers (JB/officework etc) but cheapest with discount around $140 (not paying that much for personal use lol) and was so sick 'shove in yo face' by microsoft for the subscription-based product. Cos microsoft been annoying, I went ahead with buying it from non normal means.

  • +1

    it's a stolen product key. it will work fine now after few days it will not work any more.

    • no, your are wrong. cdkey is legit and will lifetime work. several years selling but no problem till now.

    • this post live half year, no problem till now too.

  • Windows 10 professional oem is lifetime too. upgrade to windows 11 professional is free.

  • Mouse pad: if i buy a MS 365 family 'subscription', does this mean i have to renew it in 12 months. The product description does not say that it is time limited but the MS site says it is only for 12 months. Also, does it come with 1TB one-drive storage per person (i.e. 6TB online storage) as well?

    • +1

      Anything O365 is subscription so yes annual renewal. You can buy Home and Student 2019 outright but costs more and does not expire.

  • Hi @Mouse Pad,

    Does it work on MAC?


    • Yes, one can use on MAC if signed up for the Family Subscription

    • Office Home & Student 2019 is for windows only.
      Office Home & Business for Mac 2019 product key is for MAC. include Classic 2019 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. lifetime and global use.
      the price is more expensive than Home & Student, but it's cheaper than official too.

      • Or as noted above…..also incl with Family Subscription

  • +1

    Hi all,

    Used this deal over the weekend, and all went super smoothly. Got my email with the product key (and instructions) within an hour, and was set up with Office installed and activated not long after.

    Was able to pay using Paypal, which helped my piece of mind considerably.

    All up a very smooth process, great result. :-)

  • +2

    Hi guys, if anyone is in doubt, i have used this license over 2 months now. I was able to redeem the license into my microsoft account and it appeared under "subscriptions".
    From there on I just need to install it. It works well if you're in a pinch and need a quick and cheap way to get a microsoft office account. I bought a second which I redeemed under the same account too (i think the limit is 25). Hope this helps someone

  • Thanks, All software on our site are legit, check our software link here please: https://www.gamedealing.com/software-software-product-key-c-....

    • Hi Mouse, how are you today? Does your key need to be activated by phone? I did try to install one oem key sometime ago and it didn't go at all, try via phone, website, but it didn't go, does your need too?

      • What error message did you get when trying to register?

        • When I first put the key, it opens the window asking how I want to activate, Internet or phone, over the internet doesn't work, By phone says my instalation ID is invalid… I downloaded the office from microsoft website, I did try a bunch of things… Eventually I just use on my laptop… But it would be really helpful to have it here…

          • @Hasty13kia: Did you use the ID prior to installing office i.e. via the activation URL? If so and its says ID is invalid, then best contact the seller. It is possible they had a typo like happened to another person in this thread. They fixed by sending the correct ID.

            If however you tried the ID to activate an already installed version of Office, it may well be that it is not the right version for the ID.

            Test via the setup link to see if it activates the ID.

            • @Borg: I've try all of that… the seller gave me back the money, I install the office again, try other versions… nothing worked…

              • @Hasty13kia: Ah well all good then if refunded. Just buy it again as suspect you were unlucky and they perhaps made a Typo when sending you the Key. More rare than often and as you note, if any issues, they will assist or worst case refund.

          • @Hasty13kia: just activate the office cdkey in https://setup.office.com please. and do step by step and download software.
            don't activate cdkey in software you download somewhere.

      • some people want to activate windows 10 professional with win10 pro oem code. please check link as below, and do step by step. you will upgrade your system by win10 pro succeed.

        • Mouse, I didn't bought with you yet… I want to know if I buy it, if it is necessary to activate through phone…

          • @Hasty13kia: no, activate at official site and binding with your own account. because it's official key.

            • @Mouse pad: Ok, I will buy one now, and I will post the result here

              • @Hasty13kia: ok, it automatical delivery. pay via paypal. check your email once you have paid.

                • @Mouse pad: Well, it work perfectly, I highly recommend for anyone in need of!

                  Mouse, do you have that for Macbooks too? with that price? I'm even thinking of installing it on the Air too…

                  Thanks for everything mate

  • @Mouse pad: No Home & Business for PC avail and only for MAC? I only ask as Home and Student does not have Outlook.

    • +1

      We don't have them now. but we will upload them on the site if the price are cheap enough.

      • +1

        thanks for reply.

    • Haven't bought anything from you. More a general query but will give you a Vote Up as you have being giving active replies (regardless if me thinking this is not fully above board…….as I am a Microsoft License Reseller and know the T&C's here in Oz).

      Oh and one cannot Vote on the deal as "Voting not allowed on deals posted over 180 days ago". Best expire this one and create another!

  • thanks.

  • Hey Mouse, does the windows 10 key that you sell activates the same way as the Office from here?

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