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Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 (16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, FHD, Ryzen 5 4500U) $870.81 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Reposted because this keeps going out of stock and coming back. Pretty good price for pretty good specs

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Pretty good price for pretty good specs

    You've forgotten one thing…

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    Price in title

    $870.81 with prime

  • Dang… This or ipad air with 'free' air pods…

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      ipads better for specifically note taking but the laptop is definitely better for general use

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        ipads better for specifically note taking

        Wouldn't you also need to buy a keyboard and/or pencil for that to be true?

        • Correct, added cost.

          an Ipad will never fully replace a full fledged operating system. As a pure tablet though, it cannot be beat

  • This comes with a US plug?

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      Lenovo chargers are usually two parts, so if it has a US plug, you'd likely just need to buy an AU to clover leaf plug like this.

      • It supports USB-C charging too which is useful if you've got a high wattage PD charger from recent deals. Not certain of specs but suspect it needs 60W to charge and run

  • Does it have backlit keyboard? Is the pen included?

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      Yes to both

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    To my untrained eye this looks like much better bang for buck than some other laptops that have been posted recently. What am i missing?

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      • 1

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        I purchased this last time around and after around 2 months of use, the battery would drain significantly - contacted amazon and had to ship it back to the US. Did manage to get a refund though and reimbursement of the ~$88 of postage and handling.

        • +1

          I managed to ship it back to Parcel point and they dealt with it.

          The issue I had was there was no tracking of it, so had to chase them up after a month and a half.anaged to get the refund. Who knows where the laptop actually is.

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      This model doesn't support [email protected] external monitors

      • How can you tell?

        • It's in the specifications

          • @bsider: It can't do USB-C alt mode?

            • @DigitalAnalog: That's correct. For some reason that isn't supported on the Flex 5. It does have HDMI so can connect to a TV, projector or monitor with HDMI inputs but as it is 1.4b spec it will be 30hz. Fine for productivity but not really suited as a gaming machine

              • @TheLurker:

                It does have HDMI so can connect to a TV, projector or monitor with HDMI inputs but as it is 1.4b spec it will be 30hz. Fine for productivity but not really suited as a gaming machine

                You wouldn't want to game at 4K60 on a slim $880 laptop anyway. Separate HDMI also means you have an extra free USB C port when connected to a monitor, without having to buy a dock.

                • @eug: Good point. It would probably game with older titles at 1080p 60fps with medium detail though this isn't a machine targeting that use case

    • It craps on the deal I posted :)
      Only issue is a US import.

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      US import.

      Mediocre screen (that said other cheap laptops tend to have similar shitty screens)

    • +1

      If you value touch/Wacom pen/convertible it is absolutely. Aside warranty it doesn't have video over the USB C port, and that's about it. Display - brightness varies depending on the panel your particular unit has but overall no different to the rest in the price range. I have one and quite like it and would recommend.

      If you don't care about touch/convertible then the E14 is probably built better, has an upgradeable RAM slot, and usually similar price.

  • How is the screen quality, colors etc.. I like my screens as vibrant.

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      14" FHD (1920x1080) WVA 250nits Glossy 10-point Multi-touch

      • Doesn't look like the same screen, it's not touch but this one is.

        • That is a panel that's been found in these laptops. They also use a ChiMei panel (as with mine) that I've posted in the original deal but don't remember the model off the top of my head.

    • Screen is good but doesn't get very bright. And it is glass so is fingerprint magnet and reflections everywhere.

  • How do these compare to the entry-level E series ThinkPads in terms of build quality?

    • Good link for comparison That one has only 8gb RAM and a lesser processor for $1329 bucks, showing what a good deal this is.

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        Fumigated at Customs…

  • Aus warranty? And it's $870 USD or AUD

  • wait a min is this true?
    bought a laptop, wifi is not working when battery mode, call AU Lenovo support, they found out its a hardware fault, because it's not an international warranty covered. So ask me to call US support number for the warranty claim.

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      Claim through Amazon AU

      • +2

        And if you have to ship it back to America, you pay the shipping cost and amazon will refund it back to u

        • +1

          okay. was going to recommend this to someone. but might be lot of hassles for them. I might lose sleep haha. thanks guys!

        • Does that apply for non prime customers too? (I admit I haven't looked up their terms yet)

        • what about the freight send it back from us to aus, lenovo will pay the freight? or amazon or me?

        • I had to ship a faulty item back to Amazon US a while ago and didn't even pay shipping, they sent me shipping con note that I printed and stuck on the box and dropped it into the parcel pickup point.

    • +1

      You can apparently purchase AU warranty?

      • +3

        You can, and I've done it myself. The question that remains is whether there will be any hassle trying to use it - one person said they still had issues because it was a US model even after buying the warranty.

        There is no valid reason for them to still refuse service after converting base warranty country given there is no actual difference in hardware so I imagine if fair trading got involved the situation would get resolved, but that's not something most people would be willing to do or should be expected to do if it came down to it. Hopefully that was an isolated case but for that reason I wouldn't rely on it. It is only around $10 to switch the warranty with an upgrade to onsite though so at least it's cheap to do.

        • I must be blind. Would you please post a link to this on the Lenovo site? Can't seem to find it.

          • +1

            @b2dz: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/warranty-upgrades

            Lenovo won't tell you the prices by chat (I tried). They need the serial number.

            If we assume the same prices as on their site it's $15odd to make it 1 year AU on site, $99odd for 2 years, and $189 for 3 years. Lines up with other comments but can't confirm until the serial is in hand

        • I previously asked Lenovo about this in their chat and they told me that there was no international warranty on IdeaPad devices (like other Lenovo devices), even if you were to purchase an extended warranty (though they also made the point that the warranty has to remain in the one country ie would be extending it in the US, not Australia).

          Fair Trading does not have the power to compel or bind retailers/manufacturers to do anything - that is the responsibility of the relevant consumer tribunal in your state or territory. I've been through that process with Lenovo in the past and it was extremely time consuming and frustrating, given that I really needed my laptop for my studies/work. For me, uncertainty around local recognition of the warranty is just too much of a risk. Worth proceeding with caution imo.

          • @vinvivant: The interesting thing is that Lenovo's own website states that you change the base country when you purchase an upgrade on the AU store and my laptop now has a listed ship-to country of Australia.

            I would agree that one should assume they won't honour it, but for $15 if you're going to buy the laptop anyways it's worth a gamble.

            That said, at the very least it is against ACL to sell a service you have no intention of providing, so even if the relevant consumer tribunal can't make them fix the laptop I imagine something could happen in regards to them offering Australian upgrades in the first place.

    • What do you mean 'battery mode'?

    • What's the weight, mate? And battery time? Ta

  • It just keeps getting cheaper and better

  • +8

    Hi guys, this is a great laptop, I bought couple months back (around August 2020) when the last special was on around $1k+. This is a bargain compared to all the other laptops you can get for this price. The battery life on this is phenomenal. I plugged in my laptop and conducted a 6 hour lecture via zoom, separate camera attachment and wireless lapel mic plugged in and noticed that the battery warning indicator come on after the 6 hours to only realise I plugged it in but didn't turn on the switch.

    I am really happy with this laptop. The only negative things I can come up with are :

    • US plug at the end so you need an AU plug adaptor. Not a deal breaker but makes the end bit clunky

    • the pen uses one AAAA battery. I don't like AAAA batteries in general but I might change my mind if eneloops started coming in this size. The pen battery lasted me about 4 months for infrequent use. I would have preferred longer

    • the finger print recognition is great but there have been times where when you can't log in with it. Not because of incorrect recognition but because sometimes if the computer goes into standby mode when you open it back up the fingerprint reader stays off and you have to log on using the conventional way

    Everything else is awesome for the price you pay

    Absolutely wouldn't hesitate to buy another one again, just that my wife wants a surface pro instead

    • +2

      You can just buy an Australian figure 8 cable can't you?

    • +1

      As a fellow Lenovo pen user, I've seen at some time rechargeable AAAA batteries go for sale on Amazon. They are out there and if you have a Lenovo pen, it's 100% worth investing in if your experience is like mine. I use the pen for my Lenovo Duet for writing about 3-4 hours a day I usually and it chews through the batteries fast.

      • Great advice mate thanks
        Didn't know there were such thing as rechargeable AAAAs
        What brand do you use?

        • +4

          Jaycar has rechargeable NiMH AAAAs for $7 for a 2 pack. They're the cheapest I could find anywhere for my pen, even on AliExpress. Quality seems to be fine so far and as long as they don't suddenly die, I imagine they'll last for a good while considering how infrequently they need to be recharged in this use.


    • How about the fan noise?

  • Should I go for this, or get this from a friend, brand new, for $900?

    14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Multitouch display
    Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 processor (2.4 - 4.2GHz)
    256GB SSD storage
    8GB RAM
    Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics
    1 x HDMI port
    2 x USB-A ports
    1 x USB-C port
    Audio by Bang & Olufsen dual speakers
    Fast charge (50% in 45 min)
    HP Multi-format digital media card reader
    Bluetooth v5.0
    Wi-Fi 6
    Windows 10 Home operating system

    Is it worth paying the extra $30? While its a local product, it has half the RAM, and an i5-11th gen…

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • +1

      At $900 that's pretty good if warranty transfers. Wouldn't pay RRP for it though. The HP has usb c display which is a downside of the lenovo. Important if you plug in to a monitor or a projector for presentations. I'd confirm but believe the ram is upgradable on the HP (2x4gb sodimm)

    • +4

      I'm not that knowledgeable in this field but
      * Ryzen 5 >> Intel i5
      Expect the battery life to be shorter on the i5
      * 8gb team is considered low.

      I have had poor experiences with HP pavilion in the past, but this experience was over a decade ago and I have said I would never ever go back. Since then my preference in laptops have been lenovo, Asus and Dell

      Don't be attracted by the price for the hp. That's what I got sucked in by

      • +1

        Don't be attracted by the price for the hp. That's what I got sucked in by

        This +1000.
        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Don't trust HP anymore.
        Got a 3 yr old Acer Spin that hasn't skipped a beat and still got great battery.

        Would look for Asus, Acer or Lenovo for my next.

      • Agree on all points from @sillysorjai but with some caveats. Intel i5 11th gen (in that HP) has better single core performance and potentially better battery life plus USB4. 10th gen would not. That said between these specific machines the Lenovo has a bigger battery and double the ram (though not upgradable). I've heard bad things about Lenovo warranty but can definitely confirm HP support is a mess. If upgrade to local onsite Lenovo warranty is good value, could be the winner

  • Looks like a great deal.
    Just wondering whether this deal was a better one:

    • +2

      Doesn't have a touchscreen, which is a deal breaker for some…

  • very nice specs for that pricepoint, especiall 2-in-1. parents bought this dell inspiron a month ago

  • Assuming the hdd is upgradeable?

    • +2
      • just wondering, I have a spare Samsung 960 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD lying around.
        Would that be suitable or better to get something new?
        What adapter do you need to clone? any suggestions?

        • I'm guessing it's 500gb or larger to make it worthwhile? If so:

          Both that laptop and that ssd are B slot so it fits

          As the laptop only has one slot you'll need to connect a second drive to save the clone image. Options:
          1. You can use an m.2 to usb adapter/housing with the Samsung ssd, or
          2. put the lenovo ssd into a spare m.2 slot on a pc motherboard, or
          3. possibly easiest is connect any large usb stick or external hard drive to the laptop.

          AOMEI Backupper is a free tool that can clone the drive. Lots of tutorials online how to use it. Note you'll need to configure options 1 and 2 to make it bootable.

          Option 3 still requires a restore to ssd which is challenging as you need to boot to an OS drive to run the tool and youll have to remove the lenovo bootable ssd to put in the unimaged Samsung ssd. Kind of complex but resolvable with mucking around to create another bootable usb OS image to run the restore.

          Of course you might want to go a clean install without any lenovo bloatware, and keep the factory ssd image as new. If so you can use the windows media creation tool to make a bootable usb install drive on another pc.

          Then when you get it, swap the ssd, boot to usb, format and install windows, and set up drivers, software and config to your liking. Lenovo support hosts all the factory drivers, and is more accurate if you enter your serial number on the site. Windows 10 does a decent job of drivers for most things through updates.

          Your windows key will be "tattoo'd" on the motherboard electronically so should automatically activate the install provided you install win 10 home.

          If in doubt, some pc shops will clone an ssd for about $30 as it's a set and forget job for them. Good luck with it!

          • @TheLurker: Great, thanks
            yes, the new samsung ssd is 500gb
            So #3, attach a usb stick (what size is needed) or a external hdd.
            Then you clone the existing ssd to the external hdd, then clone it again to the new ssd?

            • @gturner: I'd expect a 32gb stick should be enough but not sure exactly what size the factory image is.

              On the last step to restore the image you understood the issue about booting to run the restore? If you've pulled out the lenovo ssd, and put in the Samsung to restore, it doesn't have any operating system.

              • @TheLurker: Yeah, makes sense.
                I'll watch some tutorials when it comes to it

                • @gturner: Building a portable windows usb drive has been a pain in the butt previously. There may be easier images available these days, but if in doubt, you could just outsource it to a local shop who has m.2 adapters or multiple slot motherboards, or buy an adapter for about the same money.

                  Otherwise many would advise to just use a clean windows install using media creation tool which TBH is sounding like your best bet. If this option, open this link from a Windows machine (only), and click the top link to download the media creation tool.


                  • @TheLurker: Thanks again
                    Should I do the media creation tool on the new laptop or an existing desktop. Does it matter?

                    • +1

                      @gturner: Won't matter but if going that direction I would swap the SSD before first boot when you get it so it's a clean image in case you want to resell in future. The media creation tool installs on any windows machine and just makes the bootable usb windows install stick. Once you've got that you'll be ready to install a clean Win10 OS on the new SSD in the laptop. PM if any issues so we don't block up the thread here further, and best of luck with it.

                      Note my Lenovo arrived today from the US so well ahead of estimates

                      • +1

                        @TheLurker: Mine arrived today too, quicker than expected. Now have to wait for the bigger ssd I ordered hah

  • Thanks for the advice guys! Ordered with 3% off Macquarie bank amazon gift cards

    • or 4% NIB amazon gift cards (is 5% but they take 1%)

  • -3

    threadly reminder not to buy from amazon due to their stance on free speech

    • Cool thanks

  • Do you guys know how this rates compared to the Lenovo education store prices? They seem like 30% off from what I was reading?

    • +1

      Wish I could tell you but don't have an .edu address. Can say that same config on Lenovo AU website is $1546 (they won't price match it) and on Amazon US (not via AU) is $907 delivered so actually more than the Amazon AU price. The Lenovo deals are popping up a lot lately so your decision might be based on how soon you need it

      • Thanks!

        • I just bought one. Thanks OP! Got Prime trial for free shipping, but couldn't find any codes or cashbacks that would work. I will do the local warranty upgrade (needs the serial to quote) and will share what I find out.

    • +1

      On the Lenovo Education store this exact configuration is $968.40

      • Can you post a a link? I checked and that config wasn't available.

        Edit: Shit, it's there now and 16gb selectable. It may be too late to cancel my amazon order. Need to call them at 7am.

        Thank you.

  • Windows 10 pro or home? Can't find that information anywhere.

    • I'm assuming it's home. For school use home will be fine, pro would be a bonus.

  • +3

    Price drop! $869.11 this morning. $1.70 cheaper! I expect that the price will go up soon as more units are ordered.

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