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Google Pixel 4a 5G $699 (+ Delivery or Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not as good as previous deals but can try and price matched with Officeworks.


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  • Nice! Discounted JB HiFi cards could come in handy…

    • I bought them for a PS5 tho, should of grabbed more!

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    Dang, still waiting for a discount on the vanilla Pixel 4a… Must be selling well at RRP I guess?

  • Thanks! Been scouring the internet for another deal since I missed out on the boxing day deals. Happy enough at this price!

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      FYI, OfficeWorks now has it for $646. You could cancel your order if the savings are worth it to you. The phone will be great and is worth either price.

      • Thanks for the message, I just found out about it. A little annoyed, but I used a gift card to purchase it and not sure if cancelling would be easy or not.

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          I'm sure it'd be possible. One of their service reps could probably add the credit back to the gift cards. Good luck

          • @reloxation: Just ended up picking it up from JB, not a very oz-bargain move I know, sorry I've failed everyone! Got too much going on to deal with cancellations and stuff.

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              @Thomasta3: As I said before, it's a great phone either way. Just wanted to let you know in case. Hope it serves you well, have a good one!

              • @reloxation: Thanks mate! I'll let you know what I think of it. Just letting it charge up now, moving from the LG V30+ where my biggest gripe was the camera quality.

      • I'm not seeing this on their website shows $696

        • Deal expired earlier

  • FE or this?

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      was thinking the same but leaning towards the FE 5g

    • It always depends what you want the phone for.

      Pure processing power = FE

      Camera, software, battery = 4a (5G)

      • FE no good camera software and battery?

        • I'm sure the FE is fine.

          But Pixels are renowned for their incredible cameras, great battery life (this year at least), and clean software.

          Having said that, they do most certainly have quality control issues. Typing from my 3rd Pixel 5 - had to return the first 2 due to faults!

          • @Uncle Roger: Interested to know what faults as a fellow pixel 5 owner

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              @CantonasKungFuKick: First unit bought directly from Google.
              Phone wouldn't read a SIM card (believe it or not!)

              Second unit purchased from JB HiFi. Had a faulty proximity sensor, whenever I made a phone call or played WhatsApp audio, screen blacked out. Went back to store and was given a new replacement.

              So far so good!

              • @Uncle Roger: My pixel 2 had sensor issues and the camera both cameras eventually stopped working.
                The proximity sensor was faulty from day 1, but I didn't pick up on it.
                Then I got a pixel 3, and the proximity sensor had the same issue you're reporting with pixel 5. I think google is using the same parts in the newer pixels as they did with the predecessors.

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          Battery is fine. I get two days use out of it. Software is okay. I prefer vanilla android to the samsung UI, but it's fine.
          FE camera picture quality is great. The colour accuracy is poor. I find my pictures get washed out.

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            @carlordau: You make the camera sound poor, rather than great.

  • Is this worth upgrading from an S10?

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      Unless you need 5G, the S10 (SD855) is still very good. Are you not happy with it?

    • -1

      I wouldn't. With any google phone you'd want to wait till 2 years after its launch to know if it has faults or not. S10s are very close to the newer launched models. You shouldn't need 5G just yet, so I'd keep my money in my pocket for now.
      Even the S20s are pretty crappy I've heard.

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    I've had faults with mine…am on the new one and it's ok thus far. Would choose differently if I had my time again.

  • This or Oppo RENO 5g???

    • Oppo Reno 5g 10x. It has better hardware.

    • I've got an Oppo Reno 5G and don't really like it. Battery life isn't great, and the stock launcher is pretty awful.

  • +9

    Now $646 at Officeworks

    • thanks, bought one from OW!

      • It’s tempting me!

    • I bought one too, thanks 🙂

    • Link? its 696

      • You missed it

  • Worth upgrading from Pixel 2 XL or just wait? No 5g in my area yet so no rush with that, but want 5g in whatever phone I get next for future proofing

    • I'm in exact same boat!

    • Does your pixel 2 xl still have operating cameras? I had to get rid of mine because both cameras stopped working after an update.

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        Ummm, yes? If an update broke your cameras (and it really shouldn't have), roll-back the update, reinstall an older update or install a 3rd party OS…

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          This is the problem nowadays, people find it easier just to replace something rather than do a google search and put in 30 minutes to fix the problem. I don't mean to direct it at mrtee because I can understand if you don't have much technical knowledge it would be easier just to replace it, but people really should give a google search a go and 90% of the time the problem can be fixed (especially if it is a software problem).

    • Same boat. Battery life starting to deteriorate (accubattery says 93% but doesn't feel like it). Software updates would be nice too.

  • This doesn't support the good 5G. Aus model doesn't get 5g mmWave support.

  • Is there a way to get Officeworks gift cards at a discount or should I try to get either JB, good guys or Harvey to price match and pay with their discount gift cards all of which I can easily get on discount

  • +1

    Friend picked one up in the last deal and is still waiting, they've told him early feb now.

  • I have a 4a5g (last JB deal) and could not be happier. Two days battery life and a well made fast phone. Love native Android and do not play games.

    • What was your last phone before the 4a 5g?

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        Pixel 2XL - this phone is as good or better. Maybe upon reflection I could have purchased a 4XL demo /near new. No regrets though

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    $699 on Google Store also

  • Would you buy this for unlimited HQ photos on Google photos?

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      Can confirm it is

  • Does this phone support dual sim?

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