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Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Console $749 + Delivery @ Big W (Online Only)


Looks like Big W online have stock of the PS5 Disc Console.

Get in quick as I'm sure stock will sell out fast.

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          • @Ameowzon: Yeah my brother checked out as guest and his order got cancelled

          • @Ameowzon: I think being a first order for something relatively expensive and in demand as well as checking out as guest might have spooked their "fraud detection" systems.

            • @prxy: Oh well… I'll give it a go with non-guest next time.

              • @Ameowzon: It's happened to me a couple of times before and missed out on some great deals. I don't use guest accounts for really good deals or high demand items anymore.

  • Status changed to being fulfilled

  • +1

    Mine still showing as picking in progress.

    This normal?

    • Yes? It literally said there will be shipping delays when purchasing the item.

      Last round it took nearly a week to dispatch people’s orders. Don’t worry if it hasn’t been cancelled I’m sure you’re fine. Be patient ;)

      • I wonder why though?

        Its an online only purchase so not requiring staff to go picking out on the shop floor. Would assume then its all stored in a warehouse somewhere.

        No major months long lockdowns, restrictions are easing and also not a busy shopping/delivery time like christmas.

        Only reason for delay would be they don't actually have stock on hand and are waiting for delivery. Or perhaps are heavily vetting orders to weed out multiple purchases/scalpers etc?

        • +1

          My digital version console was ordered Thursday after 11am was picked and shipped out yesterday (Friday) and the tracking says processed at facility (Sydney) just after 3pm and then shows in transit to next facility an hour later. So there certainly wasn’t any shipping delays with my order.

          There is a cool video on the Big W distribution centre which shows its largely automated so perhaps it’s just them lowering people’s expectations - https://youtu.be/sDC0MYmhR88

          I’m hoping Australia Post although they don’t deliver parcels on weekends still move them around the country over the weekends so I could be lucky and get mine Monday in QLD.

          • @Magnastar: Awesome best of luck.

            Just makes me concerned now as my order (disc version) was made around 10mins earlier than yours and it's status is still "awaiting processing".

            Thanx for the vid.

  • Received shipping notification this morning

    • Did you order Thursday? I'm still "Awaiting Processing". :\

      • +1

        yeah i did

      • Still awaiting processing as well.

        What time did you order?

        • within a minute of the product going live

          • @bigchunguss: My order states 10:58am so I'm guessing your order was made before me?

          • @bigchunguss: So sometime just after Dealbot posted on 4/2/2021 10:09 am?

            • @prxy: Yeah. It was within a minute or two of stock going live

  • +1

    Shipping confirmation received

  • Shipping confirmation received as well stoked.

  • Anyone who has ordered on 21-Jan but have not received his order ?

  • in stock, get it quickly.

  • Got one! Had the page awaiting refresh!


  • at least they're not charging for shipping anymore

  • Got one

    • nope, shows available

  • -1
    • Whatttttt ?!

      • +1

        he had $740 worth of rewards points. I don't know how long it took him to acrue that much credit though.

        • Bought huge amount of gc

          • @rartelif: GC does not give reward points.

            • @SJ50: Check the previous deals, buy $100 swap card and get 2000 points etc

              • @rartelif: oh, this way.

              • @rartelif: I never got those one cause I couldn't find them. Just ebay 10 GC last yr. Still got 5 left lol

        • It took me few yrs lol
          not many from GC and ~$100 from ebay GC

  • got it, thanks champ

  • damn gone?

    • nope

      • cant add it to the cart anymore

        • i can

          • @skye89: oh im dumb it was already in my cart so couldnt add another, thanks

  • Is this an existing thread? I ordered at 10.12am and got in?

    • +1

      it got restocked. Instead of posting a new post, they updated the existing one.

      • Nice, I'm feeling lucky today. LOL!

  • Noice, got one

  • I got one. Though only out of FOMO. I got nothing to play on it, and I was hoping the EB PS4 Pro trade in offer would return. It's hard to justify buying a console at full price. I think I'm only getting it because it's so hard to get.

      • +1


        I've owned every Playstation. I was always going to get one. It was just going to be a matter of when, not if.

        I was going to wait for a discount, Slim, or Pro model, or a new colour. But that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon.

        • I was in the same boat as you but I decided to pull the trigger.

  • +1

    this time free shipping!

  • Yay, thanks Ozb

  • +1

    Nice of them to include free shipping.

  • OOS??

  • GGz all gone

  • Looks like it is gone

  • Damn… got it to the cart and then it said it couldn't ship to my postcode so must be out of stock again.

  • +1

    Man, that was stressful. Managed to get one.

  • Damn shipped already wtf

    • what time did you order it? That would be fast.

      • as soon as it went live, finally got my friend his ps5 lol

        • Apparently it lasted 10 minutes and I managed to get one. Which means I ordered within minutes of you. But I'm still at "Awaiting Processing".

          My order acknowledgement email says

          Playstation 5 Console

          Please expect shipping delays for this item

  • Digital edition in stock, if anyone interested.


    • OOS

    • OOS for me?

    • +2

      I don't recommend it. You save $150 but can never score bargain bin deals, borrow/lend your games, resell, trade in, buy collectors/deluxe/limited edition games (you can buy them, just can't play them). You are at the mercy of whatever Sony is charging on their store. Backwards compatibility with PS4 disc games you own won't be playable. The last one is a huge one going forward. What you're giving up is worth more than $150 imo. XSS is an even worse deal.

      When I was a kid, me and my friends agreed to buy different games and we just passed them around.

  • -3

    its' gone. this time actually lasted for a good 2 hours.

    • +1

      2 hours? No way

      • +2

        lol more like 10 minutes

      • Yeah I with yah Mousey 1 time :)

    • Ok didn't realize the deal was updated from an earlier date with 8:30 time stamp

  • That was a quick sell out… Looks like they sold their 20 units.

    • +1

      It was more than 2 hours from time of posting.

      You want quick sell out? Try buying a 3080. It will be gone in less than 2 seconds. Literally.

      • +1

        Look at date of posting… this post was refreshed because it came back in stock. It came in stock at 10am today

        • +1

          Is that right? I must have really lucked out then.

      • So what is the secret weapon for 2 sec sell-out ?

        • +1

          there is no secret weapon. You just have to get lucky.

          The realistic way to get one, and the way I managed to do it is, with a credit card with shopper's protection buy one at an inflated price and claim the price difference back later. I paid $320 more than it cost a month earlier, and that price was already heavily inflated.

          There are places out there that list RRP prices or close to it, but they don't have stock. They allow you to preorder it but realistically the wait is going to be months. You can still use their price to make a price protection claim as long as they allow you to order it.

          Prices are going up (RRP is increasing) so the longer you wait, the worse it will get. There's no relief in sight, so paying inflated prices today might actually be your cheapest way to get one.

          • @lostn: That a nice tactic I'll have to add to my arsenal :)

      • Yeah, I waited for about 4+ months before I received mine. In the meantime, I was trying to snipe here and there but never got any because they literally 'sold out before it got posted'.

        • how much did you pay? And how'd you end up getting it?

          I paid $2120 for a Strix 3080 OC which is enough money to buy a Series X + PS5 + Switch and still have a few hundred change. For reference the most I've paid for a card before this was ~$500. I could have got the card a month earlier for $1800 if I hadn't balked.

          • @lostn: I placed the preorder on launch night and was fortunate to pay the low price for the FTW3 model from PLE. I think it was $1250 or something. This was before they increase their price. Looking back, I'm glad it worked out. But I also had a 2080 Super that I purchased few years back to tie me in.

            • @Davesday: yeah it does provide new perspective. I used to never buy things at RRP unless it was an Apple product. Now RRP is the new bargain.

              • @lostn: Yeah, I do get the constant debate about RRP vs Real Bargain. I do know that this constant supply shortage is not helping the situation.

                I can also say that the material/component shortage is real across the industry. And this seems to be fueling the whole problem (in addition to the demand spike during the initial months of COVID). Suppliers and vendors are cashing in due to this. Finally the trade wars between US and China supplementing this.

                BTW, Apple product prices do 'align' with the market after the first 3 months of sale. As long as one is not eager to get it on day 1, you should save $100-200.

  • It's only worth $850 at CEX.

  • What does awaiting processing mean?

    • Anything from order placed to picking to about to be shipped.

    • means the order is awaiting processing?

      • lolz Captain obvious. Thanks for your wisdom. Does that mean, they will likely cancel my order as it’s not processed if they don’t have stock.

        • Um, i doubt it. Usually cancellation emails would've already been sent. You should be fine mate :)

    • they're waiting for a monkey to process it.

  • Just got a cancelation email ☹️

    • geez no luv for you ☹️

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