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Optus One: 12 Months $65/Month (Save $54/Month) - 500GB Data, 5G, Unlimited Calls & Text, 10GB Roaming, Optus Sport


Optus bring back this deal. Probably to beat the Telstra discount plan.

Reverts to $119 / month after 12 months

Month to Month plan

500GB Data
5G Access
Unlimited Calls & Text
Data sharing across account
Unlimited Standard Talk and text to 35 selected destinations.
10GB Roaming
Optus Sport + fitness

I was offered an additional $10 p/m on the plan if I add the phone to the plan. You may have to try multiple agents

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  • You mean extra $10 for the S21 phone?

    • On plan not the phone

  • Ah ok so instead of $65pm it will be 55pm if you add any S21 phone.

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    Standard phone support (Offshore), Optus neglects to inform people of this (many were caught out with this last time this was "offered")

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    Got this from last deal. Pretty disappointed with the speed/coverage and also custom servo. 3.75mbp as download and 4.40 as upload. Keep buffering when YouTubeing. More rediculously no signal at all in workplace where is one building away from optus headquarter in Mq park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SOS in workplace

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      I am on average 40 Mbps down and 10~20 Mbps up with Optus but I lives in Hobart XD

    • People's experience with all carriers are very YMMV at the moment.

      Telstra: used to be the go for carrier but for the past 18 months been really garbage. Last choice unless your area only have Telstra. Customer services is best out of the three but doesn't mean its great. Just not as bad as the other two.

      Optus: Speed wise they are very fast and also reasonably stable. We have this plan and it basically replace our NBN. Zero problem in major areas and I have heard their 5G is even better. Services they are really bad, you are better server as an Optus One customer but ecen that has gone worse as many customers are on Optus one now with deals like this.

      Vodafone: Surprise in the 4G and 5G generation, Vodafone seem to redeem itself from the Vodafail dates. Their 4G is not the fastest but very stable. Can be unstable in doors but manageable. Its customer services though is quite bad.

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    FYI guys — I signed up to this in December on the last day of the Black Friday promotion and it was a terrible experience.

    I have an ABN and enjoy a 25% benefit on any new lines.

    I found out the hard way that this is a $119 plan with a discount of ($54) to bring it to $65

    Therefore, any discounts you may have could clash with this $54 discount and if the person does it wrong, you will lose the $54 discount which I did.

    I was expecting to pay $48.75 ($65 with a 25% discount), but was greeted with a $119 bill in my first full month.

    The ad was already gone by the time I had my first bill so the live chat man didn't believe that a $65/500 GB plan existed.

    We had a very very long conversation over a week and I finally recieved a partial fix..

    My bill now looks like this

    • I found out the hard way that this is a $119 plan with a discount of ($54) to bring it to $65

      It literally says on the plan chooser page "After 12/mths reverts to $119"

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        My point is that the backend discounts cross-interact and that is some people may want to know because not everyone is paying full price.

      • Yes, it would be better not to add a phone, unless you plan to pay off the phone in 12 months.

    • Oh you are getting 24 months discount rather than 12 months now

    • I was expecting to pay $48.75…

      Well we expect many stuff but doesn't mean it will happen. I expect Optus to price match Vodafone on the S21 Ultra, doesn't mean I will get it.

      I am almost certain some where in the T&C no other discount can be use together.

    • “ The ad was already gone by the time I had my first bill so the live chat man didn't believe that a $65/500 GB plan existed“

      This is the worst part. What a waste of time. Everytime I sign up for a new postpaid I can never be confident that they get the first bill right. When they don’t I know I know I’m gonna have to spend hours on the phone. It seems to be the norm

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    still not convinced to make jump from $40/m 80GB + 4GB roaming data plan which will soon to be $50/m as $10/m discount is only for 24m

  • I got the Vodafail deal for $55 per month. Getting 50mbps on B818 rock solid on a rural property where telstra on 10mbps. So I am lucky all neighbours got sucked to Telstra overloading the tower and leaving with unloaded vodafail one just for me…….
    Try a prepaid card first to find out the best like I did and found vodafail was the best.

    • Been around a few areas in Sydney for the past 2 days. I have to say you must be one lucky guy. I do understand why others are saying Telstra is better option. I mean by all means it isn't great but its signal strength seems much better than Vodafone and Optus. One example is Liverpool; I was passing the station, quick speed test all three are not doing well but the Telstra line seem to ne more stable. I mean Liverpool is quite a big suburb, how can all three do so bad!!

      A few other suburb I test return similar results. The closer you are into CBD the better your speed get. By the time reach Ashfield, Optus and Vodafone feel very stable and throw out numbers that leave Telstra eating dust.

  • Were you signing up a new line or recontract? Just wondering if the additional $10 off the plan is valid for recontract.

    • I have contacted them and chat with few agents, no further discount on this plan. :(
      If you find anything pls let us know.

    • Re-Contract .the sale agent mentioned it's the manager offer so might not work with other agents :(

  • Thanks OP wanted a new plan with 5G access …

  • Asked an Optus Rep about the $10 off, the response: "Thank you. I checked and see that there is no promotional offer available for the mobile plan in your current account since you only have Mobile Broadband plan. The above $10 which you have referred is the promotional offer which is available for a mobile plan on particular number with specific account. It is automatically generate by the application and it is not available for all existing account. However I am happy to arrange to 500GB data at $65 per month for next 12 month over here now."

    Hope this helps someone!

  • Can I use it for home internet? Currently on a similar Optus plan for $68 but uses only 4G.
    Can someone please recommend a cheap Optus plan where I can share data with?

  • I was on Telstra, got 500/40 (download/upload speed) with 4G. Ported to Optus today and got 40/4 with both 4G and 5G. All tests were carried out on iPhone 12 Pro Max at same location (Lansvale NSW). What a joke.

  • for anyone interested - this deal is back on

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