Options to Port out from Kogan Mobile?

I port in/out every 3m Kogan <-> Catch Connect between their $15/90days new customer plan and currently on Kogan which is due to expire in next 20days and I cannot see Catch connect ($15/90days) new customer plan is not available atm, what are my options other than Kogan?

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  • Have you checked Gomo? They have buy 3 months get 3 months free atm.

  • @OP

    You could try with Amaysim and shopback offers https://www.shopback.com.au/amaysim-mobile, or at the supermarkets usually have discounted sim card or on the 7/11 app have offers on simcards. On my 7/11 offers card currently I have buy a $30 vodafone sim card pack for $8 or a Optus $30 for $15.

  • I heard round these parts that you need at least 30 days or something when porting out and back in to Kogan?

    I took advantage of the $1 Gomo SIM (long gone) and I'm about to port into my 45 GB Lycamobile plan for $7 (which is only for 28 days), before switching back to Kogan.

    • That is correct, they have that restriction in place. Catch connect recently have not had any great offers either.


      The port in process is painful and weird (I had to put in my SIM to get my own phone number BEFORE going back to my old SIM to receive an SMS).

      And I'm still trying to workout how to apply the pre-paid $7 plan since the 161 code doesn't work. And the Indian call centres close for some reason at 6 pm.

  • I'm currently with Kogan too and my plan is expiring next week. I have ordered a NuMobile sim (free first month) to port into next. Then I'll go back to Kogan when the free month expires.