Is It OK to Put Your Poo Bag into a Household Bin on The Street

So we often walk our dog at night time.

If he does a poo, we'd pick it up using a bag, tight it, and throw the bag into the bin at the park or our own (red) bin.

One night every week, we will see the bins out on the kerb side on our walk.

So the wife and I were debating if it's OK to put the Poo Bag into someone else's bin.

All the bins will be emptied by the council trucks the following morning.

Where does the OBZ community stand on this?

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    Never OK
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    Only before BIN day/night
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    As long as the Bin is on the street


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    My bin stinks, always has, always will. It's outside, I don't care. You throw your dog poo in there, it makes no difference. It's a bin!

  • I have no input, I am just here for the comments.

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    Your dog's your own property, you're responsible for it.
    Why dont we all throw kids nappies, diapers, cloths of vomit into peoples Bins, does that sound ok?

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    Bins are council property, if it's within property lines it would be trespassing to put something in. Once it's on a curb you can put stuff in.

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      The bins are not necessarily Council property. If one has to buy a bin it belongs to you.

  • Anyone here listen to tofop? This exact topic has been discussed before, in Charlie's bin saga episodes.

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    shoulda put her in the bin

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    If my bin is on the curb, i couldn't care less who put what into it. It will be gone in a few hours anyway.. .. It all goes into the same truck…. I tell all my neighbours, if there is space in my bin, use it.

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      couldn't care less who put what into it. It

      I have some bags, a knife, dirty clothes and a messy rug I need to dispose of. Your bin it is.

      • No problems, i couldn't care less if you threw in a severed head

  • If there is already stuff in the bin, then fine BUT if bin is empty then no. The bloody little things stick to the bottom and don't always come out on rubbish days.

  • OP - out of interest, what do you feed your dog?

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    This is one of those things where I feel like it's actually accurate to miss "the good old days"!

    While I would personally feel too awkward to use someone else's bin, the degree of protectiveness most people are displaying over a plastic box that is used to store literal trash is a pretty shocking indictment on the state of community nowadays.

    • -2

      Agreed. Just shows how utterly stupid, selfish and ignorant people can be. Why do these SJW morons all seem to use Ozbargain?!

  • FU to the people that dont throw the bags in a bin.
    DOUBLE FU to the ones that throw it in the wrong bin!

  • I do it all the time if it is on the street or not.

    That bin is living its life asking for rubbish.

  • Hey just a question, what about disposing it in a nearby petrol station?

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    All good providing you let my cat shit in your back yard😊

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    Don't be the arsehole that puts it in the bin AFTER they have been picked up and are still on the street. Had someone do that and had a stinking bag of poo in the bin for a whole week.

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    Recently built a new house and had the bins delivered.
    The next day I go to bring them in.
    Some POS had put a POS (in a bag, I guess I'm supposed to be thankful) in the recycling bin.

    So IMO the rule is: no, you can't put your POS in someone else's bin unless it's bin night and you put it in the right bin.

  • People are so precious these days.

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      good to know that if someone dumps rubbish in your bin so it overflows and your council won't collect it you'll just take it in your stride and leave your wife to sort it out…

      • Stress kills. People are people and do crazy stuff. I’m not going to let something so insignificant worry me unnecessarily.

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          I’m not going to let something so insignificant worry me unnecessarily.

          Like carrying a bag of harmless poo back home? Too precious, stressful and traumatising to carry it back home?

          • -2

            @Ughhh: Can you read, my comment was referring to someone putting stuff in my bin. Not me carrying poo. Derp.

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    OP take it home and put it in your bin.

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    why not put it in your pocket and take it home? don't want the leaking risk or hygiene concern right? I guess same concern to others' bins too.

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    This grinds my gears something shocking. Our garbage bin only comes fortnightly now and is on the small side. I don’t appreciate having someone dump their dogs business or their 7/11 coffee or any other rubbish they see fit to stink up my bin for 2 weeks because I didn’t instantly take my bin off the street after the truck comes. Take your own rubbish home or dump it in a public bin, it’s just decency.

  • The only time I would put it in someone elses bin if it is the night before bin collection or the morning off bin collection and the bins have not yet been collected, otherwise just take it home.

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    Someone once did this to my bin, i didnt find out until the next week. All my regular rubbish must have pushed down on the poo bag, because it got stuck at the bottom.

    It fukn stank so bad and i couldnt figure out why until after the next rubbish run and i saw it stuck to the bottom. All i could do was hose it with some water, hope that was enough to dislodge it and hope that it fell out in the next rubbish run.

    If you want a dog, and want to pick up its crap with a bag in your hands, then you also accept the responsibility of walking all the way home with a bag of dog shit in your hands.

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    If you have a quality undamaged poo bag and it is sealed properly with a knot, then I think it’s fine to drop it in any general bin. I’d much rather that than someone leaving it on my grass (bagged or unbagged). I don’t think it’s necessary to carry a bag with you all the way home unless you are nearly there anyway.

    It’s mainly a matter of making sure that the bag will not leak nor smell.

  • My neighbouring dog owners can't even do that, the dogs' poop all over the front lawn. Not sure how they look after the dog let alone themselves. People who do that deserve their dog to be taken away from them. No comprehension of responsibilities or respect.

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    What's worse is not getting to your bin in time the next morning. Twice had some ahole throw a bag of dog turd in my bin after it has been collected. Would love to set up a camera and catch them.

    • Our street has that problem constantly. Read my account further down of the local dog-faeces-avoidance-Olympics. I'm weary of hearing: "I'm a responsible dog owner… because I blah, blah…" No, most of you think you are, but you actually aren't. Because most of us non-dog owners are fed up with you walking a few hundred meters THEN allowing your dog to squat on OUR lawn or sidewalk, and even think putting your animal's stinking filth into our just-emptied bins for another unwashed week is being 'responsible/good' dog owners!?

      There's a long footpath in front of our houses, past council owned bushland, down to a popular sight-seeing area. Maybe 75% of dog owners pat themselves on the back for leaving their dog's gagging filth in our just-emptied bins because it's 'better' than just leaving it. No, it's not. Neither is acceptable. (What do they do the other 6 days btw? Do the same thing! Do they even walk them other days!?) While the other 25% drag their dogs by a lead literally plopping faeces out their arse along the footpath as they go (I've seen it!). I remember having to walk on the road every day for 3 weeks because there was so much turd on the sidewalk you couldn't step between it.

      Then after mountains of complaints, a couple of kids getting bitten, dogs squatting right next to electric BBQs and kids swings… dog owners vehemently start bitching and moaning in the local rag, and the guy next door circulates a petition, after council once again postulates about banning dogs (and all this when they already have a special landscaped park funded specifically for them!). He asked me to sign his petition like it was the only logical thing to do. I refused. Amazing how dog owners think they're their cause is some lofty righteous cause 'because I do the right thing', then alienate the rest of us by using the lawn where our kids play as a latrine and drop their noxious filth into our just-emptied bins lol!

      In just about everything else I detest government in our lives. But the day dogs get banned, DNA landmine testing begins, and hefty fines handed out for not driving them to and walking them in their own park, can't come quick enough. Same with screeching and fighting cats at 3am. If I were planning on staying here I'd build a trap then phone the RSPCA (who told me they'll pick up and euthanize or fine the owners to spring their pet until they get the message to keep them inside).

  • If you have to, I'm sure they will understand. But the garbage bins are only for a households personal waste. Consider that the bins are normally stored near people's house for most of the week and people may be precious about them because of that.
    If you do put shit in other people's bins it may leek or leave a smell. I would recommend trying not to, but if you have to perhaps double bag and find a fuller bin to put it in rather than a mostly empty one.

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    If it's the night before it's not so bad but it's still not good.
    Even if you think the knot is tight, in the hours that the bag is sitting in there the smell can leak out and stick with the bin.
    You may have more faith in the airtight nature of your bagging than the owner of the property would be.

    It's also much worse if done in the morning though, especially if it's thrown into a bin that isn't taken every week.
    I have a bin I privately pay to be collected every 3 weeks and people have thrown dog poo in it in the past.
    If I saw someone do it, I'd simply follow them to their home and put it in their mailbox.
    Really poor form, if you want to have a dog you take responsibility for it.

  • I typically only do this the night before or the morning of bin collection.

    A little while ago I miscalculated and threw a (well tied) dog poo bag into a bin that HAD been emptied. It was pretty early and I didn't realise the truck had been. Now I was conflicted. Walk away, no one sees a thing. Or, try to bury half my body into that empty bin to try to retrieve it, and risk looking like some sort of stinky bin man.

    I'll let you decide which I chose!

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      Skulked away like a damn coward…

      …is what I would have done bin boy.

  • +3

    Couldnt care less if someone put it in mine.

  • -1

    Does it make any difference if it's an apartment block's bins? I don't like putting my dog's poo bag in someone's bin if it's a house, but if it's an apartment block that has like 20 bins I feel a lot more comfortable.

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    Biased dog owner here, but I'd prefer people just use the bin. Better than throwing stuff under my hedge every other day, or piling it up behind a tree as I discovered recently.

  • what about a coffee cup?

    • If it's empty i personally wouldn't give a damn. Anything that leaves a smell behind/takes a lot of space is definitely a heck to the no.

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    "OK to put the Poo Bag into someone else's bin" ?

    You've answered you're own question. "someone else's bin"… no, never. Take it home, you have your own bin.

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    I've had people throw dog shit in not bagged, and it fills with maggots and you cant get rid of the stench, its really disgusting

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    I wouldn't have an issue with it, better in the bin than left on the side walk. I don't understand all the people getting angry about a potentially smelly bin. It's a bin. It lives outside where you don't have to smell it. It not like you park it in the living room next to the couch…

    • +1

      I don't understand all the people getting angry about a potentially smelly bin.

      I've come across bins (not mine) where it was so stinky, if I don't hold my breath, I would barf. I would rather not have to experience that every time I open my bin.
      I pay my rates and take care when putting trash in. Unless the dog walker wants to contribute, or is mentally/physically handicapped, then carry that harmless turd back home like a champ.

  • I have two dogs and pick up after them, so this is my opinion.

    I think if you don't pay for the rates for the bin then look for a public bin or take it to your own.
    Not pleasant carrying around a bag of fudge especially during hot days but on the upside it is a fudge rocket if anyone gives you grief.

    • A public bin? I haven't seen one anywhere except for in parks and around the CBD (Melbourne)

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    If you going to put dog poo inside my red bin, you will have to clean the bin once a week than I'm fine otherwise NO!

  • Yes. The councils own the bin, not the residents.

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    Yeah, I do that.. it's a garbage bin, not your kichen

  • Definitely not, more so if the bin has been emptied.

  • +1

    Totally not ok.

  • -3

    Yes, I put the sealed up poo bag in the closest garbage bin and I don't care if people do the same to my bin. As long as it's sealed and not the recycling bin.

    • Everyone should stop the silly negging behaviour… … and take up leaving-laxative-gummy-bears-on-the-sidewalk-behaviour instead. :-D

  • -1

    All the poeple on their high horse complaining, just a few years ago this thread would have been "is it ok for my dog to sh!t on other people's lawn without picking it up", be careful what you wish for, I'd rather a shit in a sealed bag in my bin rather than someone just leaving them on the lawn

  • -1

    Someone should start another thread which says "do you have a dog" with Yes/No and it would be a similar split

  • -1

    Geeeeeeeeez what a pack of precious sooks. My dog's shit is going in whichever bin is closest to me at the time. Be grateful it's not on your lawn.

    • +3


    • Next time someone will do human poop at your lawn

    • We are grateful we don't live near inconsiderate shit people

  • I put old bait in a public bin at the park. I guess I'll see myself out

    • Not much point putting it in the bin. And it's illegal. But with the attitude of some dog owners (like the one a few messages back), I'm thinking maybe the rest of us have it all wrong and we should start leaving delicious treats along the sidewalk for these wonderful animals, laced with copious amounts of Stevia. (Stevia causes explosive diarrhea unless ingested regularly.) Let's help dog owners fulfill their pet's full creative potential … by helping them take up spray painting their owner's carpet or verandah in a gagging shade of brown until we can leave our bins out all week without any 'deposits'. ;-D

  • +3

    Sheer number of votes saying it is ok worries me. It's not your bin. Yes, it's in a public place etc but it's not your bin. Wtf is wrong with you people?

    • +2

      With your logic, it's not your bin either.

      • +1

        Our rates pay for a service, which delivers a bin to our home, for our exclusive use, which even has our address stamped on it, which someone else can be fined for taking to their address instead, and which we are responsible for cleaning and removing from the sidewalk in an acceptable time frame after emptying. So carry your dog's filth home a few hundred meters to your own bin.

  • Have you guys just tried squashing and smearing the poo on the ground until its unrecognisable?
    Ive been doing this and it saves me from carrying poo bags or putting them in other peoples bins

    • What do you use to squash it?

      • Anything close i can find - if not just a hand full of dirt

    • PLEASE keep doing this. So we can have this: So a few more steps along by pen-pushing government control freaks and dog ownership will be banned altogether (yippee!).

      • Bound to fail due to the 'voluntary' option. If dog owners are aware that they may be liable to be fined the majority will not opt in to have their dogs DNA checked.
        I like the idea however would do a mandatory option.

  • So, to recap:
    1) Wheelie bins are council property, not the residents
    2) All wheelie bins get emptied in to a rubbish truck, which all go to one large dump

    So, for people to have an issue of other people putting rubbish in their bin, you're acting naive, immature, and entitled.

    • +6

      Residents pay for garbage collection through council rates. I’m sure part of that fees goes to wheelie bins as well. The bins are only a streamlined way of collecting garbage organised by council. Doesnt mean anyone can haphazardly use someone else’s bins at their wish.

      • +1

        That's right…. your council rates do cover the bins. When I was renovating my house, I paid extra ($150 a year extra added to council rates) to get an extra bin (helped clear out all the junk during the reno).

        EDIT - A similar argument could be made about those big Skip bins. You hire them, but you don't OWN them. You'd probably be pretty annoyed if you'd hired a Skip bin and found other people putting their rubbish in something you've paid for (hired). That argument could extend to this situation. If I'm paying for it, I want to use it.

        (Personally I don't mind if it's poop sealed properly in a bag. What has p*ssed me off in the past is when I put my bin out the night before pick-up 3/4 full, and I'll do a last-minute run of rubbish the day of collection… only to find someone has come along and completely filled up my bin so I can't even fit mine in there)

        • If you ok dog poop in your bin from someone else, you ok everything else. So basically you have no right to complain if your bin is full of other peoples rubbish when you leave it out,..even if they fill it up immediately after the bin was emptied.

    • +1

      1) Wheelie bins are council property, not the residents

      Which is designated for the use at that ONE address. Take it to another house and get reported it's THEFT. So the people whose property it belongs at, are responsible for what goes in it, have to clean it, etc. So when some fool put a pizza box into my recycling bin, it was ME that got a letter from council whining pizza boxes are not recyclable, that "I" should not put them in again, and threatened ME they will stop emptying it if "I" did it again.

      So for people to have an issue with other people using their bin, they're entirely justified. If anyone is 'immature' it's people using other people's facilities as their own, when they have their own facilities back at THEIR own address which is obviously in walking distance and where they will shortly be returning to. The real immature and entitled ones are those who think their dog's mess is so disgusting they can't carry it a few hundred meters back to their home, so instead need to leave it at OURS.

      2) All wheelie bins get emptied in to a rubbish truck, which all go to one large dump

      And all sewage goes to the same treatment plant. Doesn't mean next time I get diarrhea you're awful for not letting me come spray it in your toilet because mine is 100m down the street and I can't be bothered cleaning my toilet afterwards.

  • +2


  • It's fine when the bin is on the street ready for collection.

    I mean, if my bin was collected already, sometimes I see other peoples rubbish in my bin and frankly I don't care. They are putting their rubbish in the bin and not on the road.

  • +3

    One time i went to get my bin off the kerb after collection day and could smell something absolutely rotten while rolling it down, i opened it to find a bag of dog poo in a diaper bag and it smelt absolutely horrifying. I swore and walked 5 minutes down the street where there was a dog park with public bins. Why would anyone think that's okay? People arguing that it's the council bin, it's not public property and it has to stay in my backyard to rot for a week and i will be the one smelling it no one else.

  • idk if it's before bin night and on top of something, but still I'd like that neighbours ask first.

  • +3

    Worse are those dog owners who pick up their dog poo only to then drop the bag on the ground.

    • +2

      this^^ see it all the time in my area, bags of poo on the ground :-(

      I don't care if someone puts it in my bin if it has not been emptied, if its been emptied it frustrated me.

  • Sounds like a slippery slope descent towards poo jogging.

  • +1

    Go for it.

    the alternative is it doesn't get collected and left on the nature strip.

    i'd rather it in the bin than on the nature strip

  • +2

    517 people say this is not ok? Right…. no wonder people are the worst.

    • It's like these people dont understand the rotting flesh, the rotting organics, the nappies etc etc that go in the bin. You just leave this in your house until bin day? So your outside garbage bin doesn't get tainted? It's not your dinner plate people. Amazing.

      • +2

        This conveniently ignores the fact many dog owners drop their dog's mess into just-emptied bins too (not only the ones about to be emptied).

        Most people wash their bin out occasionally so it's not overrun with maggots, and doesn't make us dry reach from the stench when wheeling or opening them. But thanks to inconsiderate dog owners I either have to stay up until, or get up just before, 6am to bring the bin in immediately after emptying… or else I rarely get to wash it out because I'm not half-climbing into into a maggot-ridden bin to fish out THEIR dog's steaming landmine from the very bottom so I can wash out MY bin occasionally.

        It's THEIR damn pet. I didn't agree to take on even 1% of its responsibility, especially not its faeces. If it's really not that big a deal, then let them take it home to their own damn bin. But it's obvious they DO think it disgusting too or else: a) they wouldn't need to walk their pet so it could empty its bowels on my lawn, and b) would have carried it home in the first place.

        What's really amazing is the arrogance of people who think they have the right to use everyone ELSE'S facilities as THEIRS, when they're not prepared to themselves.

        • -3

          You must be a fun person to be around.

          • +1

            @Dagwood-Dog: I'm just being honest. It's no coincidence most people who have no problem with this are dog owners (most people will excuse the behaviour of others doing the same things they plan doing themselves). Conversely it's no coincidence most people who do have a problem with it… aren't. (Because we too empathize and identify with like-minded people.)

            It's no more acceptable for someone to take their mutt for a walk knowing it will empty it's bowels on our mown sidewalk (or my next door neighbour, or two, three, or fifteen houses down for that matter) then double-down on that disgusting offense by dropping it in our bin too, than it is for us to deliberately walk to their house at the same time every day to empty our bowels on their sidewalk, pick it up, and drop it in their bin. In fact if we did we'd be arrested. Yet many dog owners get a free pass! Then there's the fact many of their animals seem to have GLONASS installed in their anus triggering it open at the same GPS coordinates day after day.

            They wanted to pay $$$ to own a pet, feed it, play with (or argue over who feeds it/neglects it most of its life while they go to work, etc) - not the rest of us. The rest of us don't want the responsibility of dealing with it or it's mess. So why inflict its 'joys' upon us? It's bad enough we're forced to mow council sidewalks, but then we can't do anything on it for fear of getting dog faeces on us. So at least take it home and use their own damn facilities.

            • -1

              @Faulty P xel: I can't even imagine how you live day to day… Amazing! Thanks for the insight into your mind.

    • The amount of SJW do-gooder (profanity) on this site is out of control. They have lost what it means to be Australian and to care for your neighbour rather than just look our for themselves. Makes me sick.

      • +2

        How is not wanting dog poop in your bin related to caring for your neighbour and being 'Australian'?

      • Uh, you've got it backward. SJWs are the ones who need to insert themselves into other people's lives (and bins) instead of keeping their own business (and that of their dog) theirs alone, in their own 'back yard'… instead of inflicting (and dropping it) on the rest of us to deal with. So if anyone is 'unaustralian' it's people who walk their dog knowing it will empty its bowels on someone else's mown sidewalk, then drop the gagging mess into someone else's just-emptied bin instead of carrying their own mess home to deal with themselves.

    • This thread has changed my mind. I'm not even going to bother using the tie bag anymore. I'm going to purposely reach in and smear it all around the sides.

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