Cost of Removing Tyres from Rims?


I'm wanting to paint some 16" steel rims. The rims are already off the car.
Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to remove the tyres from the rims?
And also would it be the same to install the tyres again?

I would want to keep the tyres, so they don't need to be disposed of.

I've had some quotes at around $20 for each wheel, but this seems like something an apprentice could do in a few mins.


EDIT: I'm only looking to get the tyres removed from the rims. No need to re-balance the wheels, this can be done when the new tyres go on after they have been painted.


  • Sounds about right

  • That's about the current market price for removing a tyre from a rim.

    Replacement will be about the same unless you have a friendly tyre service.

    Can you not paint the rims with the tyres still on them?

    • You can get a better finish and there is less chance of the paint cracking around the rim if the tyre is removed beforehand. Plus the tyre needs to be swapped anyways.

  • You would obviously need to remove the tyre, replace the tyre, re-balance the wheel.

    So it's the same as fitting a new tyre.

    Should be $30 per corner.

    • I'm swapping to a new set of rims, so in this case I just need the tyre removed. No need to re-balance, etc..

      • Wait, no re balance? You're gonna b complaining of vibrations later

        • I would have the painted rims balanced after they are painted when tyres are being put on. I will update the post to make this clear.

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            @coarselanguage: You realise OP that fitting new tyres on the painted rims may damage the fresh paint, as will fitting weights to steel rims, no matter how careful the tyre fitter is?

            Source - previous experiences.

            • @Hithere: I will probably wait a week or so for the pain to cure. The weights are on the inside of the wheel and I'm not worried about any scratches there.

              They are also going to be painted with a 2k clear coat which at least offers much better protection than what I would get with a rattle can. I know that there are people with painted rims worth $2500-$3000 / set who get tyres changed without damage.

              Now, that said, I do agree that the paint may be still be damaged, but this is for a $300 set of rims. I'm not that fussed about it. That said, I assume most large tyre shops have quality tools to do the job, for example: I am looking to get this done at a tyre centre, not a local mechanic. But yeah, they might still bugger it up.

  • $20 is about the going rate from my experience.

  • Paint using cue cards.

    Works a treat.

    • This would be the true ozbargain way.

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    $15-$20 depending on how much business you've done previously.

    You are paying for the machine more than the fitters time.

    • Yeah. The one reasonable explanation I had was that the tyre places don't want to deal with people who buy tyres cheap either online or from overseas and then come to them to get the tyres swapped. So they charge a premium to swap stuff over.

      • It used to make me highly annoyed and I would charge more.

        My regular customers I would do R&Rs and punctures for free.

  • watch some yout8be clips of workers getting coal mining truck wheels off
    seems easy
    but of gas, light up

    sure there's a big explosion but that's it fake I reckon lol

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    You need: Valve core tool. For deflating the wheel. Someway to break the bead: Tyre jack or driving car over wheel (both slightly dodgy and can damage the radials in the tyre imo). Taped over tyre iron or other prying tool. scratch guard for your rims. Tyre lube or WD40 to spray on the rim. So it will cost about $30 - $40 just to try, cheaper if you had the relevant tools. My ones were a nightmare and took me several days to get on. I also had to rebead them and balance. If you have a compressor, you can re bead them. Best videos were: Main video and Second video they are both using 4wd tyres which are also easier.

  • Unless you are physically changing the tyres to a different tyre just paint with them on.

    • I am physically changing the tyres to a different tyre.