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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC: Lite $99, Pro (Version 2) $195, Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien $539 + Delivery (Free with $200 Spend) @ Wireless1


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    Based on some results I’ve seen, you’re better off getting the “6 Lite” over the AC Pro. That’s currently in the $160’s.

    Review of 6 Lite - https://youtu.be/f5WUifimRcE

    Might be a better case made for the Lite at $99 over the 6 Lite if on a budget.

    • Just watched that video mate. The guy suggests there wont be any noticeable speed improvement in wifi 6 compared to wifi 5 in performance unless you have a home network with 20+ devices constantly competing for radio frequency.

      6 lite has the same 1gig Ethernet link; same as the previous model.

      I would say; save some money and stick to the lite version if you have fewer devices

      My 2c

  • Really miss the days when the AC pro used to float nearer to $150… sigh

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    Run out sale to get rid of old stock before Wi-Fi 6 products are more available

    In saying that, the Pro’s should be around the $100 mark to be a decent deal, we could bulk buy them for $130 pre covid.

  • That might be the lowest price for the AC Lite its been.

    It will be years before enough '6' clients are prevelant to make the switch over so you could effectively deploy a couple of these, and upgrade/repurpose these much later on and still come out ahead. It's going to take a year or two before a household starts to introduce new phones, tablets, laptops that can take advantage of '6'.

    Thats before we really know whether these can be software upgraded to support 6E

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      I’m the opposite and think now probably isn’t the time to be jumping on the Unifi AC gear.

      Phones and laptops with 6 have been on the market 1-2 years now. There’s Samsung phones that are almost 2 years old with it and the iPhone got it with the 11 around 15 months ago. I think the discussion about devices not being ready has passed at this point. You could say that about WiFi 6e, but Wifi 6 is here now and if customers don’t have a client using it today, it’s very likely their next WiFi device will support it.

      The 6 Lites do cost more at $161(before PoE injector), but they are out performing the higher end Pro and Nano devices in many scenarios, let alone the AC Lite model. I’m not sure missing 6E supports a good reason to also avoid 6 which has benefits today. 6E isn’t approved for Australia (and many other major markets) and they’ve only decided to start drafting a discussion paper on it as of October, so 6E isn’t around the corner here. Given this, the 6 Lites will probably be on the market a few years before any 6E gear pops up locally, plenty of time to make use of WiFi 6 in the mean time.

      Ubiquiti has also started to drop support for some of their older 2nd gen devices. AC Pros and the Lites haven’t hit that point yet, but they may be next in line. (Their WiFi 6 devices being gen 4).

      If you’re price conscious then the Lite at $99 is good value as an entry point. Otherwise I think the 6 Lites a better long term bet especially given 6E availability in Australia is a complete unknown at this point other than to say it’s a while (likely years) away. If the benefit to WiFi 6 was just speed then that also wouldn’t be a huge deal, but better connection reliability etc is pretty beneficial in a domestic setting where people have walls to contend with or want their WiFi to flow through to the back yard.

  • Bring on the alien

  • I am very new to the unifi AP. Could I setup the AC lite to work like a normal home wireless router: NAT/WAN/LAN network etc? (No need for modem function)

  • Stackable with WORK21 code for extra 10% on AC-PRO?

  • Code doesn't work with alien :(