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Deepcool N19 Super Slim Notebook Cooler with 140mm Fan, Metal Mesh Panel $8 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ HT Amazon AU


Save $5 when you purchase 1 or more Deepcool N19 Super Slim 140mm Fan Metal Mesh Laptop Cooler offered by Harris Technology. Enter code DEEPCOOLN19 at checkout (was $13.00, now $8.00)
** edit: price drop to $13, with coupon code it's now $8.00 (and was $8.90 before this edit) Every cent counts at Ozbargain, this deal is still better than the previous $8.99 one.

  • 140mm FanN19 has a 140-mm cooling fan that delivers high volume airflow while maintaining low-noise operations.
  • Metal Mesh PanelN19 uses a high-quality metal mesh front panel to maximize cooling airflow through the panel to achieve superb cooling performance.
  • Angle DesignTo improve user experience, N19 provides 2 usage angles to improve viewing comfort.
  • USB PortN19 uses a USB passthrough connector to allow connection to an additional USB device.
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    So you hike up the price 3 weeks ago so you can offer a coupon now?

    You do realise that ozbargain has 3xC link right there in the post right?

    • Price jacking only to offer code to regular price is dodgy.

    • $8 is still a very good price

      • +5

        This is a rep posting an advertisement, not a normal ozbargainer finding a deal. If a rep posts a deal, it should actually be a "deal", instead of jacking it then "discount" it.

        • Why not a deal? Price is the lowest available.

          • +1

            @keyboardwarrior: If this was advertised as normal price, I wouldn't have down voted it. Its the pretence you are getting a discount which warranted the negative vote.
            If the OP was confident this was a deal, he could have posted it as the lowest price available without pretending you are getting a discount with the code and let ozbargain community decide.

            • -3

              @Trojan: he could have posted it as the lowest price available

              This is the lowest price available.

              You're playing semantics here. And you also don't know why they are using a code.

              • @plmko: They only dropped the price AFTER the price jacking was highlighted.

                • @annarchon: It was full price for a month before the price dropped again.

                  • @Clear: And it was about 9 dollar from May to end of December last year, hiked for 3 weeks for the start of the year, then a "discount".

                    • @annarchon: Hardly price jacking compared to how eBay and Kogan do it right before. Besides the OP has come and reduced it even further so you can't fault them for that.

  • thanks even without the code its by far the cheapest. upgrade from 4 pieces of rubber lol

  • +1

    Not bad.

    I have ordered 2 last time

    Does the job, one for Asus router and one for work laptop. Not the best fan/cooler, but $9 delivered is good.

  • Bought one, seems fairly small but useable.

  • Yeah, don't expect much

  • Laptop stand?

  • Fark ordered yesterday for 90c more. Delivered today. Seems good for the price as there's nothing else I could find on Amazon or ebay even close in price

  • so how does this work?

  • Bought. Thanks OP. My first laptop stand/cooler. 8$ delivered with prime is pretty good imo

  • I have the Deepcool N1 and like it pretty well.
    $19 from MSY.

  • +1

    It is only for smaller laptops (14" and smaller), somehow this important information is missing from the listing. I had to go to the manufacturer website to find it.

  • Got mine today. The 140mm fan moves a lot of air but is quite loud.

  • Returned mine. The fan was slightly touching the outer case when running using my 14inch notebook. Will stick to something more heavy duty next time.