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Parasite (2019) DVD $4 (Save $16) C&C /+ $3.90 Delivery (Limited Clearance Stock Only) @ BIG W


Description from Big W site, in case you haven't heard of this 2019 film

Winner of the Palme d’Or (Best Film award) at the Cannes Film Festival and the Sydney Film festival Official Competition – the first ever for a Korean film – this family tragicomedy is the latest masterpiece from Bong Joon-Ho, the director of The Host and Snowpiercer. PARASITE confirms his position as one of the world’s most inventive and captivating filmmakers.

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  • +27

    great movie, highly recommended

    • Respect!

    • +1

      This movie keeps your jaw open

  • +8

    Wasn't a fan of the movie, but good price

    • yeah, its exceptionally well made, but a bit too cynical for my liking.

      • +7


        It showcases the growing wealth & income equality in South Korea

        • Very dark humour. I can see why people didn't like it.

          I loved it. I also loved snowpiercer and okja

      • dark films usually leave me slightly depressed so i tend to avoid regardless of the actual content but i still do want to watch it one day

  • +30

    It's also $4 at Amazon with free Prime delivery.

    Great film but I can't imagine buying standard definition anything in 2021. Blu-Ray is 11 bucks at Amazon and JB and 4K HDR download is $9.99 at Apple.

  • -3

    Is ok

    • +19

      hahahahaha.. do you get it guys?

      Not the movie 'Parasite'. He's talking about an actual parasite. Like, as in the organism!!


      • +5

        I don’t get it

  • +15

    Be a real parasite and borrow it from your local library. Not likely to watch it twice anyway.

    • It's a great film that I think would benefit from at least one rewatch.

  • +4

    Cant believe this is not streaming on Australian netflix

    • +3

      It’s available in Argentina, Columbia, Japan, Mexico, and Thailand. You just need a working VPN. I’ve already watched it on Netflix.

    • +5

      It's on Stan at least.

    • +3

      Available on Amazon Prime

  • +5

    Blu Ray is also $4 at Big W in-store if you can find it.

    Only saw 2 copies at one store at the start of the month though, so probably pretty difficult.

    Enter the Spider-Verse was also $4 on Blu Ray

  • +12

    Another K film worth watching is I Saw the Devil. Incredible.

    • +1

      oh my friend, you have great taste in movies.
      i saw the devil is a masterpiece!

    • Is that the movie where a pregnant girl is chopped into pieces and her head was found by a cop holding it with lots of reporters chasing it? If so I hated the violence in that movie

      • +1

        Yep, that's the one!

      • It depicts the disgusting human nature in a raw perspective. Yes I have some love and hatred about this movie

    • +2

      The Wailing is another good one.

    • Have you seen Memories of Murder.

      • +1

        Yup, absolutely brilliant. Mother, another of Bong Joon Ho's films, is seriously underrated. Starts off slow but swear this is a gem

        • +1

          isn't mother by Darren Aronofsky?

    • Another one worth watching is Old Boy. Warning: It's pretty dark (not too gory though) and not everyone might like it. On the other hand it's a cinematic masterpiece.

      • +1

        they made a Hollywood version of Old Boy, in which you can see Wanda Maximoff half naked *wink2. Surprisingly storyline pretty much didnt devieate much from the original.

        • Haven't seen that version but looking at its IMDB score I'd rather not. I'm surprised to hear that they dared to keep the same storyline in a Hollywood production though.

    • +10

      I think the real question is who misspells Netflix lol

      • Nepflips

    • +26

      You need to turn on english subtitles to understand it.

  • +11

    You can just watch Parasite for free by introducing yourself as a Tutor to one of the families who already has Parasite ….

    • +1

      they might suspect something if they have the movie tho

  • +8

    They'll mention the Sydney Film Festival but not the fact that it won the Best Picture Oscar….??
    (And Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film)

    • +3

      The copy would date from when the DVD was released, i.e. before last year's Academy Awards

  • +2

    Best film of last year, easily.

    Great price

  • How long until they make an English dub of this so we can gift it to our blind relatives who have wanted to see what all the fuss was about for a long time now?

  • Is it better than the joker??

    • +8

      Way more deep in meaning, joker is nothing special. It doesn't really explain the character that well. I think an old movie by Michael Douglas called 'fallen down' has far more character development

      • +2

        Falling down and yes, agreed…

      • Thanks.

        I heard a lot of good things about Black Panther and how great it was. It was one of the most unsubtle, hamfisted plotlines I've ever come across so I wasn't expecting much from the joker, even though it's a DC production and not a marvel product. Same with Wonderwoman, which injected an admittedly gorgeous actress who was very good in her fight scenes but terrible in her line delivery.

        I've gone partway through Parasite, but not watched the joker. I thought Parasite was incredibly smart, but also a little slow.

        I'll have to revisit them both again sometime to reconsider.

        Edit- Michael B Jordan is so much better in Just Mercy. I was also looking forward to Black Panther 2 despite my criticisms above.

    • Joker is one of the worst movies I've seen recently and Parasite is one of the best, so I'd say yes.

  • +2

    Do it clockwise

  • +8

    DVD? is this 2001?

  • Currently available to watch on STAN if you have it.

    • -1

      Need on the big 2 . Stan is only decent for a mth a year like Disney .

  • person didnt let my buy

  • -1

    Is this mooooovie in English?

    • +1

      Subtitles only are in English. There's no dub as far as I'm aware.

  • +3

    It’s absolutely sickening people are still using DVDs in the is day and age. Sickening I say

    • I only watch dvd's if the movie or tv show isn't available on Blu Ray

      I'm not happy with Fargo season 3 as it is only available on DVD while season 1 and 2 got a blu ray release

    • lmao

  • +1

    I enjoy a wide range of films and can usually identify how others can enjoy films that I can't get into. But Snowpiercer feels like such a C grade movie, I honestly cannot comprehend why its 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, I watched it all the way to the end some years ago and still regret the time it took from me.

    • +3

      I agree to some extent, I might give it a C+. Remember that the Rotten Tomatoes score just indicates that 94% of critics gave it a positive rating, not that they give it 94/100 as a score. The Metascore of 84 is more of an aggregate critic score and I'd still say that's too high. The IMDb and RT crowd ratings of ~7/10 are a bit more palatable.

      • +1

        Thanks for the explainer on ratings, was really unsure whether people were deliberately over rating it to be funny

  • I need a DVD/Blu-Ray player first… any good deal except buying a game console?

  • +2

    DVD? Is this a movie for ants?? It will look rubbish on any TV over 55". Get the bluray at least.

  • Found the DVD in the BD section, someone must have found the BD ver. and left the DVD there.

  • Excellent movie. Wish it’s BR but hey it’s 4 bucks…

  • Blu-Ray is currently $4 at amazon, temporarily out of stock tho. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B081T1P9M3