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ROK 18V Brushless Mower Kit $169, 20M Retractable Hose Reel $49.99,Air Cooler W/H Purifier & Humidifier $99.99 @ Coles Best Buys


From Coles Best Buys while stocks last at selected stores.

ROK 18V Brushless Mower Kit - $169

  • Powerful, lightweight and portable
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Built-in safety switch
  • 4Ah Li-Ion battery
  • 60W charger
  • Cutting width 330mm
  • 30L grass catcher
  • Hand propelled
  • 2,900 rpm
  • 25-27mm 5 level cutting height
  • Battery operated
  • Touch button start
  • Battery and charger included

GreenLeaf 20 Metre Retractable Hose Reel - $49.99

20m hose length outlet and 1.5m inlet, 1/2” hose diameter, burst pressure 8/24 bar. Includes wall bracket and hardware, connectors, adaptors and nozzle.

Thomson Air Cooler with Purifier & Humidifier - $99.99

Helps clean air and cools 15sqm, 65W power, 3 speeds and 3 modes, with timer, LED display. Easily portable on castor wheels. 6L water tank can last up to 12 hours, includes 2 ice packs.

  • Air Cooler
  • Air Purifier
  • Air Humidifier

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  • +5

    Wtf? They think they are Aldi?

    • +1

      One of the Coles I visit has weighted blankets, massage balls and all sorts of random stuff.

      • +1

        Nothing wrong with selling non food items. But to call it the same as Aldi does is a bit pathetic.

        • +6

          It's definitely not the same as Aldi.

          …the Coles I saw like this actually had stock

      • massage balls? link

    • +2

      if you look at the online catalogue, you will notice the areas that Coles are targeting are the areas where Aldi obviously has had an impact on them with their gimmick special buys notice mostly low socio-economic areas , the wars have just begun.

  • I can't see the deal in the link provided?

  • Interested in the retractable hose. I wonder if there are any reviews

  • I wonder if the 18v mower is any good? and comes with a 4Ah battery.

    Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit Is the same price from bunnings.

    Curious to know which is “better”, both say brushless and comes with 4Ah battery.

    • +2

      The short answer is not really, the long answer is entirely dependant on your grass and habits.

      If you've got a relatively flat, small yard and you do it consistently so it never grows much higher than your ideal cut height. You'd probably get away with it.

      These things aren't magically cheap, they're budget mowers that will have budget performance.

      The 4Ah battery is also a bit of misleading statement, it's really quite meaningless if the efficiency of the engine is low. The overall run time is the only thing that matters and you can see this is omitted in marketing, as it is likely quite low.

  • I'm drawn to the mower with the selling feature of "hand propelled". But it's probably a reasonable unit. One point I note with my Bosch electric mower is that it's surprisingly noisy and ear protection is a must. It would be good to see the relative dB output for these electric mowers. One thing for sure however is I will never go back to petrol power.

    • "Hand propelled" probably just means you have to push it lol

      • Yes, as opposed to self propelled

  • Wonder if this retractable hose is better than the Bunnings equivalent?


    Need one but not sure if I should wait till a more expensive/better brand goes on sale.

  • Are the Thomson's Air Cooler / Purifier / Humidifier any good?