CV19 Trial Injection - Yes I've Had It, and I feel fine.

Greetings all, I've seen a great deal in the media, from anti-vaxers, non-believers, I'll wait, etc in regards to forthcoming vaccine injections.

Firstly, I have been involved in the trial that has been conducted at the Prince of Wales in Randwick NSW. It is part of the Novavax , which the current government has ordered, along with Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

As you probably know, one of the vaccines has been removed as it was found to have incorrect results in regards to HIV. ie the one from the Uni of Qld.

I have so far had 2 injections, and I thought that I would share my experience.

The 1st I believe to be a placebo, or a very low dosage. I had no reaction whatsoever, and felt completely normal.

The 2nd I believe was a low dosage, or high dosage as after a few hours, I did feel some discomfort, swelling, followed by a small lump at the injection site. This was similar to what I had experienced with my first 'flu vaccine' several years ago. This was a few months ago, and other than a short cold a month ago, have been otherwise healthy. I suspect that I received this from my partner, who had a cold the prior week (and tested negative to CV19).

As part of the process, I have monthly nasal swipes, as well as the one when I had a cold.

So, all I am saying is, fellow Australians, there is nothing to fear by having the jab, when/should it become available.

Note: This is not professional health advice, only an anecdote shared by a member of community. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns, questions about COVID-19, or visit for up to date health advice.


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    Nice insights.
    I have a few doc's in the extended family, and a few others who have done trials similarly, and all have had essentially the same experience.
    It feels like a first time flu shot for most.
    Naturally, everyone is different and there may be a difference for some, but close to 90% will react similarly, according to these family members in the profession.

    For reference, the covid funding outpaced every other single disease/virus in quite some time; I read global funding in 9months matched the last 65 years of vaccine efforts for other viruses/diseases, so no wonder it was administered so quickly.

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      It took about 30 years for the measles vax to be developed.

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        Crazy to see the difference. I hope we all learn to give more funding to infectious diseases departments globally after this!

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          And then recover it from China for causing the outbreak in the first place.

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            @Scrooge McDuck: Its amazing how a government can lie to the world and cause the death of millions and get away with it but if one person did this, they would have been sentenced to death.

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              @lonewolf: Quite a consistent phenomenon, assigning responsibility to groups seems to be quite complicated, and often people water down any punishment or blame down as they're part of a group (i.e. dividing responsibility instead of dishing it out properly) and the lines of who did what seem fuzzy and stuff like that

              Like the Hotel Quarantine fiasco in Melbourne, or the sports rorts, or war crimes throughout history, or the financial crisis etc.

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              @lonewolf: Ah, you must be new to humanity? Welcome.

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              @lonewolf: This is every government in the world ever, the best time to inform the public just varies based on their discretion. Even managers in a company won't discuss bad things when they pop up, they wait until they can control the narrative then inform everyone if necessary. Hindsight is always 20/20, the truth is that you don't know what needs to told until you've discovered what it is. In this case, it was fast spreading so by the time it was identified it was later than what the rest of the world would have liked. It's not like China invented the virus maliciously as a weapon, that's a very different case.

              Pandemics like this happen, it's just good that we're in a country that knows how to control it instead of pretending like it's just a flu and carry on with BAU until we get 4,000 deaths/day from it. As you can see, the rest of the world had very different strategies, some countries like America are still figuring out how to deal with it via tria and error. When they were informed, they just treated it as a joke, telling them 1 month earlier wouldn't have done anything because back then it was only 10 cases which would have been laughed off Trump's agenda.

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                @supersabroso: Sorry this is not accurate. There are governments that lie and then there are governments that LIE!. What was done was inexcusable, They covered it up again and again and again, silenced medical staff and patients. Threatened countries who were trying to act quickly and stop travel from the infected parts. WHO and the CCP kept telling the world, dont over react, its not that big a deal, its under control. Its not very contagious blah blah blah. Luckily australia did act and hence the CCP started getting annoyed that Australia acted so quickly with stopping travel and then later with asking questions that they started to put tariffs and taxes on imports from Australia. Please. dont act like this is just what every other government does.

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                  @lonewolf: Why didn't the USA act quickly enough then like Australia? Blaming China for this mess is like blaming a thief for lying. America has the greatest intelligence services in the world. They knew exactly what was going on in Wuhan. They just made poor decisions and gambled with peoples lives.

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                    @Robstar350: haha, What does one thing have to do with another? USA did act quickly, but everyone initially believed China including Australia. The difference was Australia has a lot more welfare and hence was able to provide alot of alternatives while doing a lockdown, alot of other countries didnt have the same abilities or benefits. Its not only USA that was affected by the way, look at the stats, a lot of countries have been really big by this. We are one of the lucky few countries to come out of it relatively unscathed and a lot of that is to do with the fact that we are an island. Much easier to lockdown and protect borders.

                    As well as a lot of scientists say its just blind luck what happened at the beginning. As in, before we learnt the truth and while we were still believing the lies and borders were kept open, we were just lucky that it hadnt spread like wildfire in Australia, its just luck when the wrong person goes to the a crowded place and infects hundreds and they in turn infect thousands etc. Partially also due to the fact that we are a large land mass and a relatively small population.

                    But fact is, NO-ONE would have had to do this if China Had not lied about this for so long. If they had not tried to hide it time and time again, first that it existed then the severity of it.

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                    @Robstar350: You forget which clown was President of the US at the time

                  • @Robstar350: No idea why you we're downvoted. You're not wrong…

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              @lonewolf: Smoking industry has been DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of Millions but now the CEO's are billionaires living it up the USA.

              • @Robstar350: Smoking is a choice and has been widely shown to cause health issues and damage. But also it depends on genetic factors and how much you do it. But besides all that like i said, Its a choice, people choose to do that. Tobacco companies have been sued many times for the health factors and every pack has to show pictures as well as gets heavily taxed. It really isnt a good comparison, besides all that governments working of peoples tax money should be held to a higher standard than private companies, especially the lowest of the low as i would say many define tobacco companies as…

          • @Scrooge McDuck: Lol, why you got two downvotes? 1+ from me.

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              @DisabledUser320866: If you hit "votes", you can see the full break down. At present the comment actually has 20 + and 23 - votes.

              The mishandling of the emergence of the virus by the CCP in the early days was widely reported, so it's curious that so many would find it objectionable.

              My best guess is that the negativity comes from CCP loyalist (possibly even 50 cent army) as we've seen them on OzBargain before, and people who are opposed to Trump. Some people are so deep in divisive oppositional politics that they feel the need to oppose everything to do with Trump, rather than freely thinking about individual issues and assessing them on merit. An analogy would be to oppose dog ownership because Hitler owned a dog.

              The US was not alone on holding China to account however, the motion calling for independent investigation into the handling of the outbreak in China was submitted to the WHA by Australia and supported by the vast majority of the world.

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                @Scrooge McDuck: You know what mate, you are right, sounds like a lot of CCP Loyalists responding, clutching at straws and going from one line of argument to another, most of which are nonsensical because they know they dont have a foot to stand on.

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              @berry580: You cry "racism" over an untestable hypothetical comparison without any indication of how I would respond to it.

              If a viral outbreak originated in another country which crippled economies worldwide and, that country was ruled by an authoritarian regime which censored and punished whistleblowers, or the virus originated in the same city as that country's first BSL-4 virology research institute, or there were some other circumstances suspicious of culpability, I would call for that country to be held to account just the same.

          • @Scrooge McDuck: But should we recover it from the countries who failed to contain the situation in their own place ?

            If a house burns and then the neighbours burns .house one is saved but house 2 says meh just let it keep burning . And subsequently burns the rest of the street . Who's failt is it

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              @astarman: If people in the original house were manufacturing fireworks and/or prevented someone from calling the fire brigade, those circumstances are suspicious of culpability.

              • @Scrooge McDuck: can they call the fire brigade now?
                some fire brigade went to put out the fire 3 times ( cough UK cough) but the owners said nah dw about it

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                @Scrooge McDuck: I agree with you, People seem to either intentionally or otherwise are missing the point. The government did this intentionally and knowingly and silenced any and all people who tried to spread the word locally and internationally for months and time and time again have stopped scientists and other people from having all the data. It was only once it was already out and everyone knew about it that they even came forward, too little too late. And they still tried to lie and tell people to not worry and dont close borders etc. Then they took anger at countries like Australia for closing borders or for trying to find out the truth and how it originated etc. It was a cover up that kept covering up, not once or twice but many times over several months.

                If It was just once right at the beginning, then maybe maybe we could give them the benefit of the doubt. But people need to do some research here, there are plenty of scientists and news sites that have all the data and time line of all the things the CCP did over several months that has contributed and made the situation we are all in now.

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            @Scrooge McDuck: No worries, here is where you can send your invoice 534 Toorak Rd, Toorak VIC 3142.

            I agree, definitely many weeks of delays in notifying the world of the existence of covid on part of the CCP.

            However when you know the shit has hit the ceiling and you don't do everything you can to mitigate the damage like the UK and the US have done well you should then be sending your invoices to:
            1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
            Washington, D.C. 20500

            and 8 Downing St, Whitehall.

            First people refuse to wear masks.
            Now come the antivaxxers. Urgh.

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        We've also never had this large amount of scientists, companies and funding into developing a vaccine before. Some of the development was already done previously, with work on previous covid vaccines. This is why it was developed to quickly.

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        Thats a really drastic difference.

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        It took human being a few millions years to develop an airplane in 1903. It took human being another 36 years to develop jet airplane in 1939, it then took another 9 years to have supersonic jet airplane in 1947. No human made object had ever flied into space until 1949, and then human being landed on the surface of moon in 1969. Science and technology evolves and accelerates.

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          And humans haven't even left Low Earth Orbit since 1972.

        • To be fair people hadn't been trying to develop planes for millions of years.

          In fact, we have only existed for a few hundred thousand years.

          That said, I agree that there is a seemingly exponential increase in the rate of development - look at computers from the 1960s to today. My phone probably has as much computing power as existed on earth when I was born.

        • and then human being landed on the surface of moon in 1969

          I read that the moon landings were faked….the only way to prove all of this once and for all is to go to the moon yourself and look for the footprint and flag.

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        my car was built in a week. the first car ever built wouldve taken much longer than that.

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        It only took a couple of years to put man on the moon. Funny how quickly you can do something if you put your mind to it.

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        Technology that we use now to research, develop and produce vaccine is far more advanced than 50's & 60's.Though these vaccine's(Pfizer, Oxford, Astra Zeneca) are developed within a short time frame they are our best bet yet. Our hospital system is totally inadequate to a large scale pandemic like Covid and we cant keep our borders closed forever.
        For those that are against vaccination here is a little tip - Official figures show that there are 191 intensive care units in Australia, with a total of 2,378 available intensive care beds during baseline activity – representing roughly 9.4 ICU beds per 100,000 population!

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        But that's how technical advances work. It took about 30 years to go from Vacuum tubes in computers the size of building floors to the transistors in the 70s and another 10 years to get into the Integrated circuit. From there, we had Moore's law and having computing power on our phones that is exponentially more powerful than just a decade ago.

        When you are building on top of existing experience and knowledge, it speeds things up considerably. It is no different in our understanding of viruses and development of vaccines since the measles.

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      How do you explain these DEATHs ?

      I got it from
      Vaers stands for The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
      There are other less deadly ( no pun intended ) side effect that I didnt have time to include it in

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        Reading just the first half dozen reports, it's clearly 'correlation does not imply causation'. If patients did die of COVID-19, it was very likely that were already carriers and we're going to die anyway. Especially because the first groups eligible for the vaccines are most at risk of… Getting COVID lol. These people all likely also died within a few hours of drinking water. Does not mean causation.

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          Did you actually follow the link and did the search for your self ?!? Or you are use to spoonfed news ??!? Anyone can get anything, but die from something is different story right ?

          As I converted Christian I understand perfectly the logic of 'correlation does not imply causation'. For example, we often see police at the crime scene, that doesnt means police commit the criminal act ( that how it used to be anyway ).

          At what point we accept there are serious complication ?!? Or those people is necessary scarified for the Greater Good ?!?

          If you read the description it is quite surreal … Quite the government not disclose these serious adverse effect to the public ?!?

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            @frewer: You say the government doesn’t disclose adverse effects, but your source is the CDC, a US government website.

            It’s pretty common for vaccines and medicines to have adverse effects in a small minority of patients. There are no risk-free solutions, but vaccines go a long way to minimising death and disablement.

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              @chaddles: Would you ever know about this IF I didnt post it here ? Maybe I should use the phrase tell-the-public-on-national-dumb-box-vision meh

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            @frewer: Is this satire?

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              @OfTheOverflow: I really hope so. But sadly it's probably a 50/50

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                @snep: It's just weird that some people are capable enough to spread this stuff, but as soon as you reluctantly engage with it and point out that it really isn't what they're making it to be, they baulk and go on spreading some other crap.

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              @OfTheOverflow: fk i hope so. but given his avatar, i don't think so.

              it's almost impossible to change beliefs regardless of the hard scientific evidence given.

              No. 1: They don't understand the science and statistics used.
              No. 2: Even when people have been proven wrong about their beliefs, they will still find anything way to justify or find another delusional story to follow to support their original beliefs - because they cannot be wrong can they.

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                @Gallifr3y: I read the comment first, then looked at the profile pic and saw exactly what I was expecting to find. I'm a member of a number of Christian facebook groups and can tell you from what I am seeing that this hysterical, delusional thinking is rampant among their ranks. It fits the narrative they want to believe so evidence and reason have very little impact…
                It's rather depressing how many people in this world have such an inability to think critically.

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                  @defecat0r: touché

                  they should start teaching tactics such as strawman arguments in school to deal with the tremendous amount of literal s**t we are inundated with on the media.

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        Did YOU actually read them? It seems the majority of these patients were in hospice and HLCNHs (because most state "found by carer/nurse). Multiple also state the patient was already palliative or had COVID.

        And tonnes have no clinical information at all.

        Not very interesting at all.

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        Thanks for supplying the links.

        A lot of those people seem to be very elderly and/or with underlying health conditions. (Was the vaccine the cause? And if so by how much??)

        It is also hard to know the proportion of negative effects from the links you supplied. Are negative effects 0.0001% or 0.1% or 1% or 10%??

        Thanks again.

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          A lot of those people seem to be very elderly and/or with underlying health conditions.

          Same with covid.

        • No thank you, for being respectful and stick to the topic at hand. Instead of calling names like others.

          I think the point I'm trying to make is that, so much unknow infor about long term side effect, serious effect on elderly, pregnant woman and young children. All for a so called deadly-pandemic that one needs a test to know that they are infested …
          Also none of the 'Health official' on this planet ever explain why they intently-misuse the PCR test. While the Kary Mullis inventor/creator said this
          Im not pushing any either side. I rather lets the evidences speak for itself, instead of politic. Politicians dont care about me or my family ( may be they do care about yours ), either left or right, THAT is how I see the current one … may be there will be one in the future … may be

        • I just found another vid of Kary Mullis, he was talking about Dr Fauci

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          Not enough, to stop people from sticking one of these radioactive butts in their mouth.
          'Sir Walter Raleigh' is most likely responsible for more deaths and health issues since introducing tobacco to the UK, than Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin combined.

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            @BewareOfThe Dog: maybe you should look at alcohol related deaths and costs and its tax imposte before claiming a cigarette is not taxed highly enough.

            • +1

              @petry: I personally think alcohol should be taxed as high if not higher than ciggies.. and then both raised even higher.

              • @HasibA: you stopped me posting this ….

                maybe you should look at alcohol related deaths and costs and its tax imposte before claiming a cigarette is not taxed highly enough.

                and since the Federal government does little to help with massive smoke pollution from hellfires your dislike is these days a little outdated…

                • +1

                  @petry: I think they tried outlawing it in the 30s?

                  • @BewareOfThe Dog: only in 1 state and thought we were talking tax…

                    • @petry: Yes, and the USA?
                      Prohibition, moonshine?

                      Actually, I was talking about how safe the Vax was, and pointed out a few other items.

              • @HasibA: Like cyclists that advocate for massive taxes on vehicles and related expenses? Actually they could point to much better statistics relating to preventable deaths/injuries and negative enviromental effects. Even on the moral high group, people can still see if your head is up your arse.

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              @petry: No. smoking and drinking is awesome fun

              • -2

                @DisabledUser365032: no its not - any hard drinking hard smoking fast living why the hell not person knows that is crap.

                • @petry: Petry, If the country was run by people like you and your rules everyone would leave. Your nanny mentality posts all stand against freedom of choice.

            • @petry:

              maybe you should look at alcohol related deaths and costs

              Or sugar.

              • @Chandler: Well i support a sugar tax on soft drinks - zero's being tax free seems sensible to me. Yup even though its regressive.

                • -1

                  @petry: Most of the "zero" softdrinks sweetener cause a insulin response in some cases worse than sugar.

                  • @deme: crap - 'can' and 'may' and 'long term' are not 'causes'.

                • @petry: So no tax for inorganic chemicals such as Aspartame? Lol, your posts. Please don't ever run for government.

                  • +1

                    @DisabledUser72085: So you want a further tax on ice -cream, gum, yoghurt, fruit juice and everything else with it in, including health foods?

                    Far out - why is that exactly?

                    'A number of regulatory agencies and health-related organizations have weighed in favorably on aspartame. It’s gained approval from the following:

                    U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
                    United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
                    World Health Organization
                    American Heart Association
                    American Dietetic Association

                    In 2013, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded a review of more than 600 datasets from aspartame studies. It found no reason to remove aspartame from the market. The review reported no safety concerns associated with normal or increased intake.'

                    weird oddball suggestion it seems….

            • +6


              maybe you should look at alcohol related deaths and costs and its tax imposte before claiming a cigarette is not taxed highly enough.

              As someone who's done research (professionally) into this topic, alcohol and cigarettes are not directly comparable and are fundamentally two different issues. Alcohol is largely a social issue, smoking is largely a medical issue.

              The first fallacy is that there are far, far more alcohol drinkers than smokers, so you would expect there to be more alcohol-related deaths. What you need to figure out is the death rate, i.e. deaths divided by number of drinkers or smokers. If you do this, there is obviously no comparison.

              Most of the alcohol-related deaths are not due to alcohol itself, but rather, due to behaviours associated with drunkenness which arises from a culture of binge drinking and "drinking to get drunk".

              Evidence of this is that alcohol-related death rates vary wildly across different countries with different drinking cultures, but smoking death rates do not. In other words, the probability that a drinker dies of some alcohol-related event varies wildly, but the probability that a smoker dies of some smoking-related illness is practically the same in developed countries.

              Thus, reducing alcohol-related deaths generally involves changing behaviours and drinking habits, whereas reducing smoking-related deaths generally just involves less people smoking. Alcohol can be consumed responsibly and if done so, practically has no medical or societal harms, whereas there is no such thing as "responsible smoking".

              • @p1 ama: point was tax - additionally if you think the economic cost of drinking and its associated consequences are lower than smoking then I think you're wrong. don't see many road accidents directly caused by lighting up unless the driver was also drunk at the time.

          • +2

            @BewareOfThe Dog: Bs examples destroy any arguments you make.

            So Benz, or Ford is responsible for all road deaths, or Faraday for all electrical.

            Really? You need to stop smoking that other stuff.

            And BTW Raleigh only transported the colonists who brought some commercial tobacco in, which had already been, been smoked by sailors since Columbus for 50 plus years earlier. From the Americas where the smoked the stuff since 6000bc

            And just in case, there are no Raleigh’s in my family tree…. 😂

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      The World Health Organization said Friday that it still recommends the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 shot with an expert panel it convened finding no evidence implicating it in the deaths of elderly people, after Norway’s medicines authority said there was no certain connection when 23 elderly patients died shortly after receiving the vaccine.

      The full picture is important.

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