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Azul $53.95, Carcassonne $51.95, Pandemic $53.95, Catan $59.95, Gloomhaven $164.95 & More with Free Delivery @ Games Bandit


Hello! I’m SpotTheOzzie!

You may remember me as the guy from the last Games Bandit Sales’ post or the guy who interviewed Scotty at the OzBargain meet!


Doing a fire sale of the below items!

Note: All these will come with free shipping with the code of OZBARGAIN - Australia Only*

Azul - $53.95
Carcassonne - $51.95
Pandemic - $53.95
Catan - Settlers of Catan - 5th Edition Core Game - $59.95
Gloomhaven - $164.95
Carcassonne - $51.95
Cooper Island - $69.95
Detective – A Modern Crime Board Game - $64.95
Maracaibo - $89.95
Pret-A-Porter - $69.95
Pandemic - $53.95
Pandemic: Hot Zone - $29.95
Imperial Settlers – Roll & Write - $47.95
Imperial Settlers – Rise of the Empire - $62.95
Imperial Settlers – Atlanteans Expansions - $43.95
Imperial Settlers - Amazons Expansion - $39.95
Imperial Settlers - Aztecs Expansion - $42.95
Imperial Settlers – We Didn’t Start the Fire Expansion - $29.95

FAQ: The question always asked on OzB with regards to Boardgames – are these genuine copies? Yes – All of our products are purchased through the genuine / publisher supply lines.

These items are limited in stock. If we do sell out of any item you super keen on please do not hesitate to reach out here, pm me, or hit up our https://www.facebook.com/GamesBandit page. I can double check to see if we can get that item in, with the same price and provide a rough ETA.

As always thank you OzB community, hope 2021 is a good one for everyone!

From the last sale I know a few of you were keen to do regular meets for games in Sydney’s Western Suburbs but COVID really stopped that. If there’s anyone else keen on joining a group for BGs send me a message and we’ll do so when it’s safe again :)

To make it easier - all sales items I have placed on the Home Page - https://www.GamesBandit.com.au. The OZBARGAIN code will work on any item as well :)

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  • any game you suggest for couples OP?

    • Not OP but Carcassonne is awesome with 2 players not too complicated either.

    • +1 vote

      Personally my favourite to play with my wife is:

      Catan (Light maths/probability, light strategy mixed with luck)

      Carcassonne (Tile Placement, decision making mixed with luck) - Also has a lot of replayability as every game is different!

      Both games are great, not overly complex and opens up future avenues of having another couple or friends join you :)

      Of course a lot of people will swear by Pandemic! Which is also a classic but a completely different type of game as you work with each other.

      • Catan is 4 players inst it?
        Carcassonne sound like Azul

        • Carcassone is nothing like Azul.

          Unsure why they recommended Catan for 2 player. Need 3 minimum for that one. 2 kinda sucks imo.

        • Carcassonne is very different from Azul.

          In Carcassonne you build the board as you go, draw from a limited set of tiles to then play on that board, and everyone is competing for points on the growing board.

          In Azul, you compete to select the tiles, and you build your own board.

        • +1 vote

          Catan is generally 3 to 4 players, or 5 to 6 players with an expansion.

          Do apologise you did specifically say couples, and while my Wife and I play a house rules variant of Catan between the two of us I would only highly suggest this game if you had at least 3.

          Carcassonne is different to Azul, the video I linked may be able to provide more insight with the rules explained.

          Also this thread on reddit will offer some different opinions when comparing the two head-to-head:

    • Azul is awesome. Very non nerd friendly. Even my kids play it.

    • These are the few I play with my girlfriend- general recommendations not just from OP’s list.

      • Hive - fun little puzzle/chess styled game. Quick games(5-15 minutes).
      • Ticket to ride - simple and easy game that can expand to more than just 2.
      • Codenames duet - co-op game
      • Pandemic - co-op game
      • Briscola- fantastic Italian card game.
      • Cartographers
      • Jaipur
    • Wingspan is a great game for 2 players that is even better with more people. Also recommend Ticket to Ride: Europe.

    • It’s not listed. But check out 7 Wonders Duel.

      It’s a great 2 player game, fast rounds, takes about 20-30 mins a game. Kind of like Catan in the way of collecting resources. I would say about 70% skill and 30% luck.

      Fairly cheap on Amazon.

    • My wife loves competitive games more than coop (I wonder why?), so while we still have fun with stuff like Pandemic, these see way more play:

      • Schotten Totten
      • 7 Wonders Duel
      • Raptor
      • Targi
      • Jaipur
      • Lost Cities
      • Splendor
      • Dead of Winter
    • Hide the sausage.

  • OzBargain meet! when was that lol

  • Just an FYI, re; Pandemic, for those interested. Eb games seem to have them for $49 on their shelves at the moment. Bought one there on Saturday.

  • when will the code expire?

  • Azul is great

  • Catan is $49 on Amazon, Carcassonne $45 and Azul/Pandemic both $47 on Amazon. Don't know about the others but whoever's interested should check elsewhere before buying.

    • make bezos rich again

    • isn't paying a couple of dollars more, and supporting locals the Aussie way :) ?

      I used to pay a couple of dollars more, to fill my scripts at the local pharmacist rather than the discount chemist over the road.
      Until one day I found a Tesla parked next to my mazda 2, and I happen to ask who owned this expensive car.

      Now I go to the discount chemist. Its owner probably owns a Bugatti, but is unlikely to be parked next to my mazda any day soon :)

  • Recommend anyone to check Board Game Oracle before buying board games in Australia. Went through this sale and I reckon Gloomhaven is the only one close to a "bargain" at the moment - it can still be found for 150 today, and could be delivered for 140 in December.

    Most of these aren't cheaper than the competition, of which there is a lot. Even just looking at Amazon with free shipping over $39:

    Azul $47.50 delivered (save $6.45)
    Caracasone $44.80 delivered (save $7.15)
    Pandemic $46.95 delivered (save $7.00)
    Catan $49.00 delivered (save $10.95)

  • Anyone know any good 8 player board games that have decent depth and strategy?

    A lot of the ones I’ve found that support that many players are quite casual (cash n guns, code names, sushi go) or are social deduction games. Only decent one was citadels.

    • Played:
      7 Wonders + Cities expansion. Better than Sushi Go, but it might not convince someone who didn't enjoy Sushi Go.
      I quite like Cosmic Encounter at 8 (will need expansions), but with that many player powers it is fairly dependant on the alien choices and the group dynamic.
      Captain Sonar is perfect for 8 players, but a bit more towards casual/party style.

      Haven't played:
      Eldritch Horror (and Elder Sign) goes to 8 players.
      Sidereal Confluence up to 9.
      A Game of Thrones with Mother of Dragons expansion gets it to 8.
      Spheres of Influence is an 8 player Risk replacement
      VivaJava: The Coffee Game.

      If you had just 7 then the possibilities would really open up. Maybe you can convert some 4 player games into team games, but you're probably better off trying to get your group to split into 2 tables…