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15% off Catch.com.au Gift Cards (also Spotify, Cinema, Holiday & Hotel GCs) @ Coles (in Store)


New catalogue starts Wednesday. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Limit of 10 gift cards per customer. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Excludes all other TCN gift cards. Offer valid from 27/01/21 to 02/02/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. For full terms of use of Catch.com.au gift cards visit www.catch.com.au/gift-card. Limit of 5 cards per transaction on the Catch.com.au website applies.

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    can you stack catch gift cards plus the Unidays 10% discount code?

    • Wondering the same.

    • Yes , normally makes its the cheapest new game release place if not Nintendo .

    • from the unidays deal comments should stack

    • +1

      Yes you can, I just did it haha

      • What takes effect first; the 10% off or the gift cards?
        For example,
        $100 x 0.9 - 50 = $40 ($50 gift card)
        $(100 - 50) x 0.9 = 45 ($50 gift card)

        • Unidays deal stacks first as it's a promo code.
          Gift cards are then added afterward to maximise savings :)

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      Yes you can I have use gift card with uni days. You can use 5 gift card at once. But let you know catch of day also platform for market place so unidays discount will applicable only item sold directly from them.

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    Can you use Catch gc to pay for Catch mobile voucher ?

    • Also interested to know

    • I believe so from memory.I used a 8% off gift card (via Suncorp rewards) for my last Catch mobile deal

    • +1

      Yes, if you buy the SIM from catch.com.au and not catchconnect (ie new customers not recharges). At least that was the case a month ago.

      Lmk if recharges also work 😅

  • From the t&c (#7): Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Catch Connect services.

  • Is the Spotify Gift Card a good price or better to buy from the site for premium family ?

  • I always grab Protein bars from Catch, so may have to grab some Gift Cards for once!

  • What denominations do the catch cards come in?

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      $25 and $50 only.

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    Nintendo switch is currently $399 and the deal ends in 3 days. This will bring it down to $339.10

    Airpods Pro is $315 or $267.75 after gift cards

    Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 60GB $80.10 with UNiDAYS or $68.08 after gift cards

    • So you can actually use this on catchconnect? Can someone confirm as I’ll need to buy 3-4 prepid for the family.

      • It been stated many times here there is a method . Sorry I can't hold your hand .
        Hey pricebeat you have a 200+ voted deal :)

        • +1

          why not just help him out …

          • -2

            @skido: Sorry for being a bad boy Mousey .
            I know its beyond your comprehension that I did .

      • yes you can use it on catchconnect as stated in the comment you replied to

        • Thanks for verifying.

    • Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphonesare $345.60 using UNiDAYS or $293.76 after gift cards.

    • Silly question, but if max quantity is 5 gift cards, and they only come in $25 or $50 denominations, wouldn't the discount be less?

      Unless I'm missing something here

      • They come in $100 denominations as well

        • Someone above mentioned $25 and $50… thanks!

          • @Uncle Roger: Went to local coles. Only had $25 and $50 denominations. YMMV tho since I live in a really remote area.

    • When will the 120GB plan cost around $80 or so again?!

  • Best deal on Spotify premium ATM?

  • -3

    Oh son of a (profanity). I just made a $500 order yesterday. Could've waited and got another 5% off 😭

  • Maybe have been asked earlier- can i use coles egift card to buy these catch gift cards

    • +2


    • +1

      I've bought gift cards with my regular shopping, go through normal attended checkout, make sure e-gift card can cover the full amount. Never had a problem.

      • Used to work this way previously but not anymore.

        • When did it change? Is it dependant on the model of POS?

          • -1

            @sween64: Not sure when the change was rolled out but the moment you try to pay, system detects gift cards ( even sim cards ) and flag them. Then it is really up to store manager on whether he/she allows the transaction or not. I tried at 3-4 stores, only one store manager allowed.

            • +2

              @bargain-lover007: Oh. Often the attendant is alerted for gift cards to write an expiry or ensure they’re activated. I wait till the come over, do their swipe thing and then they often leave before I pay. Then I pay with a gift card. I use self serve checkout out. I haven’t had an issue yet.

              • @sween64: In my case, after the activation when I selected the mode of payment as ‘Gift card’ there was another alert and the attendant came and said I am not allowed to buy gift card with a gift card. Happened early last month.

                • @bargain-lover007: Ah damn. Thanks for the replies and good description. I’ll see how I go this week but I don’t like my chances.

                  • +2

                    @sween64: I just bought a $50 catch gift card with some groceries and paid with an e-gift card. no issue.

                    • @BreadTwo: I did the same this morning. The checkout lady said it may not be allowed but try it anyway. I tried it and it went through fine

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                        @pravni: I always use self-checkout otherwise they will say I can't buy a gift card with a gift card.

                • +1

                  @bargain-lover007: Well I tried today. I followed my same routine and successfully bought a discounted Spotify GC with a discounted Coles e-gift card purchased from Suncorp Benefits.

  • Excuse my ignorance but why is this deal so popular? Has the Catch website got bargains I'm not aware of?

    • +2

      Catch of day great if you know price of product because they some time drop when last item left or fashion change. My favourite items are shoes ,cosmetics and clothing and some electronic items way cheaper then factory outlet or retail shop.
      Puls they keep sending me promo code spend $60 get$10 back

      • +1

        Hey, thank you for the reply!

  • Excuse my ignorance - so these are 15% off in store at Coles. Do they deduct the 15% off when you pay or how do you get the 15% off? Thanks and again, excuse my ignorance. ta

    • At Coles.

    • +4

      you scan a $100 gift card pay $85

      • Ah ok thanks very much for replying :)

  • Couldn't find Coles that's selling $100 value Catch GC.

  • Can I use these GC plus uniday to buy any NVMW m.2 SSD or Razer backpack?

  • Saw 25 x $50 Catch gift cards at the shelves in Lachlan's Square NSW. No $100 denominations available.

    • Only $25 and $50 at Brighton Le Sands NSW. Only way to find out if going store to store in person or by calling. Or if someone finds them and can let us know.

  • +1

    Got 5 catch this am. The Coles I went to only had $50 cards but that's fine. Happy with the discount. I prefer these percent off to getting points for purchasing gift cards. I like the immediate discount :)

    • -1

      Oh yes and at Coles its a maximum of 5 cards only.

  • Could you use catch gift cards to buy catch gift cards on their website to combine them?

    Via here https://m.catch.com.au/product/personalised-egift-card-2/ the gift card field stays there but the only thing stopping it would be if there's an error.

    • No you can't

      • Thanks for checking.

  • Tried 2 stores and $25 catch cards are not being recognised. Tried both barcodes and different cards.

    • I don't think they sell $100 denominations of the catch cards, been to a few Coleses.

  • Can you use eGift Cards does it have to be a physical card?

  • +1

    Is there a limit on how many gift cards we can use per transaction at Catch? Thanks

    • +1

      five. It's in the description and also in the terms and conditions

      • Thanks, I must have missed that part

  • Any ways around the 5 limit?

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