Is It Worth to Get Qantas Car Insurance for Bonus Points They Are Offering?

First of all, you guys are awesome. Always helpful and recommend something better. so here again your help please'😂😄

In continuation of my last post regarding car insurance, i already purchased from Australian senior after i found the best reviews of them in not sure though as reviews can be paid so need your help whether its a right choice or not as they had a drive less, pay less Km's option so i went with them and now its cheapest among all other's .

On the other side, Today got call from Qantas Insurance after i generated a online quote few days ago, they were just checking with me how i go and did offered me extra 5k points on the top of 20,500 if i buy a car insurance with the. Though the quote price for same excess is bit over but not sure whether to lucrate towards them or not, or is it worth it? I have never travelled with Qantas in my life, Virgin many times and Singapore more oftenly. So not sure what to do? I don't wanna be undecisive by asking to you but still checking if out of these two, who is better in real?

The car is family car and i am assuming only i can drive upto 7 or 8k max in a year even though this is also high as have another car for work. but going on safer side so say 8k max.

NIssan the dealer i bought from also checked with me yesterday and asked me if i am happy with my purchased and anything else they can do it and when i asked about Insurance, i got an offer from them. Now here are 3 offers for u to look

Qantas : Excess $700, premium $74.14 and when excess $600 Premium is $77.99, No windscreen excess Included, Market value
Australian Senior: Excess $600, Premium $75.73 monthly with windscreen excess included , Agreed value Best reviews among all (

Nissan finance: $83.29 monthly on $650 excess. some extra features but not really that one can decide to go. Should i choose Nissan bcz i have a Nissan car?

Thank you all for your valuable Inputs. Please Tc and stay safe.

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  • Qantas points are worth less than 1c each, so the "bonus" they are offering is only worth about $25 (at best) - steer clear!

  • NO.

    Btw I only read your headline

  • Geeze that's a big premium.

    25,000 points can be sold for around $250 on ebay or redeemed for roughly $450 in flights (as far as point hack's latest valuations go).

    IMHO, if you're paying less than $250 more then you're ahead (but you'd have to be ok with turning money into points) and would need to cancel after the year and revert back to the cheaper pricing. Even better if you're saving money.

    I'd rather cash to stay as cash personally.

  • I always have one of my cars with woolies, cheap and i get 10% off groceries once per month. So i do a $500+ shop each month. So it works out the insurance costs me nothing per year and it's for a car that rarely gets used. So a WIN WIN.

  • Australian senior as it's agreed value and about the same price.

  • Try proceed with Qantas to check out the windscreen excess for a better comparison. If you can make use of the bonus Qantas points wisely you may see the value of getting Qantas car insurance. If you prefer to save cold hard cash vs having Qantas points then Australian Senior seems like a better deal.

  • How many bonus points do Qantas get when they insure their planes?

  • Bonus points are a sham, they’ll get you in other ways to make up the difference.

    Up your excess to reduce the premium - then just don’t crash!

  • What type of car? A beater that you aren't too fussed about, or a Mercedes that you are anal about?

    Qantas is underwritten by Auto & General, also known as the underwriter of Budget Direct. You won't get a choice of repairer, etc. so it depends what features you want from your insurance.

    • Don't take "choice of repairer" as absolute. Insurers are lazy and calculating at the same time, if you wrapped up a nice quote from your favourite repair shop before they even react, they'll take it. Cost them money to send an immobile or un-road worthy car around just to compare quotes. That was my experience with Budget.

  • I have an a6 with Woolies. Was rear ended after being with them for a month from memory. Choice of repairer. No issues at all, chose the repairer and amooth sailing. Insured for way more than i paid for it. And it's free.

    • Those sorts of claims should go through smoothly with most insurers.

      It's when you are at fault for big damage that you will soon see whether they are decent or not…

  • I've been with Woolworths since they started car insurance. I did a claim a could of years ago. The process was so easy & I was looked after so well.
    Then I get this a couple of days ago:

    We regret to advise that we are unable to offer renewal of your Woolworths Car Insurance policy for the forthcoming insurance period, as your policy no longer falls within our current underwriting guidelines. As a result your policy and your cover will cease effective from 11.59pm on 19/02/2021.

    I've started shopping around. Coles were so expensive. They came through at $1,500 more than any other company. Just for double flybys points on my shopping I won't touch them. I saw Bupa has car insurance now too