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Samsung S20+ 5G $963 / Xiaomi MI 10T Lite 5G $436 / Samsung S20 FE 4G $697 - Import Stock Free Delivery @ Mymobile


Happy Australia Day from all Staff at My Mobile Australia 07 30127977

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Dual Sim G7810 5G 128GB 8GB Ram 12 months local warranty - import stock $743

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Dual Sim G780FD 4G 128Gb 8GB Ram 12 months local warranty - import stock $697

Xiaomi MI 10T Lite Dual Sim 5G 128GB 6GB Ram 12 months local warranty - import stock $439

Samsung Galaxy A42 Dual Sim A426B 5G 128GB 6GB Ram 12 months local warranty - import stock $455

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  • What's the FE 5G like at this price, and is this a trusted seller?

    • No idea on seller but this price is pretty good. It was $868 at Amazon not too long ago and I think the best was like $750ish then at Samsung store and when coupled with a $50 sign up bonus to their newsletter brought it down to just under $700, I think. Anyway, I'd say $743 is a very fair price for the 5G model. However, imported stock? May or may not affect someone's buying decision. On ebay sellers overseas are charging $769 and up which includes postage.

    • Keep in mind this is China/HK market variant, cannot reflash to AU firmware (need 781B).

      As for price, it's about as much as you'd pay for this specific model

      • And is there a need to reflash the firmware?

        • +1

          If my galaxy S8+ from Taiwan (intl version) was anything to go by, Telstra VoLTE did not work at all even with workarounds until I loaded the XSA firmware/CSC.

          Might be different now but you still need to keep that in mind

    • No band 28 i assume?

    • I don't know if it's run by the same people but their eBay store sucks. I bought an s20 from there during the Black Friday sales and their communication at first was really good. He rang and told me he would express post it, the date came and went, rang them and they said before Christmas. Then nothing. No replies to my emails or anything. Next thing I know my order is pending cancellation with the reason being 'requested by buyer'. I definitely didn't want to cancel cos all the sales were over and I wouldn't have gotten the phone for a similar price. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up being refunded by eBay so I was stuck with $800 in eBay vouchers (that I had originally got just for this purchase) which I couldn't sell/swap because it was now attached to my eBay account.

      • -2

        We told you many times we could not find the stock ( out of stock suddenly) we offered to try to find Australia stock at the same price but could not find , we offered a refund many times you would not except . In the end WE Refund you, which you declined again and opened a dispute a telling eBay you did not want refund.
        We are very sorry your phone went out of stock all of a sudden, it does not happen often but it does happen.

        • +2

          When I rang you, yes, you did say you ran out of stock. I asked if I would get it before Christmas, and you said yes. That was the last time I heard from you. I emailed you, asking for an ETA and got no response. Next thing I know, my order was pending cancellation. I emailed you again and still no response. It was approaching the 28 day eBay cutoff, I had no choice but to get eBay involved.

        • +3

          Your story is well past the super dodgy line, and deep into total BS territory. If you offered a refund, there's no way for a buyer to not accept it. A lot of us here also sell on ebay, so now we know you are not only unreliable, but also are a liar. I'd steer clear of this business.

          • @CocaKoala: When I emailed him I said that I would prefer to get the product I ordered as all the sales were over and I wouldn't be able to get it for a similar price. If the seller had actually replied and explained that he had no stock, I would've accepted the refund. But what I really wanted was to get the phone and I would've been happy to wait longer if the seller had communicated that to me. The seller seemed genuine and helpful when I spoke to him. Seems like they might just need to improve the communication side of things on their eBay store

          • @CocaKoala: I don't know what you think is super dodgy about my experience, I've explained why I'd have preferred to not get a refund.
            Don't attack me and call me a liar. I'm not attacking you, or eBay or their stores, I'm just sharing my personal experience. So don't get all worked up about it.

            • @00broke00:

              don't know what you think is super dodgy about my experience

              Mate, I was responding to the seller here. I'd like to quote this bit from my original post directed at the seller.

              "If you offered a refund, there's no way for a buyer to not accept it"

              I know the buyer could say they want the product and not a refund, but the seller could always process a refund regardless if the item could not be procured. They instead beat around the bush, so I'm calling their lies, not yours. Besides, it's also clear that they mislead you, so all the more reason to avoid this seller.

              • @CocaKoala: Apologies, it wasn't 100% clear who's side you were on. Thanks for the support 👍

  • Cheaper with 5% off deal a few weeks ago.

  • +1

    Trusted seller by me at least. Samsungs are generally AU stock (bought a GS7 years ago from them). Have bought Mix 2S and 9T Pro from them as well.

  • OW price match ?

    • Not with the imported stock.

  • Import stock meaning no Samsung Pay?

    • That would be a good thing.

  • Any local stock for Samsung S20 FE 4G with 2 year's warranty at a good price??

  • +1

    Don't know about these phones but I had a good experience with the seller with imported stock. My S10 G-9730 still works perfectly after almost 2 years now.

  • I believe the FE 5G is missing band 28.

    • OP can you confirm?

      • hello please see below frequencies in G7810 model
        4G FDD LTE
        B1(2100), B3(1800), B4(AWS), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B12(700), B17(700), B20(800)
        4G TDD LTE
        B34(2010), B38(2600), B39(1900), B40(2300), B41(2500)
        5G FDD Sub6
        N1(2100), N3(1800)
        5G TDD Sub6
        N41(2500), N78(3500), N79(4500)

        • Damn no b28 means this deal is dead to me …. unfortunately

        • +1

          Hi rep, this one is from your website,

          B1-2100Mhz, B3-1800Mhz, B3 -1800Mhz, B4 - AWS, B5-850Mhz, B7-2600Mhz, B8-900Mhz, B12 - 700Mhz, B13 - 700Mhz, B17 - 700Mhz, B20 - 800Mhz, B28-700Mhz, B38 - 2600Mhz, B40-2300Mhz, B41 - 2500Mhz, B66 - AWS-3

          So which only be is correct? Cheers

          • @kodoq: Yes very misleading as website states B28, yet the post above doesn't include it.

            • @mactos: Yup, was thinking buying one but no reply from the rep to confirm put me off.

    • OP heres your chance to redeem yourself…. Your website states B28 for the S20 FE 5G…… care to explain/elaborate?

  • For the Xiaomi 10t lite 5g, is it the global/international version ?

    • Hello yes global version

      • Whats the difference?
        Does that mean its got band 28 and all?

        • hello yes it has band 28 in 4g
          B1-2100Mhz, B3-1800Mhz, B3 -1800Mhz, B4 - AWS, B5-850Mhz, B7-2600Mhz, B8-900Mhz, B20 - 800Mhz, B28-700Mhz, B38 - 2600Mhz, B40-2300Mhz, B41 - 2500Mhz

  • How long is this deal available for?

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