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Wofea Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller (Works with Alexa and Google, AU Plug) A$22.89/US$17.40 Delivered @ Wofea AliExpress


I've seen a few Ozbargainers mention these in comments before as being a good option for a WiFi garage door opener. At this price I figured I'd give it a go. Price includes GST - which is added on at Payment stage. Compatible with a lot of garage door makes and models - basically if your model supports a wired button then there's a good chance it'll be compatible. There's instructions on how to check this on the webpage.
Coupons like aliex178 or aliex437 may also work to give US$4 off if you are creating a new account via social media. Didn't try so if coupon works for you - please let us know in the comments.

EDIT: I asked Wofea for a clearer Compatibility List

Mod: Warning Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

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      I don’t know why I’m looking, I can’t even read.

    • Yep, same - I don't own a house but I think I need to buy one :-)

      • After buying a WiFi garage opener you don't have a choice. Please choose carefully to get a house with a garage!

  • Is there a list for comparability or I do
    The test as per description

    • There is an image on AliExpress, the 6th one but as someone else said it's a bit blurry. We tested using the description.

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    Do the garage remote controls still work if you install this?

    • Yes

  • How’s this compared to the Meross ones (at double the price when they’re on sale)?

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      This one is cheaper

  • Does the support geolocation or anything to open the garage when I'm about 10m away on the road.

    • I set mine to 200m. So when I pull into the driveway, the door has just fully opened. 10m is too fine for geofencing. GNSS is just not that accurate all the time.

      • That's an issue for me as I drive past my house sometimes and the road is in a 200m radius so it would open it without my actually coming home haha

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          Once you leave the radius it should close automatically

        • +1

          You can set whatever radius you want, as well as the times too I believe.

      • What happens when you're at home and reboot your phone for example(presumably once the Tuya service restarts, will reconnect and broadcast your location to the app)? How does the garage know that you're already home and not open up thinking you've just entered the geofence?

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          not sure. But if it does open you will get a notification and you can close it. You can also set it to autoclose after a certain time

          • @frugalferret: What app/s did you use to get the geofencing to work? Does the door open as you arrive and close after a while and stay closed until you open it manually to leave again? Then close after you’ve left the zone? Thanks in advance for your help.

            • @Bellyup: Did you ever find out to do this? I'm after the same thanks

          • @frugalferret: Do you know how to set it up to receive notifications if the door was left open after a certain amount of time?

  • Do these work with roller doors?

    • Any opener that has an input to open/stop/close

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    Would this work with an old Merlin roller door unit? Miner's only connected with power & there is a manual lever on the unit for override.

    • Does it have pins where you can connect a manual button to open/close?

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      I have a similar door, no pins to control the opening or closing of the door. My solution was to wire this controller across the switch (button) on my spare remote. Technically the original remote is still controlling the door, but with added wifi/smart functionality, and the sensors to tell you if it's open or shut.

    • I have just tested my Merlin unit installed 16 years ago using the instructions provided in the product's description and it works fine, so I ordered one.

  • Are you locked into the Tuya app (or SmartLife which is also Tuya) with this for integration?

    Are there any open source applications that can be flashed onto this or that would work with it?

    • +1

      Answering my own question here after watching a couple of YT videos.

      Tuya/SmartLife is a Chinese company that requires you to operate through the cloud for these. I’m never really thrilled with that idea.

      You can flash Tuya gear using an open source firmware called Tasmota. This then lets you run things locally, bypassing the cloud (as in Sonoff). It is a bit involved and requires a Rasberry Pi - or being able to open the device and attach wires to flash the new system.

      Really for tech-savvy only.

      • +3

        requires a Rasberry Pi

        FYI, If you're talking about this method:

        There's nothing special about the Pi. You can use any PC running Linux - even a Virtual Machine if you have a Mac or Windows PC.

        Still not a process for noobs or the faint of heart, obviously.

        • Very much in learning mode - good link. A lot of the YT videos go so fast you can’t follow along as a beginner.

          I’m looking at some blind motors and WiFi would give me more options than 433mhz.

          Playtime I think.

      • Have you done this with this unit or are you generalising?

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    I have an Avanti (Centurion) wireless garage door with the following ports


    Does anyone know if this will be compatible through any of these ports or would I need to go the remote method ( I don't have a spare remote!)

    Edit: Just found the following incase anyone has a similar door, please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this should


      Whoops replied to wrong comment

      • Got excited there

        • +2

          yours will most certainly work

          Short NO and COM

          • +1
          • @frugalferret: Avanti (Centurion) wireless garage door as well but a different model, I can't find where to connect the wire. There isn't any port outside

            • @RichardF89: I had to remove the cover which is held in by one screw at the back, once the cover is off the terminals are inside, feel free to pm me for pictures

              • @burnsy16: thanks the issue has been solved

                • @RichardF89: Edit: bad connection

                  Did you end up getting this working? If so which connectors did you use. Using the red to No and black to COM I get the relay ticking but the door not opening

    • Thanks! Got same exact door

    • Sure is one wire to No and one to COM and it should work.

      • Do we know which colour wire goes to COM and which one goes to NO?

    • I have an Avanti (Centurion) wireless garage door as well but a different model. I can't find any ports outside where do you find these ports? And I think yours can use MY CGD APP directly.

  • Does it work on gliderol gts 2000? Not sure if I can short circuit to open/close the door

  • This looks pretty cool. I'm trying to see if it will work with a Marantec Comfort 270 but can't see :/

    • it will, it just shorts the pins - i use meross but it will be the same

  • So my wall button doesnt work so we've been using a spare wireless remote, attached to the wall. Opener is a Chamberlain ML750. It has a Bell Wire currently in the 1st & 2nd terminal (not labelled), when removed the wireless remotes wont work. Could not seem to short any other terminals to open/close the door, but when reinserted to the 1st/2nd terminal the light on the opener turns on. Not sure if it'll work? Anyone?

    • +1

      Does it have 7 & 8 terminal. My Chamberlain Merlin have those and it should work by shorting those two.

      • Thanks for coming back to me. Yes currently you can see there's already a bell wire on 7 & 8. Not sure what it's doing in there but when removed I can't use my remotes. When I reinserted it lights up the opener and clicks but does not seem to open/close the door?

        • +1

          Edit: 1&2 are the terminals you want

          • @frugalferret: Thanks mate - so with the existing bell wire on 7 & 8, do I just leave that as is, and then get a paperclip or something to short terminals 1 & 2 to see if it opens/closes the door? Terminals 1 & 2 are where I insert the red & black wires on the smart controller when I receive it?

            • +1

              @cray: yes, if shorting 1 and 2 works then connect the wires from the opener and you're done

              • @frugalferret: Awesome, thank you so much! I will give it a try soon. I've actually got another smart opener I ordered from Amazon which will hopefully arrive next week.

              • @frugalferret: Just an update. Shorting 1 and 2 works a treat. Can't wait for mine to arrive now. Thanks again!

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    Seems like a gimmick. What would be an actual use for this? Are we really that lazy that we can't press buttons anymore

    • +3

      When you had the moment where you questioned yourself whether you close your garage door during a road trip (though I had a cam now too)

    • +6

      My garage is downstairs and the remote doesnt work from upstairs. So when visitors come i can call out to Alexa without going down the stairs to get in range to push the button.

      I have it auto close at 8pm because a number of times i've left the garage open all night.

      I can open the garage and let people in when im not home.

      When i have my arms full like unloading the shopping or carrying the bins out i can open/close it by voice.

      I can check if i forgot to close it when not home, and get notifications when other family members come and go.

      Looks cool when you drive up and it auto opens. :)

      • I'm curious, how do you set up the 'close at XXXX time' function? Google Home or IFTTT or something else?

      • Yeah except Alexa and Amazon would already have a record when your garage is closed and opened too.

        People are getting to lazy with voice activation. Not hard to use a button

    • It's not just about pressing buttons, one of my primary uses is triggering lights to turn on inside the house if its after a certain time and the garage door opens.

      I do also include a 'close garage door' in my google home routine I issue when I go to bed - I have been known to leave the door open.

      Handy to check that you actually closed the door when you drove out.

      Better range on the app when coming home - either through a geofence or a siri/google shortcut.

      I can open/close the door from the kitchen if the kids want to get in the car and I'm still getting ready.

        • +3

          I dont automate everything I forget to do, but like most other people with tech in their lives, I use it to make my life easier, less stressful, and to free up time for more important things (which isnt walking downstairs to check whether I closed the garage door).

          Our garage is under our house, so stairs (front or back) to get up to the house, and if there's shopping, children, time pressures or other distractions, then yes, occassionally I forget and I use an automated check to prevent the door being left open and increased chance of theft.

          I disagree with your example about stop kids using the net via tech but not educating them - what you're saying is that I shouldnt use automation to help in my life - the same analogy would be 'dont let kids use tech at all and let them learn to write on a chalk board and walking to school (or if you've lucky, riding a horse).

          Technology improves life, and automation is something which I see helping both myself into the future as I age, but also helping my parents and grandparents have a more independent and improved life as they age compared to how things were done in the past. Saying that automating a garage closing is introducing laziness is akin to saying that electricity, hot water, cars or even just using any motor on a garage door (rather than just manually operating it) should be removed from our lives because it makes us lazy.

    • Bro, you got a PS4 I can buy?

  • They charge in USD or AUD?

  • Does anyone know if it works with ATA GDO-4v3 model?

  • Is it possible to hook it up and choose not to install the magnetic sensor that tells it if the it closed or open? I would essentially like it as a smartphone based trigger for when my keys are down in the house. I would only use it when home , visually confirming its status.

    • -2

      Doubt it. It needs it to know whether to send the signal or not.

    • +1

      Yes it works fine like that.

      See my comment below, if you don't need open/close status, just block it from reaching internet (for extra security) and you can still operate your door when connecting to your local wifi/lan

  • +1

    I have a B&D Controll-A-Door Power Drive. Would this device work with this garage opener?

    • +5

      Yes, look at page 11 of manual (, you wire it to keyswitch as per section 12.2

      • Thanks mate

      • How about B&D CAD 4 garage model?

        • Yes. I'm using one of these.

          • @bdl: Oh cool, is it fairly easy to set up? Or need some other equipment?

            • @nick111: Yep, to attach to the B&D you will just need a screw driver

          • @bdl: Oh mines also a CAD 4, but my husband has already set up a wired button using the terminal, would I still be able to set this up?

  • +5

    Some general config notes in case people are interested:

    • Doesn't necessarily need Internet access - I blocked with my firewall and it still opens/closes when I'm connected to the local LAN. Door open/close notification need Internet access though as they speak through the cloud.

    • I also have another garage at a place with no internet access. I just set up a wifi ap/router which provides DHCP (so the opener has an IP) and a local wifi network. When I want to open this door, I connect to the local wifi network and open using that.

    • +1

      This is the info I came to find, thanks. No interest in this having internet access.

      • I've also wired an inline switch to one of the control wires in case I want to have it only monitor open/close status of door but don't want it to be actually able to open the door.

  • I have this version, about $13, delivered. Bascially outside of using the normal remotes you leave in your car and wall button tin the garage, this unit allows you to use through Google Or Alexa. As it's a switch you have to say garage off, to open and close, over garage open etc.

    • So what's yours is different from then one listed here for AUD 22?

      • Need to add USB power supply to that one, it looks like.

  • +1

    Hi, I have an eco garage door unit. Anyone used this device with eco garage door? I think this is a old unit and has the manual button on the unit. I have the option to connect to the following ports (PB,GND, PE, 24V, 35V, GND). Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      Short PB to GND to test.

      • +1

        Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I have tested and the garage opens, stops and closes each time I short PB to GND. Does that mean I can use this device? If so how do I connect?

        • Replace shorting implement with device

          • @frugalferret: Hi, thanks for your prompt response. Sorry to be naive. Where should I connect the red wire from this device to the garage door?

            • +1

              @ravikali: one wire goes to PB, other to GND. doesnt matter which goes to which. this device is basically a switch controlled by wifi