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Local Deal App Subscription $0.00/Month (Usually $4.99/Month) - for Retailers


The local deal app is an early-stage platform to connect retailers with their customers through weekly offers. Initially, the subscription plan was $4.99/month to access all features for retailers. Now it is $0.00/month for a limited time.

Have a try, see if it is any good to you.

Based on the comments from the oz members, we will be doing the following updates and post again:
* Update the website to make it more professional
* Update the privacy policy to make sure that your data will not be used for scamming/marketing
* Modify the app so that you can use it without entering your personal info as long as you want
* Have more stores
* Display the number of stores on the website

Many thanks for providing such valuable feedback. We will come back soon

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    I can't see any info on the website indicating how many retailers (and location) are part of this?

    Is this just a data mining thing?

    • Yes, OP majored in data mining

      • -2

        Many thanks for your response. Yes, I majored in data mining. But I have no intention to use these data for my personal benefits.

        • +2

          "Dude trust me bro"

          • @Hybroid: Many thanks for your feedback. We will update the app as soon as possible which won't ask your personal info useless you want to see personalised content.

            • +2

              @revTech: Well, I tried it with some fake details and it's nowhere near ready for release.

              It just has a handful of seemingly Indian grocery products, no comparison and any search term just shows $0, $0, $0.

              You do get hit with banner ads straight away though. Typical.

              You're wasting your time with this as will need to spend a HUGE amount of effort populating info and detail that just isn't going to be used or ever up-to-date.

              If anyone wants to see it to know not to bother: https://imgur.com/a/zEpUItk

              • @Hybroid: Many thanks for your effort. I agree with you. We need more retailers. I have personally visited 7 of them and two of them signed up. I thought here I could post it and more retailers would sign up.

                As it is still in the early stage, therefore, we are not charging any money.

                I am happy to spend a lot of time behind it as I am highly motivated. Let me provide you one example of how motivated I am: I entered 297 products manually by myself so that when storeowners signup, they can list items just by scanning the bar code.

                As I understand, local stores will not spend that amount of money coles, Woolworths are spending on promoting their offers. So our assumption is this might be useful for them.

                • @revTech: Good luck to you. May you be the next Bezos.

  • +1

    Something is off about this…

  • Can't imagine this would do better than ozb but I'll give it a go

    • Please post back, looks dodge

      • Many thanks for your feedback. We are an early-stage startup. However, your feedback will help us to improve.

    • Many thanks for your interest. It is different from ozb because you can find the lowest price for grocery items using the app.

      • +1

        Does your app compare ALL grocery prices at ALL stores?

        • Only those stores that are signed up. The stores need to upload their price list. Then users can search for an item and find which store is offering the lowest price.

          • +1

            @revTech: Oh, so the app may tell me something is a good deal but it may actually be a lot cheaper at Coles or Woolies?

            So, it doesn't find the "lowest price on grocery items" as you claim above?

            • @FLICKIT: Currently, it only supports local stores.

        • Let me tell you the story why we came up with this idea:

          I went to buy capsicum one evening. The first local store I visited, the price was $3.5/kg. Then I thought the prices in this store are always higher than the others. So I visited next store, which was higher too. After visiting 2 more stores, I came back to the first store. Then I though if I could check the price for this item, then I did not have to visit those stores.

          • @revTech: But have all those stores signed up with you?, can people now compare capsicum prices at those stores with your app?

          • @revTech: How many kg of capsicum were you buying??
            Spending time & money chasing around to save cents makes no sense.

            If that's the basis of this great idea, I wouldn't tell people. It shows no business acumen.

            • @the INFIDEL: In Woolworths, it was $7/kg

              • @revTech: And how many kg were you buying??

                It would need a huge purchase to make up for costs of travel & effective cost of time.

                And you probably still missed the merchant with the cheapest price. (That's still a big problem with your current idea.)

                Then you spent even more time & money developing the app & promoting the idea to potential merchants & users - with obvious little success!!

                • @the INFIDEL: I understand your point. But obviously, it is not going to be useful for everyone. There might be a small population who would like to save cents. And for small stores, a way to promote their stores.

                  I do not think this will be a huge success and make me rich. It occurred to me as a problem and I tried to provide a solution.

                  • @revTech: Your potential users need to have a priority to save money on purchases. And the savings & convenience must be grater than the costs of your service.

                    Many are time poor from earning a good income, so may not be so price sensitive as to need your app. They have a time priority (need to be somewhere, so only shop on their way) which is greater than a savings priority.

                    But people aren't after just 1 item - like your capsicum.
                    If each item is cheaper at different merchants - they don't have the time to travel around to get the multiple best prices shown in your app.
                    They would have to prioritise their purchases to maximise their savings. That takes time & effort - an app could help with that by looking at their location & recommend a merchant based on maximum savings on their current shopping list!

                    That's why most shoppers grab what they can nearest to then, where some items are on special & don't worry about the higher costs of the rest.
                    (My clients have included a Rep from Levers selling into Coles & Woolies - taught me so much about retailer & shopper behaviour. Human behaviour is more my field, not retail.)

                    That's where supermarket catalogs attract shoppers in with the discount on popular items like Coke, bread, sausages etc.

                    Having trouble seeing the benefit of your app, especially when paying a subscription for the service which seems like ads…

                    Hard to identify the users & market for your app. A lot depends on shopper habits & behaviours.

                    Understanding that will help in promoting the service to merchants & users.

                    But Jeff Bezos probably heard the same…

  • +3

    "The local deal app offers a unique platform to connect retailers with their customers through weekly offers."

    A bit too late, I'm already subscribed to OzBargainPro.

    • Many thanks for your response. It is different from ozb because you can find the lowest price for grocery items using the app.

  • +1

    Why would I pay a subscription fee for publicaly avaliable information? The app screenshots show prices of groceries at a store.

    Business and website also appears shady AF. Half the links on the site don't even work.

    • Many thanks for your response. We are an early-stage startup. However, your feedback will help us to improve.

  • Privacy policy is as dodgy as, looks like they harvest your personal data and then sell it to others for 'marketing' purposes.

    Analysis of the website "Localdeal.com.au" 60%

    Average trust score : more investigations are necessary

  • +1

    Data collection on behalf of scammers.

    • Many thanks for your feedback. We do not have any intentions to scam.

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    7 min before this Deal

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      That's no way to greet a new member 😁

  • Please remove this deal.

    • Many thanks for your feedback. Would you please share your experience?

  • Even your Android apk has got ads in it.

    5+ installs, I think I'll give it a miss.

    I suggest you come back when your apk is out of Beta and try again OP.

    • Many thanks for your feedback.

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