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iDrive EVC Throttle Controller $187.21 @ Sparesbox


with 5% Cashrewards, I believe this is the cheapest since July 2020

Mod added BCW5, thanks to iratepirate

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    Extra 5% off use code BCW5 from Benny's custom works youtube channel - price down to $187.21

  • Any good these?

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      Apparently yes. Some good video reviews on youtube.

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      If you've got a modern common rail turbo diesel these are great to adjust throttle pedal responsiveness - dull it down for 4WD in sand or off road, spice it up for around town, lean it out for great highway economy.

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      Installed on a Ranger Raptor and it has made the car a completely different animal, highly recommend

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    I have 1 in my BT-50 and I highly rate them. The response is amazing. Very noticeable before and after instalment. Took about 1 min to install.

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    I had one of these in my Type-R bodykit entry level 1.8L 2007 Civic (you probably think I'm taking the p*ss, but I'm not).

    It was fun but I only paid $125 back in the day.

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      pics or gtfo

  • Would this do anything for fuel economy if I just sit on 110kmph for my entire trip?

    • No, if anything it will drink more if you increase sensitivity. Holding a speed has no effect

      • Thanks. I thought that would be the case but would do it for sure if it would decrease my fuel consumption.

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      What these do is change how your car responds to the gas pedal by altering the throttle response curve. They can make it steeper (a lighter press after installation is equivalent to a harder press before) or shallower (a harder press after installation is equivalent to a lighter press from before).

      You can increase your fuel economy with these, you set it to a very conservative mode where it makes the curve shallower, effectively making acceleration slower unless you really floor it.

      Translates your overly aggressive gas pedal foot into a more conservative one, without you having to change how you use it.

      Off road they can be super conservative, good for when you are trying to not spin out and dig yourself deeper in mud or whatever, makes it hard or impossible to accidentally give it too much gas.

      Edit: but yeah they don’t really do anything you can’t do yourself by changing how you hit the gas pedal

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        Thanks for that explanation.
        It kinda sounds like they are a bit of an unnecessary waste of money, to be honest.
        Why would anyone want to pay $200 for this when they can simply just put their foot down more or less and get the same result?
        Not being a dick, just genuinely interested.

        • It's not exactly the same as putting your foot down. Especially if it's a diesel.

        • I think there’s a little bit more to it on turbo diesels due to the interaction between throttle and the turbo. If you tow or go off-road I can see the utility. Don’t have one myself tho.

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    Have one of these on my Ve SS V8. Lots of fun and easy to install.

  • for whom might be interested, sparesbox also have sale on ebay.
    applied code, using discount gift card, sadly no cashrewards.

    • what code did you apply btw?

      • ebay plus discount, paid 176.98 plus 5% gc

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting to order one of these

  • $15 postage and 6 delivery days?

    Ya joking right??

    • I got free shipping. Ordered Wednesday and delivered today

      • How?

        • FREE shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.

          • @caviar: Heh, dodgy website… Thinks I'm regional Melbourne when I'm metro Melb.

            $14.90 for me ☹️

            • @DisabledUser319612: Damn that sucks. I am glad I got mine. Still waiting on ford to deliver my car, another 2 weeks hahaha

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