NBN FTTN Connection dropping out 40+ per day

Hi All,

I'm new to posting here and hoping to get some information about my internet options given the poor NBN connection.

I recently moved to a new address, and the NBN FTTN connection is awful. It has been dropping out at least 10 times per day and up to 44 times. Aussie Broadband put me on a stability profile, and it didn't make a difference so they sent a tech out who claimed nothing was wrong with the line so it must be the router. I've reconfigured an old router and started using it tonight, and it is still dropping out.

I'm wondering what the likely issue is? I'm guessing it is something to do with the copper wiring?

Is NBN obligated to fix the issue if it is the line?

If it can't be fixed, what are my options for other internet services? My address doesn't have fixed wireless, but I was looking at modem plans, but these all have data limitations.

These are the stats when I run a line state test with Aussie Broadband –

Operational Status Up
Service Stability UNSTABLE
Estimated Distance to Node 906m
Attainable Rate Up 36.7 Mbps
Attainable Rate Down 10.1 Mbps
Attenuation Average Up N/A dB
Attenuation Average Down N/A dB
Current Sync Rate Up 36.9 Mbps
Current Sync Rate Down 10.1 Mbps
Loop Attenuation Average Up 81.4 dB
Loop Attenuation Average Down N/A dB
Noise Margin Average Up 10.3 dB
Noise Margin Average Down 7.0 dB



  • Have you tried connecting direclty to the NBN modem by using a ethernet cable and then seeing if the issue still occurs ?

  • Contact ABB again and state that you have changed the modem and it did the same thing. They will escalate this to the next level of customer support

  • how many unused but active phone ports do you have in the house?

    nbn fttn recommends disconnecting all of them completely and having only one active one

    • There is only one phone port in the kitchen which the router is connected too without any splitters.

      • Any idea on how old the wiring in the kitchen is?

        Are you using a VDSL2 modem bridged to a router or is it a VDSL2 modem & router combo?

        NBN is obligated to fix the dropouts as you are getting more than 5 per day.

  • What routers are you using?

  • I had the same problem, a couple of times now, I have had to replace the telephone (rj11) wall socket as the pins seemed to have "burnt" out.

    Another time, there was a problem at the Node end which required a visit by a Tech which was organized through my Internet Service Provider.

  • Typically its outside in the Pit, its usually a copper terminal that joins copper wire, its a bad connection and sometimes connects sometimes drops out, its called HIGH RESISTANCE. If you have replaced the modem, Id suggest its that. You can always contact the ombudsman if they don't fix it.

    • Thanks, Yeah I was thinking ombudsman if I can't get it resolved. Aussie Broadband have been good, seems like the NBN will be the problem.

      • Yeah I was thinking ombudsman if I can't get it resolved.

        Ultimately I don't think the ombudsman would be able to do very much to help you. FTTN is just not the technology we should be using in 2020. An all-FTTP network would be forward looking, an FTTP+HFC network would be appropriate for our time as a cost save.

        FTTN simply should not exist. The only reason it exists is because of lobbying from Telstra for them to get a great price on obsolete copper cabling. You can only push the old technology so far before it's just the end of its lifespan.

        • But Turnbull told me that copper could be good for the next 10, or 20 years even!

  • I heard you need to increase the SNR Noise margin. You will lose speed, but hey 20mbps is pretty alright if it's stable. Wish you luck.

    The next step will be to buy a higher speed so you can get upgraded to FTTP.

  • If it can't be fixed, what are my options for other internet services? My address doesn't have fixed wireless, but I was looking at modem plans, but these all have data limitations.

    Pay to upgrade to FTTP. You can get a quote for free now. Depends on how long you intend to stay at your current place. If you're gonna live there for the next 10 years+, just do yourself a favour and upgrade to FTTP.

    FTTN is horrible. When I went over to FTTP, I've not had a single dropout. My pfSense router keeps track of the uptime on my uplink and it's been 42 days since the connection was last lost (and that was because I had to shut down the power to put in a new socket).

    • NBN paused it.

      Update: Due to the high volume of interest for more complex applications, the nbn™ Technology Choice Program online quote tool is temporarily unavailable at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. Please check with us in early 2021.

      • Most of the quotes for the upgrade are around $10,000 as well. I would be better off paying for a modem plan than paying that.

        • It'll pay for itself when you go to sell your house. As more and more people find out about how crap FTTN is, having FTTP will be a great selling point.

  • still good enough to use ozbargain…move on

  • Had this exact problem and it's a bit painful to resolve because NBN co were very stubborn at insisting the fault was on my end, twice they sent a tech out who checked over my connection and would denote the job fault not found which NBN considered rectified and they would close the case. To ABB credit they kept putting it straight back on NBN co that it indeed was not fixed and finally a tech swapped my port at the Node and I've never had issues since.
    There was a massive thread on whirlpool at the time on FTTN drop out issues so it seems common enough.

  • I don't know what your residence looks like but make sure your internet line isn't exposed to the elements because that could be whats causing the dropouts.

    On my old style house the landline goes outside on the eaves under the gutter and it was just left open with no cover. the nbn technician literally chucked some black tape over the exposed cover to stop rain. and that was that all good 2 years later lol.

  • High resistance on the line, waterproofing issue etc… there is a lot that could be wrong with the line.

    If you are in Sydney, PM me, I can send my tech out for a callout.

    You can try doing it through ABB but often NBN techs don't care or don't know…. whenever possible we fix these issues ourselves